Dainty Digits Polish – Holo Edition

Disclaimer: All polishes in this post were NOT given to me for free. I was given a blogger/swatcher discount code in return for my honest review. I was not paid to give positive feedback. All opinions in my blog are of my own. Nor am I paid when you click on a link/url in my blog post. I share those to make it easier for you (the reader) to get access to the websites. Thank You xoxo

Hi Loves,

I am back with some awesome holo polishes! I have had these polishes for a while but felt I wanted and NEEDED to write a review about them. Why you ask? Well these four polishes are from one of my favorite indies! Dainty Digits Polish!! Anetress is one of the sweetest people I know and has such a true passion for what she does! I know she is trying to reach 20k followers on Instagram before her 3rd Indieversary. I would love to help her reach that goal!

Onto the polish, the real reason you are reading this! Ha Am I right? Lmao Also, so that I don’t have to repeat myself 4 times. I used Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone for a base (2 coats) and I topped it all with Dainty Digits Speedy Glam Gloss Top Coat .


Where do I begin……? I guess with the one that is special to me. Haley’s Comet. I knew I had to have this one. My mother’s name is Hayley. It is spelled differently but merp, same thing. Lmao. She use to always talk about this comet when I was a kid too. I use to dream that I , Kaylyna, would one day have a comet named after me. Ha. Still hasn’t happened. But this purple, is gorgeous. A deep holo purple that is ALMOST a one coater! But per usual I do two thin coats. Anetress Formula is phenomenal. Not thick at all. You can find this beauty here.


Next I have Tropic of Capricorn. One of my favorites not only because of the beautiful dark green holo color but because my mother AND my other half are both Capricorns! This was a must have! The formula on this polish is perfect. It is a one coater too! So much Holo goodness! You can find this lovey here.

From the desk of Dainty Digits Polish: This bottle is a victim of a late night restock and therefore, the color slightly varies. Tropic of Capricorn (TOC) started out as a replacement for a previously random creation, “Oops, Oh My”(2015), which led to it’s first incarnation of TOC . Eventually, “Ceres” was born, but TOC preceded it. Consider it one of my beautiful holo errors. Only a few “imposters” have made it out into the world, but the hue has since been adjusted!

Umm you guys, talk about accountability. She realized I had one of the “imposters” and is correcting it immediatley, BUT I love this imposter and she said I can keep it. Heart of GOLD you guys. Another reason I love buying from her. Ijs she is the bomb.dot.com <3 Once I receive the actually TOC I will update this post with accurate pictures!


Neptune’s Wonderland is an awesome light blue holo. It makes me think of Christmas on well Neptune. Planet Neptune has ice all over it and doesn’t the holo make these look like the reflection of ice in the sun? It does to me. This one is a bit thinner so I did use three thin coats but the formula was perfect. It can be found here.


Last up is Planetary Pearl: RELOAED. Of course I had to add a pink holo to my favorites! This is a soft pink fuschia with tons of holo goodness. Formula for this one is on point. If you havent noticed, Anetress formula for her holos are to die for. I did two coats and this baby can be found here.

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Well there you have it. I must confess though. It was NOT easy picking only four polishes out of my Dainty Digits collection. I have lots but not nearly as many as I want. Lmao Anetress’ first polishes were holo and she has since expanded her holos up to 51 different colors! And she is ALWAYS adding new ones. She also has toppers, crellies, jellies, and cremes! She is a doll to work with and has such a caring heart. She is always trying to give back to her customers as well. She has frequent sales! Which include:

Every Friday: Use DDFRIDAYS for 20% off of $20 or more

Every Other Tuesday: Use DDPTT to get a free top coat when you buy three

She also has a Facebook Group where she will have exclusive codes. You should go follow her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Until we meet again



P.S. Anetress was kind enough to offer to sponsor my blog giveaway! If you want a chance to win some of her beautiful polishes make sure to read all the rules in my blog post titles Blog Giveaway! Xoxo

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  1. NeNe says:

    Awww, thank you so much, my love! I feel like DDP is already famous, when I read your blogs! XOXO ❤❤❤

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