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Hey there lovies,

My name is Kaylyna but I am better known in the nail community as @killakays_nailadventure. I have wanted to start a blog for some time now and I have FINALLY decided to just do it! I enjoy writing and speaking, oh and giving my opinions whether they are wanted or not, so why not on a blog! I thought to start off with I would tell you guys a little about myself.

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I am 26 years young and have two children (they are monsters, do NOT be fooled by their cute faces). My kids are everything to me. My son Daniel is 10 and is a baseball fanatic while my 8-year-old daughter Isabella is a polish addict! Just like me. Then I also have Oscar. He is my significant other, my other half, my hubby without the signed papers. Haha. We feel that we have been together so long and are older that its starting to feel immature saying boyfriend and girlfriend. LOL

As for work, I am a vampire. Yes I play with needles and blood all day! And absolutely love it! I have a natural gift for it I guess. BUT I will be damned if someone tries to get blood from me. I am a BIG cry baby. But I am also a hard stick so it is never fun. =(

Anyways, I am sure you are wondering how I got started with nail polish and nail art. It is truly very simple, I am cheap. One I have ALWAYS loved nail polish, but more recently (about a year now) found out about indies. Secondly, when I use to get my nails done at a nail place, their designs were basic and a little to much money fo basic SO I googled tutorials and started doing my own nails. I use to wear acrylics ALL the time but have not worn any since January of 2016 I believe and I couldnt be happier. My natural nails would break so often that I would get discouraged and just want to get acrylics again. Boy am I glad I stuck with it. I learned cuticle care and what cuticle oil was and my nails have never been healthier!

I will soon hopefully post about my favorite cuticle oils! I am also a former nail biter!!!!! I knoooow its gross. But I have anxiety and the nails would suffer because of it. I hope to post often but sometimes life gets in the way, especially with kids. So I hope you enjoy my blog enough to stick around!

Until we meet again xoxo


P.s. My name is pronounced Kay-Lee-Na if you were wondering =)


14 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. icehardnails says:

    I loved reading this and learning all about you❤️ I can’t wait to see what else you post on your blog 😊😁

  2. Chelsea Neagles says:

    I’m too old for boyfriends too. 💁🏼. Which also means I’m old enough for boy toys. Life is good. Oh, hi! I love your bio and your family is gorgeous!!

  3. Aileen Bell says:

    Well hello there! Great pictures to start your blog! I am otherwise known as @azbelle_nails and look forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. We are so happy you started a blog! It’s a great way to express yourself. Congrats and we look forward to reading all of your thoughts! XO

  5. Naomi says:

    Hey guuuurl,
    This is great that you started a blog! While I have the mic, and since I have the pleasure of knowing you, I want to THANK YOU for the following (the full list is too long to write, but I’ll start with a few):
    -being you
    -being a strong, hardworking, artistic, loving mom to rockstar kiddos
    – sharing your talent with the world so generously
    -using your talent to promote awareness about world issues (and being excited about doing it- which means it comes straight from the heart)
    -always being there for my sis and her kids (big kids and small furry kids)
    – your sense of humor. So flippin hilarious !
    – the fact that you are so real and open. I love that – it’s a rare and valuable quality.

    Keep inspiring us (I haven’t touched cuticle nippers since you told me no!) ! Sending Xs and Os

  6. DaKrina says:

    Hey hey!! @daksnails here! Loved the post and you and your fam are gorgeous! Can’t say I’ll always see it, but I can promise to try! 😉😋

  7. Tracy aka momma aka momma_24 says:

    How freaking awesome!!!! You did it girlfriend! I’m so thankful fate brought us together, I thought that’s just my luck, to get an amazing box and then have to give it away… But I got so much more from the box I couldn’t keep, my first nail bestie. You are an amazing person and will bring the nail community amazing blogs! I wish you much success, boo! I’m so proud of and for you! Love ya!

  8. summerky says:

    I’m so excited and happy for you!!! I can’t wait for the next post! Love ya girl!

  9. Well Hullo there gorgeous! I’m so glad you ha e a blog and look forwarding to reading all you have to say and show us! Love you!

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