In The Name of Polish – 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Hi Loves! Man I have been swamped. All these awesome fall collections coming out are about to make my head explode! So many I want! But ain’t happening. Ha. On a permanent no buy until further notice! Adulting sucks. Who’s with me??  As some of you may know I have actually gotten to meet Kristen from In The Name of Polish in person…more than once. And she is amazing. So I am just giving fair warning, I may be slightly biased..lmao (but not really, I will always give my honest opinion, no matter what) She sent me her new Fall/Winter Collection to review and swatch. And let’s just start by saying, she did not disappoint with this collection. And of course those names!! The collection has 8 polishes total, 5 cremes and 3 shimmers. And they are now available in her shop! Haha Also a little side information, Kristen is the reason I am a swatcher/blogger now. She was the first person to ask me to swatch! So I always enjoy working with her. Now on to what you guys really want! The polishes!!

First up is…..Skinny Jeans Moose Knuckle <insert laughing/crying emoji here> …This one really had me laughing. In case you don’t know what it is, I suggest you click the hyperlink. Haha This is a beautiful blue that has some beautiful shimmers in it. I personally saw some lighter blue/teal and pink shimmers in it. Some are saying this is a sheerer polish but I have to disagree. I was able to apply one thick coat and it was opaque. Dries super quick as well. Below I have both shiny and matte. If you want this baby, you can find it here!

20160905_190914 20160905_19080220160905_190849 picsart_09-05-07-05-48

Haha this next one is called..Baby Shit. And yes I think it DOES look like baby shit. I will never forget the time my son had projectile poo and it went clear across the room and along the wall. Want to know what it looked like? Then please see pictures below because they match almost to a T! Baby Shit is a mustard yellow color. It was opaque in one easy coat. But even though I say it all the time, I did two thin coats. Because well, I wanted to. Ha This creme is perfect for fall. It blends perfectly with the other colors in this collection and yes it gradients like a dream! If you like Baby Shit you can’t buy it here.

20160906_213750 20160906_21370720160906_213735 picsart_09-06-08-44-49

Wasabi & Mistletoe is THEE perfect green. It can be used for leaves, witches, Christmas trees, the uses are unlimited! I own nothing like it. Its more of a hunter green than neon, which like I said is perfecto! This creme is opaque in one coat, like most of Kristen’s polishes. Did I mention above that all 8 polishes stamp? Oops I guess not, but yes they all stamp perfectly! The cremes dry kind of matte but not completely. They are dry fast too so that’s always a plus! For this perfect green, click here.

20160906_213949 20160906_213846 20160906_213928 20160906_213830

Smashin Punkins- enough said. Fall/Halloween isn’t complete without a smashed pumpkin or two right? Who is guilty of this as a kid? Lmao…..not I! Oh my word, my mother would have beat my ass. I was never good carving them either. This isn’t or typical bright Halloween orange, it’s a darker orange, and ooh baby do I love it. It’s also opaque in one nice coat. I swear its like spreading buttah! This orange beauty can be bought here.

20160906_213606 20160906_21402520160906_214053 20160906_214147

=We are half way through this awesome collection! The 5th Polish in this collection is Shittin Bricks itis a really cool rustic color. I am telling you. You want this collection! It screams fall! And honestly I use to never wear polishes according to the season. I live in FL so I wore what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. But these fall collections have me drooling and starting to sing a different tone. Shittin Bricks is PERFECT for leaves. And for some reason I think of chimneys too when I look at this color! If you want this awesome color, click here!

20160906_141636 20160906_141530

20160906_141619 20160906_141502

Can you honestly say that you havent tried some Special Brownies? Haha. I plea the fifth. But that is the perfect name for this dark creamy rich brown polish. I know lots of adjectives there but damn. I have been on the hunt for the perfect brown for TWO years people. I may be a little over excited about this one. Its amazing! One nice coat and BAM, you have brownies on your fingers. Lmao. I don’t think I mentioned this, but all 8 polishes also watermarble. Hello Fall Swirls and shit! ooh this even reminds me of hershey chocolate on s’mores. umm yes please! (*raises hand and frantically waves it in the air!) Again puuuuurfect for the fall. It’s such a nice dark vampy color! If you want to join the mile high club and get this Special Brownie, click here.

20160906_141759 20160906_14171020160906_141745 picsart_09-05-08-39-58

Sweet Turtleneck Bro is an amazing metal shimmery grey. Its has a very opaque shimmery finish. I really love this grey. It’s not to light and boy does it have a nice metal effect. I only needed one coat but of course I did two. Kristen really hit it out of the park with these names. I can’t get over all of them. I can totally see this grey as a turtleneck! You can buy this bad boy here!

20160906_141832 20160905_19111820160905_191149 20160905_191103

Last up in this collection is Sugar Plum Barry From Accounting. Lmao like where did that name even come from. This is one of my favorites. This purple is very rich in color and it has a little shimmer too! Plum is the perfect description for this polish. It was opaque in one nice thick coat. It’s perfect for berries and witch socks! haha This polish is so versatile! It can be purchased here.

20160905_191037 20160906_14181620160905_191020 20160905_190943

So to recap, these 8 polishes are all from the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection by In The Name of Polish. This collection is now available in Kristen’s shop. All 8 polishes watermarble, stamp, and make amazing gradients. Keep a look out on IG for some nail art with these beauties. For all swatches I use HK Girl Topcoat by Glisten & Glow along with Yellow Stopper as a base.

Here are all the links you need to connect with In The Name of Polish

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I hope you guys have enjoyed this review! Until next time!



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  1. Krystal says:

    Just got my set in the mail yesterday, can’t wait to play with them!

  2. Courtney says:

    Great post! I love reading your blog. Not only do you describe everything so well, you also add your personal stories. That’s what makes it great, not just about polish, but a little bit of you too.

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