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Boy do I have a treat for you guys!! I had the pleasure of reviewing the 2016 Fall Collection by Pretty & Polished. Chelsea sent me these polishes free of charge for my honest review. For more information on Press Samples please click here. Chelsea was an absolute pleasure to work with! That is a big thing for me. Communication! She answered any and all questions I had about the collection very quickly. And she is a complete sweet heart! Anyways onto the collection! It consist of 10 polishes with a variety of finishes. Honestly I usually don’t like collections with more than two finishes but she has converted me. I love them all. But let’s get down to the niddy griddy. The glorious swatches!

Patch….a fall collection isn’t complete without an orange polish. Am I right!? Well Patch is a kind of burnt orange with speckles in it. It is part of Chelsea’s on going Dusty Cremes and boy it does NOT disappoint. I love the look of the speckles. They look brown to me and give the polish such a….well..dusty feel. haha This could have easily been a one coater with a thicker application but alas I am a creature of habit and did two thin coats. Formula was spot on and didn’t pool around my cuticle. Dried fairly quickly as well.

20160910_214201 20160910_21412620160910_214139 20160910_214115

Creme De La Creme is another one of the Dusty Cremes. It reminds me coffee. Not sure why, I don’t even drink coffee. Ha It’s a light tan with tiny brown speckles. I feel that her formula for the Dusty Cremes are pretty consistent. I had no issues with pooling with this one either. I did 2 thin coats but could have easily been a one coater. I also did some nail art with this as the base so make sure to stay tuned on my Instagram for those! Patch and Creme De La Creme are my first polishes ever with speckles so these were extremely fun to work with! I want all the Dusty Cremes now…no let me correct that. I NEED them ALL!

20160911_152103 20160911_15204120160911_152132 20160911_152052

Riverside Drive…this blue like any other blue made me worry. I tried to save it for last but it kept calling my name. I know that because I change my polish so frequently, I tend to have yellower nails than some. BUT blues and purples kill these porous nail beds of mine. Well I am so happy to inform you that Riverside Drive does NOT stain. At least not on me. Not everyone is the same. But I do tend to stain extremely easily. I wore it for a little more than 24 hours to test it. Anyways this beautiful blue leans a little on the teal side (which I absolutely LOVE) creme base and has these gorgeous flakies in it. I mean they are to die for. I did 2 coats for complete opacity but again easily could be done in 1!

20160910_214301 20160910_21432920160910_214314 20160910_214340

Fuzzy Sweater is another creme based flakie filled polish in this collection. And man…..its delicious. It kind of reminds me of caramel glaze. Its a mustard yellow with color shifting flakies. It’s just beautiful. I never like yellow. But I am loving these mustard yellows..ALOT. This did require 2 coats for opacity and the flakies spread out perfectly. I am finding a pattern..all of Chelsea’s formulas seem to be great. Hmm what is this sorcery!

20160910_214249 20160910_21422720160910_214238 20160910_214214

Another flakie filled polish is I Done Plum Had It! <–these names crack me up! It is a purple/plum creme filled with orange flakies! Like nothing says Halloween more tha purple and orange! The oranges flakies add such dimension to the polish I feel. I feel like a broken record because I keep saying how awesome the formula is so let’s make a deal. Unless the formula is otherwise noted its perfect! mmkay!! This is a one coater. Even though I tried to do a thin coat it was still pretty opaque. I threw the second one on there for shits and giggles and to tame my inner OCD. I also had no staining on the polish either!

20160911_155233 20160911_15515420160911_155221 20160911_155211

Dark Magic is a very dark almost black but not quite holo creme polish jammed packed with metallic purple hexes and various holo glitters. Now on first application this formula was a little to goopy BUT as I said in the first paragraph Chelsea as amazing communication skills. I told her and she immediately went on to the fix the issue. She thinned it out a bit without compromising the holo and glitters. So kudos to her! Because it truly is a fun and pretty polish. I added some thinner and tried application again and it was perfect. no issues. This one reminds me of witches. Haha It did dry textured so I added 2 coats of top coat but it was fine after that. Here is a little secret, this is the ONLY polish out of all 10 that I had a small issue with. So just know that if you decided to buy this collection (you should because you need them ALL in your life) then you will NOT have the same issues since it was corrected in time!

20160911_115242 20160911_11523020160911_115306 picsart_09-11-11-11-23

Heavy Metal is the next polish in this collection and let me tell you. The name fits it perfectly. This metal beauty has a silver base and has tons of metallic gold, silver, and copper glitters. It also has some color changing flakies that i wasn’t able to capture but Dianna over at was able too! So check out her blog. She is very funny! And between you and me, I think she has a food obsession. lmao absolutely love her blog and her! Anyways back to the polish. So once you see the photos, I am sure you will think, Man I bet that was a bitch to apply. But no. Not at all. It was such a  nice easy application! I do recommend wearing a good peel of base though because take off and be a little hard but not horribly! This one tried slightly textured but one coat of top coat was good.

20160911_151955 picsart_09-11-02-55-5420160911_151937 20160911_151911

Taupe me off and Leaf!, gosh I love that name. Ha Ha. Anyways this is said to be a creme but I felt it was more of a crelly. It has sooooooo many glitters in it. Tiny, big, shhmedium you name it, it has it. I promise. Its filled with Orange, Yellow, Copper, and Brown glitters and has a light brown or well taupe base. Chelsea said it has all those colors to represent the falling leaves of fall. And it is a dead on match. It’s what I thought of before I even read the name of the polish! I did 2 thin coats ( as thin of coats as all the glitter would let me..lmao) and top coat!

20160911_105916 20160911_10595820160911_105930 20160911_110012

On to the thermals! First of the 2 is Lavendarling. This one changes so fast and is fun to wear but can be a butt head when trying to catch it in its cold state. But the warm state is so beautiful. It has a light purple/lilac base with blue and pink speckles. Be still my heart! It does need 3 thin coats for opacity or 2 thicker coats. Another awesome formula! Because the transition could be so elusive, I didn’t get that many great pictures =( When cold its like a blurple!

0fd811ad-bfa8-4836-a7c8-585de65984b3 20160911_021743

The last in this collection is Fall In Love A Latte. I absolutely loooooove this polish. So weird for me to say that about a glitter filled crelly. Ha. I love me some cremes but lately I have gotten some pretty awesome crellies! And this one does not disappoint at all. In the bottle (cold state) it’s a light brown color with orange, pink, teal and purple glitters. When cold it turns into a very light off white color. It has a beautiful nice transitions. And doesn’t change as fast as Lavendarling.

20160911_203551 picsart_09-11-09-48-36

So there you have it. All 10 polishes in the 2016 Fall Collection from Pretty & Polished. These beauties release at Polish Con on September 17th and in Chelsea’s shop on September 23rd. As promised there are so many different finishes and some combined! This is a must have for fall! Not only are the polishes gorgeous but the customer service is top-notch! Now that you have seen all these swatches…do you want a chance to win the whole collection!??? Well Chelsea is allowing me to giveaway a set to one of my followers! Check out my Instag

ram for all the details and rules!

Here are all the links to stay up to date with all releases and sneak peeks:

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