From the Hands of an Angel

Disclaimer: The only product sent for review was the Illuminating Face Oil. I bought everything else. I was not paid to make an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Heeeeey you guys! I feel like it’s been forever! Life was umm trying this week so I had no time to post! But I do have a few post to do this week so keep a look out! Today I am going to share with you a few products from an awesome indie! From the Hands of an Angel, which is cute because the maker’s name is Angel! This post is waaaaay over due! So onto the products I will be reviewing. Illuminating Face Oil, GUARDian Angel, Cuticle Butter, Cuticle Oil, and S.M.A.S.H. I have been using most of these products for about a year now except the Illuminating Face Oil, I have had that for I think 3 or 4 months now. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with the Illumination Face Oil. This was sent to me a few months back to review. And though I have been using, I have forgotten several times to post about it! Again, LIFE! Any who, I really liked this product. I have used it in liquid foundation on my beauty blender, in my gel eyeliner when I felt it was a little to dry, and by itself. It doesn’t feel heavy on your face. Very light. I really like how it worked with my gel eyeliner. A tiny drop did wonders! I was able to make my wing with no issues! It mixed well with foundation too. I have also noticed my face is softer! Can I bathe in this? Lmao It does not make my skin appear oily neither, my skin absorbs it really well. But everyone’s skin IS different so results may vary! Angel did great when making this! Now I received a cute small dropper but below you will see the bottle she choose to go with. The bottle I received had leaking issues and she did not want that to happen to customers so she got new bottles and they hold more product! You can find this awesome product here.

e837b503-ce63-44a6-93ae-6a44d21eb543 21275b20-c1d5-4171-80bb-81bd8b0d3eb2

Next up is GUARDian Angel-Latex Barrier. I love this stuff. When I first started nail art I used the cheap stuff on Amazon. I can’t remember exactly how I found this product but I have never looked back! It comes in a round nail polish bottle and the brush picks up the latex really well. I never have an issue with applying around my nails. Serious so much easier clean up after watermarble, stamping and gradients. I do apply 2 coats or a really thick 1 coat. Takes a little less than 2 minutes to dry which is fine because I am doing things as it dries. Most of the time it peels off in one easy pull but there are times were I have applied the latex to thin in the area i start peeling and it doesn’t but that’s my fault. lmao Angel has a variety of colors to choose from. I personally have had grey, pink, teal and purple. I just found out she now offers a glitter option! Gah I need to get one ASAP! You can find there here. Pictured below is how the latex protected around my nails from a gradient and stamping. The last picture shows what it looked like after peeling but before clean up! All three came off easily!


So Angel has the acetone additive. She had S.M.A.S.H. which stands for Super Moisturizing and Super Hydrating which is a nail polish remover. Acetone already mixed with her awesome additive formula. Or there is S.M.A.S.H. Jr. which is the additive you add yourself. I will say these are amazing I have had both. I do recommend putting a little less into a bottle of acetone than recommended because these are very potent and work really well. I do add a little more acetone to the regular S.M.A.S.H. as well. Polish melts away with this remover. I can’t believe they leave my fingers so moisturized! You can find S.M.A.S.H. here and S.M.A.S.H. Jr here.  Angel does have an option for Acetone or Non-Acetone.


Onto Cuticle Butter & Cuticle Oil! This shit is amazeballs! It’s so light and fluffy! I usually use this when I am about to do dishes because it takes it longer to absorb into my skin/cuticle area. I wear medical gloves whenever I am forced to watch dishes so I kill two birds with one stone. Haha Once soaked up my fingers don’t feel oily. They look so hydrated without look oily too! I sometimes do this with her cuticle oil. For this review I did not use the cuticle oil because I am out but like I said, I have been using these products for about a year. Her cuticle oil soaks up pretty quickly and she has a TON of different scents for both the Cuticle Butter and Cuticle Oil. She also offers bundles! Mango is my JAM…man it smalls amazing! I use both of these products frequently. I keep a cuticle oil pen and jar of butter in my purse at all times! These are must haves! Angel has her store so reasonably priced you can’t go wrong with at least trying them! You can find Cuticle Butter here and Cuticle Oil here. You can find her bundles here.

Pictured below is when I applied the cuticle butter and then about 30 minutes later after it was all soaked up and its the final product! <3


Well loves that’s all for now. I love From the Hands of an Angel’s products. I have yet to have a bad experience. If something is incorrect she goes above and beyond to fix it! Angel is a very sweet and caring person. And her products are top-notch. Check out her store now and grab a few things! Angel was kind enough to give me a discount code for my readers. So if you use it please say thank you at check out! The Code is: KILLAKAY20 It’s good in both shops and gives you 20% off.        .

All the links!

Angel’s Storenvy Shop: Click Here!

Angel’s Etsy shop: Click Here!

Want to Follow her on IG? Click Here!

Facebook Link: Click Here!

I hope you enjoyed this review!



Juicy Jewels Collection

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post were NOT given to me for free. I was given a blogger/swatcher discount code in return for my honest review. I was not paid to give positive feedback. All opinions in my blog are of my own. Nor am I paid when you click on a link/url in my blog post. I share those to make it easier for you (the reader) to get access to the websites. Thank You xoxo

Hi Loves,

Tonight I have a really cool and unique collection to share with you! I was fortunate enough to get chosen to swatch a new collection from Tux Polish! This Collection is call the Juicy Jewels Collection and releases on July 22nd! This collection has 5 neon crellies, a multi colored glitter topper, and a white base. The names of the polishes are fun and catchy! I have yet to come across the same names or even similar. The collection will be sold as a set or individually.

On to the swatches!

First we have Sparkling Guava. This is a pretty pink crelly base with gold glitters and shimmer. As for the formula, it’s a little on the thinner side. But it was purposely made that so that it is more versatile. Once I got use to the thinner formula it was super easy to work with! I really love how hot pink but neon this polish is. It does dry semi matte and slightly textured but not as textured as I thought it would be. I used Pure as a base coat for my ring finger and pinky. I did a watermarble on my ring finger and added two very thin coats on my pinky. On my pointer and middle finger I used three thin coats.


Next I have Blueberry Smoothie. I think this is my favorite out of the 5 crellies. This is a purplish blue or as some say a bluple color. It has flakies and shimmer in plus blue glitter! This on also has the thinner formula but very easy to apply. I only need two very thin coats for opacity. I used Pure as a base coat for my ring finger and pinky. I did a watermarble on my ring finger and added two very thin coats on my pinky.

3278efa5-4bd4-4572-a46a-0d7e533a0d27726d0e8c-0760-4ae6-8594-64581b81fb7415ba7ee7-c7b9-48bb-a148-39ed04e3aa9e 9b407094-608e-4c3f-ba19-1fbea34205dc

Acai Limeade is a fun bright neon lime green. This one is jam-packed with shimmer, blue almost teal glitter and silver holo glitter. Even though I have a heavy hand and I am not used to the thinner formula all 5 of these crellies have I am really digging the consistency of them. I used Pure as a base coat for my ring finger and pinky. I did a watermarble on my ring finger and added two very thin coats on my pinky. On my pointer and middle finger I used three thin coats. This color really reminds me of the spanish waters I love to drink called Agua de Lemon which translates to lemon water but it isn’t yellow its a bright lime green like this! Man I know what I will be getting tomorrow. haha


Peach Mimosa <– yea i love that name! is an orange leaning peachy color. It has pinkish kind of magenta holo glitters and shimmer throughout! I’m not a big fan of orange polish in general. So I would have to say this is my least favorite BUT it goes well with the collection as a whole! I used Pure as a base coat for my ring finger and pinky. I did a watermarble on my ring finger and added two very thin coats on my pinky. On my pointer and middle finger I used three thin coats. It does make me want a mimosa though. lmao

cfc765c3-6ce6-45fd-b420-f86e57eababcbf2a1712-8556-4bfd-829a-6126281f9be4 b27e8805-5a6d-4d05-9661-8d2e59779381f9f9f973-ffab-4cf0-be10-8724009c7261

Last up from the crellies is Pink Lemonade. This one has a highlighter yellow neon base and is packed with pink glitter and pink holo glitter. The glitters DID look more orange to me though. This was a fun color. It definitely reminded me of lemonade or even a tall glass of pink lemonade with a yellow lemonade slice on the brim of the cup. I am weird. I know. I am always thinking of food and drinks! But anyways, this had the same thin formula which by at this point I was use to and really liked how it dried because of how thin it was. Which was fast. I used Pure as a base coat for my ring finger and pinky. I did a watermarble on my ring finger and added two very thin coats on my pinky. On my pointer and middle finger I used three thin coats.


Pure is just exactly that. A pure white creme. And again this formula is like the crellies. super thin. It only took two coats for opacity and dried super fast. It’s great as a base to really make the other five crellies POP or for watermarbling. I am just realizing that I didn’t add the word Matte to the picture but it is the second Macro shot below! Sorry <3


Last up in the Juicy Jewels Collection is Unicorn. Unicorn is a really cool polish. Dominique purposely didn’t put mixing balls in the polish before shipping so that the layers wouldn’t get mixed up! Unicorn consist of four layers, blue, pink, green, and yellow glitter layers! This is her take on a glitter topper and I have to say. I love it. Very unique! It doesn’t try extremely textured and that’s huge for me. Dominique really thought of everything though. She is including a Polish Nectar which is a polish thinner so that if you wanted to thin out unicorn (because it is on the denser side) you can add the mixing balls and add a few drops of nectar! It will also come free with the purchase of the entire collection. The pictures below are from using the polish for the very first time. I have a green layer at the top of mine so it was the more dominant color but as you can see i got some of all the different colors! I also did a base coat of Pure on my ring finger and pinky so you can see what it looks like with and without a base. I did two coats on all four fingers.

P.S. Dominique is going to have an option on how you want your layers! I think that is just awesome!


Well that’s all folks! I truly love how unique this collection it is. Colors mesh well together and the glitters in each polish compliment the base color. What really amazes me is not only do these polishes watermarble easily even with glitter!!!! They stamp as well!


And did I mention they gradient as well.  The base colors are really pigmented so I did NOT have to sponge a million times to achieve a good gradient! I was extremely pleased about this! Nothing makes me more happy that a collection that can do it all.

If you want this collection please make sure to follow Tux Polish on Instagram here and on Facebook here so that you don’t miss any updates! The Juicy Jewels Collection will release next Friday July 22nd at 11 am EST. Make sure to set your alarms and mark your calendars because I feel this collection will go fast!

Night loves! Until we meet again in the interweb! <3 besos


P.S. I used Glisten & Glow top coat for all polishes (can be found here) and Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone for a base (can be found here) These are both my go to’s when swatching or just painting my nails! You can read more about Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone here.

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Sun Polish No.13

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me free of charge for my honest review. It is a press sample and I was not paid to give positive feed back. These are of my own opinion. Enjoy

Hey Everyone!

So today I have a beauty from Sun Polish to share with you! They sent me No.13 to review and I have to say I was really digging the bottle. I love square bottles! For storage purposes of course and um…because I like it uniformed! Haha..My first impression was that they sent way to much packaging for one polish! If it was three polishes or more it would have been more eco friendly but it was only one in a box with shredded filler. BUT with that being said. It was shipped fast and packaged great. Nothing was going to break this baby!

Now on to the actual polish. I was pleasently pleased with the formula of this polish. I could have done ONE yes ONE medium coat but I chose to do two thin coats instead. But using as a one coater is very possible!The formula was so awesome that there was no pooling at all! No.13 is a red leaning orangish color but could also pass as a reddish pink coral color. Color was beautiful! I was a little worried that the kind of big square brush handle would be hard to use but I had no issues at. It was easy to use.

Not only do these apply well to the nail but this polish also waremarbled for me and I was able to test stamp it. Came out perfect! I also wore for a little over 12 hours and it did NOT stain my nails at all. I have very pourous nails that stain so easiily so this made me so very happy! I am sure you want to see the pictures, so I will post below!

a597b281-15f6-41be-8cee-e48124b41cb6 d0e908df-405d-42fa-b8ac-4cfeff3b10d5 bcab108f-4ac4-4103-a56c-822be58c90ef

Well that is all for now folks!  Overall I have to give this polish a 5 out of 5. I would buy this on my own! I am so very pleased with Sun Polish and I truly hope they do well!

You can find them on Instagram here. (make sure to follow them!)

And their website is here.

See you soon


Kaylyna R

Neon Addicts Anonymous

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post were NOT given to me for free. I was given a blogger/swatcher discount code in return for my honest review. I was not paid to give positive feedback. All opinions in my blog are of my own. Nor am I paid when you click on a link/url in my blog post. I share those to make it easier for you (the reader) to get access to the websites. Thank You xoxo


Hola!!!  Today I have a neon collection to share. Is there such a thing as to much neons? <– Genuine question! Because I feel there can NEVER be enough. I am a Floridian and love everything bright and summery, since it’s well, hot all the time! Anyways onto the collection! I have 9 polishes from All Mixed Up Lacquers. 7 of these polishes are bright yummy neons. The other two are a white base and a silver topper. You can get those two FREE if you buy the whole collection! Um yes please! Did I mention that ALL 9 watermarble? Well, they do. I also know for a fact that all the cremes (8) stamp as well! Who wouldn’t want this collection? They do it all! A crazy person that’s for sure! This collection will release on July 14th. At the same time L.J.’s shop will be opening, she will be having a 40% off sale store wide on everything except this new collection. The polishes will be sold as a set or individually.

 Anyways who is ready for some swatches!




Let me start with Paannkkk! I can’t say it is my favorite in this collection but because really enjoyed them all. But it is a perfect neon pink. The formula is perfect. A nice creme that doesn’t pool. It watermarbles AND stamps as well. I used two thin coats on my pointer and pinky finger and I did one coat of Clean Slate (white) as a base and one coat of Paannkkk! over it. I personally do NOT see a big difference. But I wanted to give you different application swatches.


How awesome is the green polishes name! Camera Freak Out <– that made me laugh because my camera DID indeed freak out! Lmao I love this green (insert smily face with heart eyes) haha. This green is BRIGHT. Lets just get this out the way. Sometimes when you get a collection, not every color has the same consistent formula. Well, this one does. I really did not see a difference. Formula was great.. Also, for all the swatches I used clean slate as a base for my middle finger. Okay back to Camera Freak Out. I have only tried stamping this over Clean Slate so I am not 100% sure how it will look over black but I am pretty positive it will show! I will update once I try it!


Grape Squisher is a beautiful perfect neon purple. It reminds me of Barney (the dinosaur) purple. Haha Yea that was my favorite show when I was 5! Now he is creepy. But that doesnt take away from Grape Squisher. Great formula and I feel it is a true purple. I see no understones of blue or anything! I dont have many purples so I am so happy!


Orangalicious Baby is a true Gator’s orange (um Florida Sports Team) I LOVE it. I’m not big into to orange but I am a huge sports fan so I see this being worn for several events! Football and Baseball teams if you were wondering. Haha This orange polish isn’t to bright to where it takes away from the color, it is simply perfect.


Ermehgerd Yellered is very bright. It is almost as bright as a yellow highlighter! I believe for this one I did have to use three thin coats for complete opacity but they were very thin so no biggie. But no issues with the formula.No neon collection is complete without a yellow!


It’s @!#$&! Blue is well blue. All these colors mesh so well together. There isnt one that doesnt fit. Blue is the perfect blue and again perfect formula. I just looked up Shades of Blue on Google and a diagram with different names and shades came up. And the one I thought matched the polish best was…just blue lmao


I think the name is fitting for this last one becase well What is Red Doing Here? It is so common for there not to be a red in a neon collection. Though this red isnt red red it is as close to red as I have personally seen. It is a bright but dark burnt orange red. I love the color of it. It is very different and fun!


So those are all 7 of the neons! Like I said previously when you buy this whole collection you can get two polishes for FREE! A white polish perfect for a base named Clean Slate and a great sparkly top coat named Clearly Sparkly.


These polishes are perfect for all year round. You can use them all together or seperately. I love that this collection is so versatile! Make sure to follow All Mixed Up Lacquers on Instagram here. And her shop is closed at the moment but it will be re-opened July 14th and you can get to it from here.

I hoped you enjoyed my review! Make sure to subscribe!



P.s. Here is an extra picture of stamping with all of the neons!


Dainty Digits Polish – Holo Edition

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post were NOT given to me for free. I was given a blogger/swatcher discount code in return for my honest review. I was not paid to give positive feedback. All opinions in my blog are of my own. Nor am I paid when you click on a link/url in my blog post. I share those to make it easier for you (the reader) to get access to the websites. Thank You xoxo

Hi Loves,

I am back with some awesome holo polishes! I have had these polishes for a while but felt I wanted and NEEDED to write a review about them. Why you ask? Well these four polishes are from one of my favorite indies! Dainty Digits Polish!! Anetress is one of the sweetest people I know and has such a true passion for what she does! I know she is trying to reach 20k followers on Instagram before her 3rd Indieversary. I would love to help her reach that goal!

Onto the polish, the real reason you are reading this! Ha Am I right? Lmao Also, so that I don’t have to repeat myself 4 times. I used Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone for a base (2 coats) and I topped it all with Dainty Digits Speedy Glam Gloss Top Coat .


Where do I begin……? I guess with the one that is special to me. Haley’s Comet. I knew I had to have this one. My mother’s name is Hayley. It is spelled differently but merp, same thing. Lmao. She use to always talk about this comet when I was a kid too. I use to dream that I , Kaylyna, would one day have a comet named after me. Ha. Still hasn’t happened. But this purple, is gorgeous. A deep holo purple that is ALMOST a one coater! But per usual I do two thin coats. Anetress Formula is phenomenal. Not thick at all. You can find this beauty here.


Next I have Tropic of Capricorn. One of my favorites not only because of the beautiful dark green holo color but because my mother AND my other half are both Capricorns! This was a must have! The formula on this polish is perfect. It is a one coater too! So much Holo goodness! You can find this lovey here.

From the desk of Dainty Digits Polish: This bottle is a victim of a late night restock and therefore, the color slightly varies. Tropic of Capricorn (TOC) started out as a replacement for a previously random creation, “Oops, Oh My”(2015), which led to it’s first incarnation of TOC . Eventually, “Ceres” was born, but TOC preceded it. Consider it one of my beautiful holo errors. Only a few “imposters” have made it out into the world, but the hue has since been adjusted!

Umm you guys, talk about accountability. She realized I had one of the “imposters” and is correcting it immediatley, BUT I love this imposter and she said I can keep it. Heart of GOLD you guys. Another reason I love buying from her. Ijs she is the <3 Once I receive the actually TOC I will update this post with accurate pictures!


Neptune’s Wonderland is an awesome light blue holo. It makes me think of Christmas on well Neptune. Planet Neptune has ice all over it and doesn’t the holo make these look like the reflection of ice in the sun? It does to me. This one is a bit thinner so I did use three thin coats but the formula was perfect. It can be found here.


Last up is Planetary Pearl: RELOAED. Of course I had to add a pink holo to my favorites! This is a soft pink fuschia with tons of holo goodness. Formula for this one is on point. If you havent noticed, Anetress formula for her holos are to die for. I did two coats and this baby can be found here.

09c2f390-49e2-4692-8dad-ccb61bc40aa331b4c0d6-0a10-406f-97d3-5172e4f71783 34c2fe14-5db0-4c77-a1e9-d8488811721b

Well there you have it. I must confess though. It was NOT easy picking only four polishes out of my Dainty Digits collection. I have lots but not nearly as many as I want. Lmao Anetress’ first polishes were holo and she has since expanded her holos up to 51 different colors! And she is ALWAYS adding new ones. She also has toppers, crellies, jellies, and cremes! She is a doll to work with and has such a caring heart. She is always trying to give back to her customers as well. She has frequent sales! Which include:

Every Friday: Use DDFRIDAYS for 20% off of $20 or more

Every Other Tuesday: Use DDPTT to get a free top coat when you buy three

She also has a Facebook Group where she will have exclusive codes. You should go follow her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Until we meet again



P.S. Anetress was kind enough to offer to sponsor my blog giveaway! If you want a chance to win some of her beautiful polishes make sure to read all the rules in my blog post titles Blog Giveaway! Xoxo

Eat Kale and Be Sad

This Collection was sent to me free of charge for my honest review. It is a press sample and I was not paid to give positive feed back. These are of my own opinion. Enjoy

Hello Lovies!!

Today I have some swatches for you from a ‘new to me’ brand 2-Bits Polish. The Eat Kale and Be Sad Collection consist of 5 polishes. It consist of three shimmers, a flakie filled jelly, and a chameleon shifting polish! As with any new brand I had some reservations. But none the less I was so excited to play with them! Upon trying them I am sold. The unique colors and the formulas are on point. These are not available yet but the pre-sale for the Eat Kale and Be Sad begins July 20th and goes until August 10th. They will be available for regular purchasing on August 11th. Now onto the swatches!



Plastic Fruit….this one had me a little on edge. I for some reason do NOT play well with Jellies of ANY sorts. I usually can’t get it spread over my nail easily and it feels to thick to me. But to my surprise, Plastic Fruit was nothing like that. It was easy to apply and went where I wanted it to go. Plastic Fruit is a transparent blue jelly base jammed packed with Multi-Chrome Flakies. be still my heart! It is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful. I did three thin coats and a top coat. Again I still can’t believe I am saying this but it is one of my favorites in the collection. P.s. I have no idea how that black drawing mark made it into the pic! Gaah

 c52b67ec-160b-4dd0-883c-d324e69cc9de  0d78ae89-0920-443f-b026-68e4e7e2b1db   f5e51660-764f-4aa3-8e24-196314b5b4d3

Next up is Plum Tired. This polish is a gorgeous deep purple with blue shimmer! This polish is heavenly. The formula was fantastic. It could have easily been a one coater if I had applied a little thicker coat the first time around. So I did two coats and a top coat.

d81f88d0-ccab-4bbc-87d5-09a58be71ca0  c4940f50-1c97-4d27-9641-fdeeda8578ff  93ce98e6-59e4-4248-9856-f070fca9a876

Tramplin grapes <3 This one is very unique to me. I have absolutely nothing like it! I never seem to buy darker colors but this one is shmexy! This formula was on point as well. And like Plum Tired could have been a one coater. Best way to describe this polish color is to think of a deep red wine with a beautiful gold shimmer. So I believe the name is VERY fitting! Pictured below is two thin coats and a top coat.

2d54beb5-65f6-475e-a679-9ce9791efd1e  f0aa7af8-8805-4eff-bddc-5b49fc4f9341 01771d0a-1ccc-46ab-96aa-430083345b15

Can’t Elope Crush is the lightest polish in the collection. It is a peach/coral/pinkish color with gold shimmer. I love this color so much! Again the formula was great and application very easy. Another one coater but I did two coats. Merp can’t help it. I am a creature of habit! I felt at first that this polish was an odd ball with all the other colors being darker but nope after swatching them all, it fits right in!

60a42336-7ec5-4a67-b4a2-9077e32a7bcb  cc9a57ed-5f89-43c7-8c63-d50216273ad1 c49d907e-c0d0-4a31-a399-868337d00952

I saved the chameleon shifting polish for last. It’s called Fruit Salad. Which is a pretty accurate name, it has all kinds of colors! This one was very hard to capture in a photo. It shifts from purple to a darker almost blurple purple, and then there’s a greenish/bronze color in it as well. Has a very oil slick look to it when not in direct light. This polish is thinner than the others, but the formula is great. Instead of two coats I did do three for complete opacity and a top coat.

b5af7064-da24-46f5-baca-3bbdad9bb53a  1bd9790a-b116-4548-8e05-614dc77b7cbd 8ef23967-3aa8-43f2-bffe-34831f1b9646  8b480686-b2d2-41c0-973e-06920791a155

And there you have it. The Eat Kale and Be Sad Collection. Just to reiterate this collection is not released yet and will be available on pre-sale July 20th until August 11th. Overall I felt this collection was very unique and I love that it has different finishes. The formulas of each polish were great and application was a breeze. Make sure to mark you calender’s!

The link to 2-Bits Polish shop is here.

You can find them on Instagram here and/or join their FB group here.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!



L.Y.L.A.S. Collection

Hi my lovely readers!

If you are reading this, then you want to know my thoughts on the L.Y.L.A.S (Love You Like A Sister) Collection from Jior Couture! I can happily say I absolutely LOVE them! These satin finish beauties were released on April 8th, 2016. I know that the full size and mini complete sets are sold out BUT there are a few remaining individuals left, which can be found here . I also want to state that I am apart of the Jior Couture Polish Mavens on Facebook. Sasha will sometimes play games and you win a discount code to her store! I won and bought these babies! You guys should join! Just click here !


Now on to the swatches!

First up is one of my favorites! J’Neen reminds me of Double Bubble Gum. I love pink. But I always tend to lean more to the bright neon pinks than the softer pinks. This pink surprised me though! It is like a bright pastel pink. It has a satin finish and me being a newbie did not realize you should NOT i repeat NOT use a shiny top coat if you want to see the satin effect! So like anyone I tried to correct my error and matte it. Mind you I am not a fan of matte but I love how ALL of these came out. Before Top Coat, after top coat, and even after mattifying it ! Ha is that even a word! For J’Neen I did use three coats but they were thin. I found the formula just a little watery BUT it was fine and very manageable. Not only is J’Neen an awesome polish on its own but it also watermarbles and stamps beautifully! You can see for yourself below! Also, J’Neen IS still available here.

  PicsArt_07-01-06.07.07[1]  PicsArt_07-01-06.03.32[1]

PicsArt_07-01-06.11.50[1]  PicsArt_07-01-08.54.07[1]

Next up in the L.Y.L.A.S. Collection is Jillian. This purple reminds me of…..Easter. It is such a pretty light purple. The formula on this one was great. It only took two coats for opacity. I think this one is my favorite in the matte version. It just looks so…so…so elegant! Unfortunately Jillian is currently sold out on the Jior Couture website 🙁 but if it becomes available I will try to update! Jillian also watermarbles and stamps! Something I have come to love, is finding beautiful polishes that do both!

PicsArt_07-01-06.29.54[1]  PicsArt_07-01-06.15.19[1]PicsArt_07-01-06.24.44[1]  PicsArt_07-01-08.56.29[1]

Moving on to the third in the bunch! Theresa is such a pretty soft powder blue.The formula on this baby was perfection. I have to say probably the best out of the bunch! Whenever I hear the name Theresa I automatically think of Mother Theresa, well this color did that to me as well. It is such a calming and soothing color! Pictured below is with two coats and a Top Coat ( Shiny and Matte). Stamps and Watermarbles as well! Theresa is still avaiable here.

 PicsArt_07-01-07.02.39[1]  PicsArt_07-01-07.00.20[1] PicsArt_07-01-07.31.05[1]  PicsArt_07-01-09.02.27[1]

Elicia! I think this one is my second favorite! Besides pink and tealish colors, I love me some coral/peach colors! And Elicia delivers just that! This one really changed when i applied a top coat but not for the worst! I loved the satin finish but I also like the matte and shiny as well. I live in Florida and this would match a lot of my wardrobe! This had a good formula and was opaque in 2 thin coats. Just like the rest it watermarbles and stamps. And it looks like it is still available individually here.

   PicsArt_07-01-07.50.53[1]  PicsArt_07-01-07.48.41[1]   PicsArt_07-01-07.53.59[1]  PicsArt_07-01-09.04.13[1]

Now for the last of the Satin cremes before we get to the colorful glitter topper is Dawn. I may have lied a little ways up there. I said J’Neen was my favorite, and then Elicia. Well I truly love them all BUT J’Neen, Elicia, AND Dawn are my top 3..lmao which is pretty damn funny if you ask me because there are only five polishes and one topper in the whole collection! Yea #JiorisWinning Dawn,oh! you teal goddess! She was just gorgeous satin but looks just as beautiful with the shiny and matte top coats! Oh and pictured is two thin coats and I think you guys have figured out all five of these watermarble and stamp..lmao Fortunately for you Dawn is still available here.

   PicsArt_07-01-08.46.45[1]  PicsArt_07-01-08.44.30[1]   PicsArt_07-01-08.50.18[1]  PicsArt_07-01-08.58.38[1]

Now on to the glitter topper Katushka! <–absolutely LOVE that name btw! I thought long and hard how I would want to swatch this uniquely name polish. I decided with a black and white undie plus free ballin’ lmao…yes I definitely just laughed at myself! Absolutley no shame! Anyways I thought this was best to really show case all the different colors and shapes of glitter in it! Oh and I just could NOT part with my watermarble, so she stayed! The base of this topper is clear but has holo in it! Say whaaat. All these glitters AND holo, why yes please! Katushka also did NOT need two coats. She did bad all by herself the first coat around <–again I am laughing! I did not have to fish for the glitters either. Which I know is necessary sometimes but knowing that doesn’t make me like having to do it! And look she IS available here.

PicsArt_07-01-08.08.44[1]  PicsArt_07-01-08.04.07[1]   PicsArt_07-01-08.12.19[1]

Well mi gente (my people in spanish) to recap. I really loved this collection. It had all my favorite colors, it watermarbled, and it stamped! It is definitely an all in one type of polish! And the topper Katushka is beautiful and unique! I give this collection a 5 out of 5. I had no issues with application or formula. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my rants! if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Let me know which one is your favorite and why!? I would love to hear from you!

Until we chat again,


P.S. In case you would like a direct link to Jior Couture Website. Click Here.

You can find their Instagram Here. And their Facebook Here.