DAM Nail Polish- Summer Sunset Series

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I don’t deserve to have a blog, I am a wreck. Lmao Life has been so crazy lately that it has been hard to sit down and post! Pictures are easy but to write a little somethin’ somethin’ isn’t! BUT I am here to give you a review of the four thermals from the Summer Sunset Series by DAM Nail Polish. I love Angie’s concept behind this collection. She wanted to capture the many different colors in a sunset and i think she did a pretty good job! I will be honest. This was literally only my second time working with thermals! EVER! So I hope I did these some justice! Angie already has this collection available in her shop for pre-order, you can find it here. Now while it is on pre-order, it is being sold at a discounted price! Pre-Order ends September 1st unless she sells out sooner. They will be officially released on September 2nd at full price! I would definitely jump on that pre-sale price! Ok loves, on to what you REALLY want to see and read! The swatches!!!

Blushing Nudie is the first one I chose to swatch out of the four. Pink I am drawn to pink! Angie’s thermals transition so quickly! As I was painting my nail it kept going from warm to cold with each stroke! It was really cool! I really love the transition on this one. Most sunsets i see have these colors in them! It starts off as a light peachy pink color in its warm state and into a beautiful mango pink in its cold state. It took about three thin coats for it to get opaque. It does dries quickly too! Formula was great. Once these officially release you can buy separately. You can find Blushing Nudie here.

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Exotic Horizon is the second one in the series and it’s a really cool purple thermal. In warm states it’s a light fuchsia color and when in a cold state its purple. Kind of reminds me of purple Now & Laters haha no idea why but it does.  On the rare occasion that I do get to see a sunset, there is definitely a little purple in it! This formula was great and I did have to do three thin coats to get it opaque. I’m sure I could have done two thicker coats but eh it’s not how I roll. If you love purple this is a polish you need! In either state it is beautiful! You can find Exotic Horizon for purchase here once the collection officially releases.


Gaaah I am absolutely in love with this one. Only because it is so unique to me. Cerulean Skies starts off a beautiful cerulean (lmao) blue when cold and this unique tan color with grey undertones when warm. I usually am against nudes. I don’t like the way my nails look non-existent when I wear a skin toned shade BUT this was so cool to wear! Pretty easy application when I moved fast. Again all four dry quickly and also transition with each stroke OF THE BRUSH! (haha) I also did three coats to get it opaque with this one as well.You can find Cerulean Skies for purchase here once the collection officially releases.

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Last up in the series is Auburnt. This one has all the same qualities of the others. It dries quickly, transitions fast, and is opaque in three thin coats. Though this one is my least favorite of the four, I still like it. It has the true colors of a sunset. The most common colors I should say. It has the light orange color when warm and turns into a maroonish color when cold. I wasn’t sure about the two colors together at first but it now makes sense to me! And I like it more because of it. If you want to watch the sun set on your nails I just you get this polish.! Auburnt can be purchased here once the collection officially releases.

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Well there you have it babes. The Summer Sunset Collection by Dam Nail Polish. I know summer is ending in a lot of places but I live in Florida so I have summer pretty much all year around! Lmao. This was such a great concept as a farewell to summer! What better way than four different sunsets! All in all I think this is a great collection to invest in. If you click on the hyperlinks below it will take you to that social media outlet or her store.

Dam Nail Polish



Well I hope you enjoyed my review! Any questions or comments please leave them below!




2 thoughts on “DAM Nail Polish- Summer Sunset Series

  1. Courtney says:

    These are beautiful! You did a great job capturing the transitions.

  2. Delia says:

    These are beautiful!!!! You captured the transition perfectly.

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