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Today I want to talk to you about my favorite go-to peel off base coat. It’s called Glitter Be Gone by Dainty Digits Polish. Not only does it work amazing, it’s not crazy expensive! For only $3 plus shipping you can get one! I have used this base coat for several weeks now and have used several different types of finishes. It works with them all.! I use to Yellow Stopper but even that would leave a sticky residue and the polish would come off in one nice chunk. With Glitter Be gone I get about 12 hours of wear, sometimes a little more or less depending on what I’m doing.

I swatch a lot and paint my nails daily so this peel off base coat works wonders for me. I don’t really like to use nail polish remover or acetone to much on my nails, so this is perfect. By the time I have gotten home from work, I have already popped them all off. Lol As you can see in the above picture I like to keep my peelies, that picture does NOT show all of them neither. I have a little (big) stash in my car. Haha It is truly addicting!

The application is very easy as well! I will list my steps below:

  1. I make sure that my nails are free of any oils and old polish.
  2. I apply one coat. When applying it is shiny but when it dries its matte. It takes less than a minute to dry.
  3. I apply a second coat. I find that the second coats helps for easier removal. One coat is awesome but two coats is even better!
  4. I go about painting my nails! It is seriously that simple!

I also know for longer wear there is the Perimeter Method (there are instructions on her website). You use your regular base coat around the edges of your nail and only put the Glitter Be Gone in the center. I have not tried this method just yet but I will update this post if I do.

Along with Glitter Be Gone being a great product, Dainty Digits Polish has amazing polish. Anetress has been crowned the Queen of Holo and rightfully so! And her customer services is great.

Well loves that’s all for now! You guys should definitely grab a bottle or two or more! Well worth every penny! I know Anetress did mention a slight price increase in August I believe. So jump on it before then!

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p.s. you can click on Dainty Digits Polish to be taken to Anetress’s store <3 Also make sure to follow her on Instagram @_daintydigitspolish and on Facebook Dainty Digits Polish



3 thoughts on “Glitter Be Gone

  1. A.M. says:

    Awesome review & instructions for #Glitter Be Gone! Thanks for everything! 😚

  2. Amy Lam says:

    This is great!

  3. […] P.S. I used Glisten & Glow top coat for all polishes (can be found here) and Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone for a base (can be found here) These are both my go to’s when swatching or just painting my nails! You can read more about Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone here. […]

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