Le Polish – 1 Year Anniversary Polish & The Dark Mermaid Duo

Oh man, what a night! My son played his first baseball game of the season last night and a kid got sent to the hospital..smh Baseball straight to the face, the crack we heard was not the bat. And we lost. We lost horribly! Not by a little but a lot! But its okay, our boys played great and Daniel did some awesome plays! But before I bore you to death with little league antics lets talk about the polishes! I was honored to swatch and review Le Polish’s Anniversary Polish and her new Dark Mermaid Duo (inspiration pic click here)! These are a Press Sample. Click here for more details on press samples. These beauties are releasing Oct 1st (tomorrow) at 12pm EST. Full size and mini’s will be available! You will want to snag these babies! All 3 of them! Shall we move on to the pretties? I think we shall!

First I want to share with you Allison’s 1 year Anniversary polish, Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.


This is black jelly based polish filled with gold holo microglitters! This had a really great formula, I didn’t have to try to hard to get coverage. I am in a constant battles with crellies but I think the that the glitters being micro helped tremendously! It was pretty opaque in 1 coat……but ya know, its me and I did 2! Whats awesome is that Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful is Le Polish’s new slogan! I absolutely love it! She also has a new logo! And its pretty cool! I did each of the three polishes in glossy and in matte! I can’t decide which I love more! Each finish is unique! Below is Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with a glossy top coat!

3-8 2-9

Isn’t it just gorgeous! Now I wanted to give you a chance to see the polish and new logo before mentioning something. Isn’t it very fitting that her 1 year anniversary polish is black and gold to match her new bee logo! Ha. Genius! I also did a matte finish and it is just yummy!

 3-10 2-11

Now for the Dark Mermaid Duo! These are two VERY different polishes but look so beautiful together!

3-13 3-14

Lets start with Girl Who Has Everything shall we! This is a dusty purple jam-packed with purple, magenta, copper AND holo glitters! I really felt this one would be the hardest to apply but it wasn’t! I didn’t have to fish around for glitters either. I’m not big on glitters as most of you know but I fell in love with this one. It is very unique to me. I own nothing I mean NOTHING similar to this!  Below is glossy!

3-4 2-5

And then we have it matted. And I may have lied…I think this is my favorite matted one. It’s just amazing! I love that you can see all the glitters..gaaah

 3-7 2-6

Let’s talk about Poor Unfortunate Soul. The second polish in the duo…..teal, turquoise, sea-foam, pr whatever you want to call it is my FAVORITE color. So this one was just breath-taking to swatch. I thought with it being a blackened base, you wouldn’t see the teal as much. I wash wrong. Poor Unfortunate Soul really is a gorgeous color! It was pretty opaque in 1 coat, I did 2. This one made my eyes pop out of my head with its beauty! Glossy photos below.

3 2

And then with a matte top coat. Like I said Girl Who has everything is my favorite of the 3 when matted! But I honestly love them all!

3-2 2-3

So there you have it. Le Polish’s 1 year anniversary polish and the Dark Mermaid Duo! These polishes were all beautiful and don’t forget to set your alarms! I really love how to tied the 1 year anniversary polish to the new logo. That really is cute! Allison was a pleasure to work with and I have heard nothing but great things about her customer service. She was very responsive to any questions I had as well. We may have a few things in the works so keep your eyes open for that…but that is all I am saying on that matter haha And make sure to follow her on Social Media to stay up to date with sales, releases, and giveaways!

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Posh Paints Lacquer – Halloween Collection

Well Fall Ball is back! Both my babies have moved up and are in Majors (Little League). I am excited and nervous for them at the same time. Kids grow up way to damn fast! So with fall ball being back, so does my crazy schedule! Between practice and games I don’t know when I will be able to breathe! But…I will always make time for polish! Who needs to breath and sleep? Hahah I love the beginning of fall because it brings the holidays! I have an obsession of decorating my house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Its ridiculous if we are being honest! Lmao But what I also love about fall arriving…is the polish of course! Fall and Halloween collections galore! Today I have for you a brand that has been around for a little while but she only sold to friends but has recently been making a splash into the world of Indies with her awesome polishes! Courtney from Posh Paints started selling polish to the general public January of this year! She has quite a presents in her FB Fan Group as well! Already over 1000 members! Well she was kind enough to send me her Halloween Collection for me to swatch and review. It is a press sample, for more information on press sample please click here. The collection has 2 cremes, 2 crellies, and a holo glitter bomb topper! So lets move on to the pretties shall we!

First up is Witch Better Have My Candy..I died laughing at the names of this collection btw! Amazing! The humor is spot on and it’s still clean, no profanity! Anyways, this orange is great! It’s not a pumpkin orange but a bit dark. Formula was consistent and it was easy to apply. It was opaque in 2 thin coats and dried semi glossy! This polish also stamps and watermarbles…um hell yeah! If you want this puuuurfect orange, click here!

witch4 witch7witch6 witch9

That’s My BOO! is purple. Plain and simple as that. Has the same formula as With Better Have My Candy so I loved it as well! This one was pretty opaque in one coat but I did 2 thin coats and a top coat. It watermarble and stamps as well! I also wore this for 24 hours for stain testing and nope. Did not stain my nails at all! Check out my IG for nail art with it! If this purple is calling out to you and saying ‘buy’ me, click here! You wont regret it!

boo3  boo6boo5 boo8

On to the crellies! Creep It Real is a black crelly based polish with tons of glitter! There are orange, green, purple and silver glitters oh my! Haha Anyways I was pleasantly surprised how smooth this applied with all that glitter in them! I also love that I didn’t have to pull out the fishing pole and go fishing for glitters! This did need 2 coats but they weren’t thick at all! This black beauty can be purchased here!

creep1 creep4creep3 creep6

Ghoul Please! is exactly same thing as Creep It Real except it has a white crelly base! So I wont be repetitive, read Creep It Real again if you have already forgotten what I said about it..lmfao xoxo. You can buy it here.

ghoul4 ghoul8 ghoul6 ghoul9

Last up is the holo glitter topper! Fright this way can be used alone in 2 easy thin coats OR as a topper with 1 coat! It has the same glitters as the crellies BUT it also has some added holo glitters added! It’s a really fun polish and boy does it make your finger nails sparkle! It has a clear base. I did 2 thin coats and a top coat. It wasnt extremely textured either. One coat of top coat did great! You can buy this here!

fright4 fright7fright6 fright9

If I didn’t mention it before, let me mention it now. Posh Paints Lacquer is a new to me brand! I have been seeing Courtney’s polishes more and more lately! And I have to say I am really impressed with this collection. Courtney was a complete doll to work with and I have seen nothing but great and efficient customer services! Along with this collection, Courtney did send me a base coat as well. It worked really well for me. I am a picker, I can’t help it. Those who can not bite pick. And lets just say this polish did not go anywhere with this base coat on! I wore it under all polishes but especially when I did the stain test. It works! But please remember, it wont work for everyone. Something about chemistry and what not! Anywho that base coat is also available here. And if you want the whole collection, you know you do, click here!

Cant leave without all the links!!




Facebook Group (definitely join!)

If you do decide to get let me know which was your favorite! I would love to know!



Cake Nail Lacquer – 2015 Meet Us At The Bar Collection

Hi Loves! How has everyone been? I have had to take a mini break from blogging to catch up on swatching! It seems Fall has been really good to me! I can’t wait for the weather to change too. Oh wait, it wont for a few more months here. Haha I forgot for a moment where I lived!I also broke a nail *gasp* on Swatcherina! Yes my swatch hand is Swatcherina if you were wondering. Haha And….what you would usually call Cindy I call Gloria!  Anyways onto the reason you are here reading this! Today I have a mini collection from Cake Nail Lacquer. They sent me their 2015 Meet Me At The Bar Collection to review and swatch! This collection has 3 polishes and are cremes! You guys should know I love me some cremes! Lets move on to the swatches!

First up is Caketini. Isnt that a cute name! I feel its fitting for the polish as well. Caketini is a nice soft pink. I love that they kept a lighter color in this collection. Though I have been loving fall colors ALOT lately, I still like my pinks! Caketini did need 2 coats for opacity. I am sure it could have been a one coater with a thicker coat though. I also like how this polish looks matte! This polish along with the other 2 does watermarble AND stamp!

3-8 3-102-4 2-5

1 Vodka, 2 Vodka, 3 Vodka, Floor! is the purple in the trio. Haha Vodka can definitely have you on your ass! It sneaks up on you! This polish is a really pretty deep purple creme. It is also a one coater!! I of course did two really thin coats. But even with the first thin coat it was opaque! Watermarbles & stamps!

3-4 3-73-5 2-3

Last in the trio is Take My Number, Call Me. They say it’s a teal but it looks more like a blue to me. Like blue blue not teal blue either. lmao I love this color! The names are very cute as well! Tiffany is a doll to work with! This is another one coater!! Love me one coaters! Especially if I am in a hurry. I always do two coats but sometimes time is not on my side! Polish and go!

3-1 42-1 2-2

Overall I really like this collection! it’s not your normal fall colors and i am really diggin’ that! Tiffany is a please and has great customer service! I also like the round bottles! I thought the handle would be a little hard to use but I had no problems at all! This is their 2015 fall collection so keep your eyes peeled for this years! I am sure it will be great! Great formulas on all three and i love that they are very versatile! Stamping and watermarbling is important!

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Jior Couture – SWL 2016 Fall Collection

Well can you believe it! Another post! Woo Hoo!! Haha I am uber excited to share with you guys my complete review of the Bitter Side of the SWL 2016 Fall Collection by Jior Couture. Sacha sent me these 6 polishes for free in return for my honest opinion. So of course that is what I shall give you! If you arent sure what a PR Sample is please read this. This collection releases September 15th and is a 12 piece set. Sacha has split the sets up into 2 parts. Bitter Side, which I have and will be reviewing, and Sweet Side,  which Krystal over at QueenofNails83 has reviewed! Now I have heard some rumors that this collection MAY or MAY NOT have been inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but the jury is still out SO you can think what you want. I have no confirmation 😉 Anywho, on to the swatches!

Accountability….I think more people should….oh wait this isn’t a self-help blog. Haha. It’s about the polish! Well this one is called Accountability and it is yummy! It is an olive-green jellie and its packed with color changing flakies. It is a very beautiful pair! I’m not a fan of jellies but this applied extremely easily! I did have to do 3 thin coats to make it opaque but that’s no biggie! I mean look at it. I would do 10 coats happily! Haha It looks gorgeous with a glossy finish but….matte. Be still my heart. This is the perfect combo for fall, flakies and green olive! ( I love green olives, irl)

20160912_114344 20160912_114324   20160912_114312 20160912_114253

Anger…I have a lot of it! I absolutely love this black/grey holo creme! Oh and it has flakies too! Holo+Flakies+Creme=Happiness  You just can’t go wrong with that combination. Want to know something else. It is a one coater! This is such a beautiful color and the formula is spot on..When I applied it I instantly thought galaxy nails sooooo I see that happening in my near future! I did do 2 thin coats but it was opaque in one. Formula was nice too! This polish is winning all over!

20160912_114438 20160912_114424 20160912_114411 20160912_114356

Apathy….is another holo! And it also has flakies! Apathy has a rose gold pink base. It’s a fun polish to work with. It was pretty opaque in 1 coat but I did 2. I am sure if I had done a thicker coat it would have been fine! Sacha is pretty consistent with her formulas so I had no troubles with this one either. The flakies  in it are gold. I really love how the polishes change when you make them matte. I never use to like matte. But my mind has been blown with this collection and a few others. Matte is LIFE!

20160912_221442 20160912_221429 20160912_221419 20160912_221409

Denial is a mustard yellow creme. Man I love cremes! I just love how they glide so easily on your nail! #gimmeallthecremes As I said in my Instagram post I am usually not a fan of yellows but these mustard yellows are really nice and perfect for fall! Denial is a 1 coater and stamps beautifully!

20160912_221356 20160912_22131420160912_221340 20160912_221325

Emptiness is so delicious! At first glance I thought it would be a very close match to Intuition, which I will share next. But nope! Not in the least. These are two completely different polishes. Emptiness is a deep wine red and it just ugh. I love it! It’s also a 1 coater!!!! AND it stamps!I didn’t have any issues with staining either. I did use 2 coats of Yellow Stopper as a base coat for each mani. I did get some in my cuticles while swatch and they weren’t stained at all so I was extremely pleased!

20160912_221302 20160912_212318  20160912_221218 20160912_221144

Intuition! I am not a fan of red but this red. This one right here is just so sexy! I call it my panty dropper..lmfao Intuition is a bright red creme that stamps and is opaque in 1 coat. Do I have to tell you guys that I did 2..haha I think by now you have gotten that right? Now before I make this post look all silly, I will be posting later an update. I only have 3 of this one to post. I may have run out of matte top coat -_- Sooo yea. I realized after I took the polish off I didn’t take a matte macro! And well I didn’t have anymore SO I will take one later tonight! Its beautiful either way, matte or glossy. Its my favorite of all 6. But the others are loved almost as much!.

20160912_114506 20160912_11452120160912_114453

So there you have it. Overall I love this Bitter Side of SWL and I am dying to get the Sweet Side! There are some beauitiful colors there too! But back to these 6 polishes. I was able to stamp with ALL of them! That’s a big bonus for me! I didn’t get to try much at watermarble so I don’t have an answer for that but I believe I did see someone else watermarble with them. So I am assuming some of them if not all of them do. I love that Sacha communicates with her swatchers/bloggers in a timely manner and oh man is she a sweet heart! As I said before these polishes release with the other 6 (Sweet Side) on September 15th! They will be sold as a 12 piece set, 6 piece set (Bitter or Sweet) and individually. So may options! Make sure to check out Jior Couture Polish mavens on Facebook for sneak peeks and what not! Links are below!

Jior Couture Shop



Facebook Group

Until we meet again chicas/chicos! Mwaaahhz


Pretty & Polished – 2016 Fall Collection

Boy do I have a treat for you guys!! I had the pleasure of reviewing the 2016 Fall Collection by Pretty & Polished. Chelsea sent me these polishes free of charge for my honest review. For more information on Press Samples please click here. Chelsea was an absolute pleasure to work with! That is a big thing for me. Communication! She answered any and all questions I had about the collection very quickly. And she is a complete sweet heart! Anyways onto the collection! It consist of 10 polishes with a variety of finishes. Honestly I usually don’t like collections with more than two finishes but she has converted me. I love them all. But let’s get down to the niddy griddy. The glorious swatches!

Patch….a fall collection isn’t complete without an orange polish. Am I right!? Well Patch is a kind of burnt orange with speckles in it. It is part of Chelsea’s on going Dusty Cremes and boy it does NOT disappoint. I love the look of the speckles. They look brown to me and give the polish such a….well..dusty feel. haha This could have easily been a one coater with a thicker application but alas I am a creature of habit and did two thin coats. Formula was spot on and didn’t pool around my cuticle. Dried fairly quickly as well.

20160910_214201 20160910_21412620160910_214139 20160910_214115

Creme De La Creme is another one of the Dusty Cremes. It reminds me coffee. Not sure why, I don’t even drink coffee. Ha It’s a light tan with tiny brown speckles. I feel that her formula for the Dusty Cremes are pretty consistent. I had no issues with pooling with this one either. I did 2 thin coats but could have easily been a one coater. I also did some nail art with this as the base so make sure to stay tuned on my Instagram for those! Patch and Creme De La Creme are my first polishes ever with speckles so these were extremely fun to work with! I want all the Dusty Cremes now…no let me correct that. I NEED them ALL!

20160911_152103 20160911_15204120160911_152132 20160911_152052

Riverside Drive…this blue like any other blue made me worry. I tried to save it for last but it kept calling my name. I know that because I change my polish so frequently, I tend to have yellower nails than some. BUT blues and purples kill these porous nail beds of mine. Well I am so happy to inform you that Riverside Drive does NOT stain. At least not on me. Not everyone is the same. But I do tend to stain extremely easily. I wore it for a little more than 24 hours to test it. Anyways this beautiful blue leans a little on the teal side (which I absolutely LOVE) creme base and has these gorgeous flakies in it. I mean they are to die for. I did 2 coats for complete opacity but again easily could be done in 1!

20160910_214301 20160910_21432920160910_214314 20160910_214340

Fuzzy Sweater is another creme based flakie filled polish in this collection. And man…..its delicious. It kind of reminds me of caramel glaze. Its a mustard yellow with color shifting flakies. It’s just beautiful. I never like yellow. But I am loving these mustard yellows..ALOT. This did require 2 coats for opacity and the flakies spread out perfectly. I am finding a pattern..all of Chelsea’s formulas seem to be great. Hmm what is this sorcery!

20160910_214249 20160910_21422720160910_214238 20160910_214214

Another flakie filled polish is I Done Plum Had It! <–these names crack me up! It is a purple/plum creme filled with orange flakies! Like nothing says Halloween more tha purple and orange! The oranges flakies add such dimension to the polish I feel. I feel like a broken record because I keep saying how awesome the formula is so let’s make a deal. Unless the formula is otherwise noted its perfect! mmkay!! This is a one coater. Even though I tried to do a thin coat it was still pretty opaque. I threw the second one on there for shits and giggles and to tame my inner OCD. I also had no staining on the polish either!

20160911_155233 20160911_15515420160911_155221 20160911_155211

Dark Magic is a very dark almost black but not quite holo creme polish jammed packed with metallic purple hexes and various holo glitters. Now on first application this formula was a little to goopy BUT as I said in the first paragraph Chelsea as amazing communication skills. I told her and she immediately went on to the fix the issue. She thinned it out a bit without compromising the holo and glitters. So kudos to her! Because it truly is a fun and pretty polish. I added some thinner and tried application again and it was perfect. no issues. This one reminds me of witches. Haha It did dry textured so I added 2 coats of top coat but it was fine after that. Here is a little secret, this is the ONLY polish out of all 10 that I had a small issue with. So just know that if you decided to buy this collection (you should because you need them ALL in your life) then you will NOT have the same issues since it was corrected in time!

20160911_115242 20160911_11523020160911_115306 picsart_09-11-11-11-23

Heavy Metal is the next polish in this collection and let me tell you. The name fits it perfectly. This metal beauty has a silver base and has tons of metallic gold, silver, and copper glitters. It also has some color changing flakies that i wasn’t able to capture but Dianna over at www.snacksonrotation.com was able too! So check out her blog. She is very funny! And between you and me, I think she has a food obsession. lmao absolutely love her blog and her! Anyways back to the polish. So once you see the photos, I am sure you will think, Man I bet that was a bitch to apply. But no. Not at all. It was such a  nice easy application! I do recommend wearing a good peel of base though because take off and be a little hard but not horribly! This one tried slightly textured but one coat of top coat was good.

20160911_151955 picsart_09-11-02-55-5420160911_151937 20160911_151911

Taupe me off and Leaf!, gosh I love that name. Ha Ha. Anyways this is said to be a creme but I felt it was more of a crelly. It has sooooooo many glitters in it. Tiny, big, shhmedium you name it, it has it. I promise. Its filled with Orange, Yellow, Copper, and Brown glitters and has a light brown or well taupe base. Chelsea said it has all those colors to represent the falling leaves of fall. And it is a dead on match. It’s what I thought of before I even read the name of the polish! I did 2 thin coats ( as thin of coats as all the glitter would let me..lmao) and top coat!

20160911_105916 20160911_10595820160911_105930 20160911_110012

On to the thermals! First of the 2 is Lavendarling. This one changes so fast and is fun to wear but can be a butt head when trying to catch it in its cold state. But the warm state is so beautiful. It has a light purple/lilac base with blue and pink speckles. Be still my heart! It does need 3 thin coats for opacity or 2 thicker coats. Another awesome formula! Because the transition could be so elusive, I didn’t get that many great pictures =( When cold its like a blurple!

0fd811ad-bfa8-4836-a7c8-585de65984b3 20160911_021743

The last in this collection is Fall In Love A Latte. I absolutely loooooove this polish. So weird for me to say that about a glitter filled crelly. Ha. I love me some cremes but lately I have gotten some pretty awesome crellies! And this one does not disappoint at all. In the bottle (cold state) it’s a light brown color with orange, pink, teal and purple glitters. When cold it turns into a very light off white color. It has a beautiful nice transitions. And doesn’t change as fast as Lavendarling.

20160911_203551 picsart_09-11-09-48-36

So there you have it. All 10 polishes in the 2016 Fall Collection from Pretty & Polished. These beauties release at Polish Con on September 17th and in Chelsea’s shop on September 23rd. As promised there are so many different finishes and some combined! This is a must have for fall! Not only are the polishes gorgeous but the customer service is top-notch! Now that you have seen all these swatches…do you want a chance to win the whole collection!??? Well Chelsea is allowing me to giveaway a set to one of my followers! Check out my Instag

ram for all the details and rules!

Here are all the links to stay up to date with all releases and sneak peeks:

Pretty & Polished Shop


Facebook Group

Until Next Time Loves



Level Up Lacquer- Overwatch Vol. 1

I told you I would see you guys soon! And here I am, already posting again! Woohoo!! I already know I will have a busy busy week next week! So I may be playing catch up and trying to stay on top of it. Man I am to unorganized to have a blog. Haha Sometimes…..Anyways today I want o share with you 3 polishes that journeyed all the way from Alaska! These are 3 polishes by Level Up Lacquer. She sent these to me free of charge in return for my honest review. As you should know by now. I . AM. ALWAYS. HONEST. but never rude! At least I don’t think I have been…Have I? Haha  Anyways the 3 polishes I was sent are from the Overwatch Set that released 07/20. There are a total of 4 polishes in the set and they were made in homage to the game Overwatch. You can purchase the complete set here. Now onto the swatches =)

First up I have Mercy On Call. This is supposed to be a creamy white base but I felt it was more of a crelly actually. It wasn’t the easiest to apply but it was manageable. I did 3 thin coats and a top coat. It has silver flecks, gold glitter ( like extremely fine) and iridescent hexes. It did dry a little textured as well. Overall its a very beautiful polish and I did some awesome nail art over it! If you would like to get this gold beauty, click here.

Mercy On Us Mani 20160909_144102img_20160909_144449 20160909_143945

Next up is Widowmaker Here. I think I liked this one the best out of the 3 polishes. I never thought I would like a purple base with red glitters! Blew my mind! This applied beautifully, even with all the glitters in it. This a purple jelly base packed with red, pink and purple glitters. It did take about 3 thin coats and it dried really textured. But nothing a little topcoat couldn’t fix! If you would like this unique polish, click here.

20160909_144209 20160909_144157img_20160909_144257 20160909_144122

Last up in the trio that I received is Cheers, Love. This is a clear based glitter topper. Has so many different glitters in it! It has orange, yellow and blue glitters plus some iridescent glitters as well. I did not have to do any kind of glitter placement at all and one coat was enough to have glitter all over! This one was little on the thicker side but that’s to be expected when you have so much glittaaah! I did do a white and black undie as well to show how it looks with a light or dark color. If you would like this fun topper, click here.

picsart_09-09-02-49-41 20160909_145538img_20160909_145643picsart_09-09-02-58-47

Overall, these are 3 really fun and unique polishes. I can say that I own anything like them. I also think it’s really cool they traveled all the way from Alaska to Florida too! Boy what a journey! Ashley is always coming out with unique and fun polishes so make sure to follow her Instagram account to stay up to date with releases!

Cant leave without leaving the links!

Level Up Lacquer Shop



Facebook Group

Well I am out babes!



S/N: Please note that since these pictures have been taken, I have changed my hand pose lighttly and have changed my lighting set-up! Also I have filed my nails down. Thank you so much xoxo

Liquid Candy Nail Polish

Can you believe it! Another post within 24 hours! I am either on a roooolll or playing catch up..hmm quite possibly both! Ha Anyways a few weeks ago I was sent a prize for my giveaway that just ended and a few minis for myself from Liquid Candy Nail Polish. She is truly a sweet heart for putting up with me. I should have posted this weeks ago. She asked that I swatch the extra minis she sent and I did. Weeks ago -_- So I am sorry if my hand poses and lighting have changed since then.  I also want to pint out that it is such a neat idea to only do minis. Instead of the normal 5ml minis, theirs are 7ml. They have a lot of beautiful colors! Well onwards to the swatches!

First one up is Electric Coral. <3 You all should know by now how much I love coral and this one did not disappoint. It made my Phone camera go a little bonkers! It’s a very beautiful bright neon coral. I did three thin coats. It did dry a little textured but once I applied top coat it was fine. This polish did dry fairly quickly as well. Along with a normal swatch i also did some stamping over it. If you would like to get this polish, click here.

picsart_09-08-02-42-51 20160908_14442320160908_144353

The second one that I was sent for review is called Alice. This one is very beautiful. It’s a light blue shimmery polish. It is one of the polishes from the We’re All Mad Here Collection that released back in May. If you aren’t familiar with the movie Alice in Wonderland, then this is about the color of the main characters dress, Alice. Lmao Anyways, this was opaque in 2 thin coats. I did some nail art on it as well. Stamping is always the way to go! If you want to take a step into the world of Alice and get this polish, click here.

20160908_144314 20160908_144326 20160908_144340

Well you guys, that’s it for now. Liquid Candy had great customer service. A good product for an even better price. She is always coming out with something new so make sure to follow them on Instagram. And here is a link to their store, click here.

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In The Name of Polish – 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Hi Loves! Man I have been swamped. All these awesome fall collections coming out are about to make my head explode! So many I want! But ain’t happening. Ha. On a permanent no buy until further notice! Adulting sucks. Who’s with me??  As some of you may know I have actually gotten to meet Kristen from In The Name of Polish in person…more than once. And she is amazing. So I am just giving fair warning, I may be slightly biased..lmao (but not really, I will always give my honest opinion, no matter what) She sent me her new Fall/Winter Collection to review and swatch. And let’s just start by saying, she did not disappoint with this collection. And of course those names!! The collection has 8 polishes total, 5 cremes and 3 shimmers. And they are now available in her shop! Haha Also a little side information, Kristen is the reason I am a swatcher/blogger now. She was the first person to ask me to swatch! So I always enjoy working with her. Now on to what you guys really want! The polishes!!

First up is…..Skinny Jeans Moose Knuckle <insert laughing/crying emoji here> …This one really had me laughing. In case you don’t know what it is, I suggest you click the hyperlink. Haha This is a beautiful blue that has some beautiful shimmers in it. I personally saw some lighter blue/teal and pink shimmers in it. Some are saying this is a sheerer polish but I have to disagree. I was able to apply one thick coat and it was opaque. Dries super quick as well. Below I have both shiny and matte. If you want this baby, you can find it here!

20160905_190914 20160905_19080220160905_190849 picsart_09-05-07-05-48

Haha this next one is called..Baby Shit. And yes I think it DOES look like baby shit. I will never forget the time my son had projectile poo and it went clear across the room and along the wall. Want to know what it looked like? Then please see pictures below because they match almost to a T! Baby Shit is a mustard yellow color. It was opaque in one easy coat. But even though I say it all the time, I did two thin coats. Because well, I wanted to. Ha This creme is perfect for fall. It blends perfectly with the other colors in this collection and yes it gradients like a dream! If you like Baby Shit you can’t buy it here.

20160906_213750 20160906_21370720160906_213735 picsart_09-06-08-44-49

Wasabi & Mistletoe is THEE perfect green. It can be used for leaves, witches, Christmas trees, the uses are unlimited! I own nothing like it. Its more of a hunter green than neon, which like I said is perfecto! This creme is opaque in one coat, like most of Kristen’s polishes. Did I mention above that all 8 polishes stamp? Oops I guess not, but yes they all stamp perfectly! The cremes dry kind of matte but not completely. They are dry fast too so that’s always a plus! For this perfect green, click here.

20160906_213949 20160906_213846 20160906_213928 20160906_213830

Smashin Punkins- enough said. Fall/Halloween isn’t complete without a smashed pumpkin or two right? Who is guilty of this as a kid? Lmao…..not I! Oh my word, my mother would have beat my ass. I was never good carving them either. This isn’t or typical bright Halloween orange, it’s a darker orange, and ooh baby do I love it. It’s also opaque in one nice coat. I swear its like spreading buttah! This orange beauty can be bought here.

20160906_213606 20160906_21402520160906_214053 20160906_214147

=We are half way through this awesome collection! The 5th Polish in this collection is Shittin Bricks itis a really cool rustic color. I am telling you. You want this collection! It screams fall! And honestly I use to never wear polishes according to the season. I live in FL so I wore what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. But these fall collections have me drooling and starting to sing a different tone. Shittin Bricks is PERFECT for leaves. And for some reason I think of chimneys too when I look at this color! If you want this awesome color, click here!

20160906_141636 20160906_141530

20160906_141619 20160906_141502

Can you honestly say that you havent tried some Special Brownies? Haha. I plea the fifth. But that is the perfect name for this dark creamy rich brown polish. I know lots of adjectives there but damn. I have been on the hunt for the perfect brown for TWO years people. I may be a little over excited about this one. Its amazing! One nice coat and BAM, you have brownies on your fingers. Lmao. I don’t think I mentioned this, but all 8 polishes also watermarble. Hello Fall Swirls and shit! ooh this even reminds me of hershey chocolate on s’mores. umm yes please! (*raises hand and frantically waves it in the air!) Again puuuuurfect for the fall. It’s such a nice dark vampy color! If you want to join the mile high club and get this Special Brownie, click here.

20160906_141759 20160906_14171020160906_141745 picsart_09-05-08-39-58

Sweet Turtleneck Bro is an amazing metal shimmery grey. Its has a very opaque shimmery finish. I really love this grey. It’s not to light and boy does it have a nice metal effect. I only needed one coat but of course I did two. Kristen really hit it out of the park with these names. I can’t get over all of them. I can totally see this grey as a turtleneck! You can buy this bad boy here!

20160906_141832 20160905_19111820160905_191149 20160905_191103

Last up in this collection is Sugar Plum Barry From Accounting. Lmao like where did that name even come from. This is one of my favorites. This purple is very rich in color and it has a little shimmer too! Plum is the perfect description for this polish. It was opaque in one nice thick coat. It’s perfect for berries and witch socks! haha This polish is so versatile! It can be purchased here.

20160905_191037 20160906_14181620160905_191020 20160905_190943

So to recap, these 8 polishes are all from the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection by In The Name of Polish. This collection is now available in Kristen’s shop. All 8 polishes watermarble, stamp, and make amazing gradients. Keep a look out on IG for some nail art with these beauties. For all swatches I use HK Girl Topcoat by Glisten & Glow along with Yellow Stopper as a base.

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I hope you guys have enjoyed this review! Until next time!