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Hola!!!  Today I have a neon collection to share. Is there such a thing as to much neons? <– Genuine question! Because I feel there can NEVER be enough. I am a Floridian and love everything bright and summery, since it’s well, hot all the time! Anyways onto the collection! I have 9 polishes from All Mixed Up Lacquers. 7 of these polishes are bright yummy neons. The other two are a white base and a silver topper. You can get those two FREE if you buy the whole collection! Um yes please! Did I mention that ALL 9 watermarble? Well, they do. I also know for a fact that all the cremes (8) stamp as well! Who wouldn’t want this collection? They do it all! A crazy person that’s for sure! This collection will release on July 14th. At the same time L.J.’s shop will be opening, she will be having a 40% off sale store wide on everything except this new collection. The polishes will be sold as a set or individually.

 Anyways who is ready for some swatches!




Let me start with Paannkkk! I can’t say it is my favorite in this collection but because really enjoyed them all. But it is a perfect neon pink. The formula is perfect. A nice creme that doesn’t pool. It watermarbles AND stamps as well. I used two thin coats on my pointer and pinky finger and I did one coat of Clean Slate (white) as a base and one coat of Paannkkk! over it. I personally do NOT see a big difference. But I wanted to give you different application swatches.


How awesome is the green polishes name! Camera Freak Out <– that made me laugh because my camera DID indeed freak out! Lmao I love this green (insert smily face with heart eyes) haha. This green is BRIGHT. Lets just get this out the way. Sometimes when you get a collection, not every color has the same consistent formula. Well, this one does. I really did not see a difference. Formula was great.. Also, for all the swatches I used clean slate as a base for my middle finger. Okay back to Camera Freak Out. I have only tried stamping this over Clean Slate so I am not 100% sure how it will look over black but I am pretty positive it will show! I will update once I try it!


Grape Squisher is a beautiful perfect neon purple. It reminds me of Barney (the dinosaur) purple. Haha Yea that was my favorite show when I was 5! Now he is creepy. But that doesnt take away from Grape Squisher. Great formula and I feel it is a true purple. I see no understones of blue or anything! I dont have many purples so I am so happy!


Orangalicious Baby is a true Gator’s orange (um Florida Sports Team) I LOVE it. I’m not big into to orange but I am a huge sports fan so I see this being worn for several events! Football and Baseball teams if you were wondering. Haha This orange polish isn’t to bright to where it takes away from the color, it is simply perfect.


Ermehgerd Yellered is very bright. It is almost as bright as a yellow highlighter! I believe for this one I did have to use three thin coats for complete opacity but they were very thin so no biggie. But no issues with the formula.No neon collection is complete without a yellow!


It’s @!#$&! Blue is well blue. All these colors mesh so well together. There isnt one that doesnt fit. Blue is the perfect blue and again perfect formula. I just looked up Shades of Blue on Google and a diagram with different names and shades came up. And the one I thought matched the polish best was…just blue lmao


I think the name is fitting for this last one becase well What is Red Doing Here? It is so common for there not to be a red in a neon collection. Though this red isnt red red it is as close to red as I have personally seen. It is a bright but dark burnt orange red. I love the color of it. It is very different and fun!


So those are all 7 of the neons! Like I said previously when you buy this whole collection you can get two polishes for FREE! A white polish perfect for a base named Clean Slate and a great sparkly top coat named Clearly Sparkly.


These polishes are perfect for all year round. You can use them all together or seperately. I love that this collection is so versatile! Make sure to follow All Mixed Up Lacquers on Instagram here. And her shop is closed at the moment but it will be re-opened July 14th and you can get to it from here.

I hoped you enjoyed my review! Make sure to subscribe!



P.s. Here is an extra picture of stamping with all of the neons!


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  1. NeNe says:

    Love it! I’m sure that she’ll love this review, too.😉

  2. Krystal says:

    Great review! Cremes+neons+Watermable +stamping = yes please!!!

    • Kaylyna says:

      I am about to see how well they gradient too.lmao sometimes just because they do W.M. and stamping they dont mesh well so we will see! Haha thank you xoxo

  3. JANEL says:


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