Level Up Lacquer- Overwatch Vol. 1

I told you I would see you guys soon! And here I am, already posting again! Woohoo!! I already know I will have a busy busy week next week! So I may be playing catch up and trying to stay on top of it. Man I am to unorganized to have a blog. Haha Sometimes…..Anyways today I want o share with you 3 polishes that journeyed all the way from Alaska! These are 3 polishes by Level Up Lacquer. She sent these to me free of charge in return for my honest review. As you should know by now. I . AM. ALWAYS. HONEST. but never rude! At least I don’t think I have been…Have I? Haha  Anyways the 3 polishes I was sent are from the Overwatch Set that released 07/20. There are a total of 4 polishes in the set and they were made in homage to the game Overwatch. You can purchase the complete set here. Now onto the swatches =)

First up I have Mercy On Call. This is supposed to be a creamy white base but I felt it was more of a crelly actually. It wasn’t the easiest to apply but it was manageable. I did 3 thin coats and a top coat. It has silver flecks, gold glitter ( like extremely fine) and iridescent hexes. It did dry a little textured as well. Overall its a very beautiful polish and I did some awesome nail art over it! If you would like to get this gold beauty, click here.

Mercy On Us Mani 20160909_144102img_20160909_144449 20160909_143945

Next up is Widowmaker Here. I think I liked this one the best out of the 3 polishes. I never thought I would like a purple base with red glitters! Blew my mind! This applied beautifully, even with all the glitters in it. This a purple jelly base packed with red, pink and purple glitters. It did take about 3 thin coats and it dried really textured. But nothing a little topcoat couldn’t fix! If you would like this unique polish, click here.

20160909_144209 20160909_144157img_20160909_144257 20160909_144122

Last up in the trio that I received is Cheers, Love. This is a clear based glitter topper. Has so many different glitters in it! It has orange, yellow and blue glitters plus some iridescent glitters as well. I did not have to do any kind of glitter placement at all and one coat was enough to have glitter all over! This one was little on the thicker side but that’s to be expected when you have so much glittaaah! I did do a white and black undie as well to show how it looks with a light or dark color. If you would like this fun topper, click here.

picsart_09-09-02-49-41 20160909_145538img_20160909_145643picsart_09-09-02-58-47

Overall, these are 3 really fun and unique polishes. I can say that I own anything like them. I also think it’s really cool they traveled all the way from Alaska to Florida too! Boy what a journey! Ashley is always coming out with unique and fun polishes so make sure to follow her Instagram account to stay up to date with releases!

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S/N: Please note that since these pictures have been taken, I have changed my hand pose lighttly and have changed my lighting set-up! Also I have filed my nails down. Thank you so much xoxo

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