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Press Sample

Well hello again daaahlings! Can you believe I am already back with another post! Shocking i know! But I have been so busy with swatching and so much more to do so I am trying to stay on top of it! This time I have 4 beautiful throwback polishes from Pretty & Polished. Chelsea sent me these to swatch and review. It’s always a pleasure working with Chelsea. She is more than a maker I work with but I like to think of her as a friend too! So I enjoy getting the chance to talk about her polishes. I am telling you guys. She is a polish making beast and has some amazing polishes available now and coming out! I honestly do not know how she does it! For the month of November she is celebrating 5 years!! Woohoo!! So what better way than to bring back some of the oldies but goodies right? Of course these are revamped a bit and have better formulas but still, what a great idea! 5 years in the Indie World is a life time! At least that’s what I can tell! I don’t doubt that Chelsea will be around for 5+ more years!

Anyways enough gushing, let’s get down to the swatches!

Tart. I love it. End of story. One thing I never liked were crellies. When Chelsea sent me a few crellies to swatch I was blown away. The formula was perfect. Even though there was SO much glitter, they weren’t hard to use and there was no fishing! Same goes for this light purple, blue shimmery, multi colored glitter polish! I had absolutely NO issues. I love that I can just apply it like a normal creme. Lets face it. I am lazy. if I have to put in extra work for a polish, I am less likely to wear it again. Who agrees? Anyone? Okay maybe its just me. haha. This pretty little thing only took 2 coats and it dried slightly (very slightly) textured but come one it has glitter in it! And my shiny top coat took care of that!

tart7 tart1

*Sigh I honestly did not think I would like this polish! I mean it has red and yellow glitters in it with blue and pink. I couldnt comprehend how this would make a pretty polish! But it DOES!! **Mind Blown** Here is Tart with a matte TC.

tart13 tart8

And because the shimmer is so hard to see I am going to include the macro drop!


Mannequin Hands was a very interesting one. It instant made me think of the mannequins at clothing stores. Upon talking to Chelsea about this polish, she told me that was indeed her inspiration! The base is a really soft almost white pink and it has light pink and tan circle glitters through out. I did need 3 coats for this one, its light so therefore, I get a noticeable fill line. Big no-no for me. I think this is why I am not a big fan of jellies! Anyways, even though this one took 3 coats for me, it was still a great formula. Didnt really dried textured at all.

hands2 hands3

Even though I tend to lean towards darker colors and neons I really liked this one. It didn’t wash my skin out like I thought! What are your favorite colors? Least favorites? Well while you think about that here is Manneqin Hands with a matte TC.

hands5 hands6

And I can’t do one macro drop and leave this one out! So here is a macro drop because I am anal about being organized and fair. Yet I would be late to my own funeral. Smh Lmao


Valentino is the third polish and its a topper! This one was a fun one. It had various sizes and shapes of white, black, and silver glitters in a clear base. I don’t have much to say about this topper, besides it was surprisingly easy to remove and i love the different sizes of glitters. It made it look like it had more dimension if that makes sense. But let me explain whats going on in this picture..lmao On my pointer and middle are 2 coats of Valentino, on my ring finger I have 2 coats of Day Trippin’ (will be talked about next) and only 1 coat of Valentino. On my little pinky that like to betray me!, is 1 coat and then Valentino sponged on! I wanted to give you options!

valentino8 valentino2

I of course saw no need for a matte top coat so I will just share the macro drop for Valentino. =)


Day Trippin’ is the one I purposely saved for last. I honestly don’t know how much I will talk about her. I mean this polish is amazing. I have wanted a pink to purple or vice versa polish since like January. Without telling you  my pity story, just know I have been on a strict no buy for quite a while now, so I had to watch everyone wear polishes with this combination. There was just something so beautiful about this color combinations! But lets stop talking about thooooose and lets talk about Day Trippin’ it not only is a pink and purple thermal but has pink micro flakies in it. Eeeeeek! Chelsea knows how to step it up! So I did apply 3 very, very thin coats and TC. I am almost positive 2 thicker ones would do just fine! Did I mention that i did NOT know it was a thermal! Lmao When I was swatching it, I started to polish my nail and it was a weird pinkish color at first, I was expecting purple!. Lmao Once the second coat on it was the most perfect pink.. **swoon** Since I have hot hands all the time, the polish was pink instantly! So I had to dip my fingers and try to quickly in cold water wipe them off to get the purple. It was a challenge but I loved every minute of it. Thought I have more to say I will leave it at this. You NEED this polish.

day7 day9

Want some thermal action? Here you go! I aim to please <3

day10 day6

I can’t forget the macro drop! And how about some art? A little Subtle stamping.

day4 art1

Okay only 2 more! But these are important I swear! I didn’t mention above but….Day Trippin’ watermarbles y’all! Take a look for yourself!

art2 art3

Okay now that I am done gushing about Chelsea and her polishes. Lets talk about her amazing pricing! Each of these polishes will be sold individually for only $6.50!! That’s it! That is a steal! These babies will be available for pre-order on Nov 1st until the 14th. Shipping will start Nov. 15th. After the pre-order, they will not be available! So make sure to snag the ones you like! Chelsea also has a 12 piece Winter Collection releasing on the 14th but i will have a post on that in a week or so! As always, it’s been fun! Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

Pretty & Polished Shop / InstagramFacebook Group



Lolita Lacquer – The Amy Collection & The Indie Shop LE

Press Sample

It has already been such a crazy week! And it’s not even over! I am trying to figure out what to do for Daniel’s Halloween costume since he wants to be a baseball zombie BUT doesn’t want to use one of his jersey’s! Ugh this kid. Thankfully my mom is making Bella Boo’s. She wants to be the dark mad hatter! Oh my sweet twisted little girl. And in the midst of all this chaos, theres polish! I have been fortunate enough to have tons of swatch mail to come in….ALL AT ONCE! So i see a lot of post in the next week or two! But let’s talk about Lolita Lacquer! Mira is the owner and she is amazing! I have had nothing but a great experience working with her! Mira sent me 4 polishes (The Amy Collection & The Indie Shop LE) to swatch and review. I have been dying to share these with you guys and now I can!

Tears Dry On Their Own is a beautiful blue semi-jelly packed with blue and purple micro flakies. This polish is delicious. Mira’s formula was great I had no issues spreading it, something I usually have problems with when it comes to jellies! This did take 3 coats to get opaque but 2 thicker coats would have been fine. I love how deep this polish looks. This is definitely not your basic blue! I love that it has micro flakies, gives a polish a completely different look than micro glitters! If you haven’t guessed already this trio is a Amy Winehouse tribute collection!

tears2 tears-extra

You guys know I love to matte all things. I absolutely love how this turned out. Shoot who am I kidding. All 3 polishes in the trio are amazing glossy and/or matte!

tears5 tears6

I’m No Good is a green semi-jelly with dark green with green and gold micro flakies. This was opaque in 2 coats! Mira’s formula in the trio was pretty consistent, even though Tears Dry On Their Own needed an extra coat, it had the same great formula.  As I sit here writing this post I am listening to Amy Winehouse. I felt that it was fitting! I have listened to some of her stuff in the past but surprisingly not these 3 songs, which the polishes are named after. Do you have a favorite song by Amy Winehouse?
good2 good3

The matte top coat definitely soften this dark green. I love it. And because it is semi-jelly, you can see the flakies better when it is matte!

good5 good6

Valerie is a softer purple with gold micro flakies. It is also a semi-jelly base. This trio really meshes well together. Don’t you guys think. A Blue, a green, and a purple. I can’t wait to do some art with them! Would you guys like to see some art post too? Like a pictorial? Let me know!! Back to this beauty! I did 2 coats and top coat. I will say all 3 polishes dried pretty fast! Which surprised me because they do have a jellyish base!

valerie2 valerie3

Can’t forget about the mattes!

valerie5 valerie6

The last polish I have to share with you is Macaron. This polish is a Limited Edition Polish made special for the Indie Shop. But wait! What is great is that it can be sold afterwards. It’s not an Indie Shop Exclusive so any left over or over pour can be sold!! Woo hoo! So don’t fret if you aren’t going, this will be available afterwards! Macaron is perfect for the Paris themed Indie Shop! I swore Mira spelled it wrong BUT I did my research as I am sure she did too. You can spell it several ways and it is correct! Ha.Anyways Macaron is a light brown almost tannish polish with beautiful dark brown and a little bt of pink flakies. This is only 2 coats!

macaron4 macaron3

I love this one matte. It becomes a different polish and I think Mira did a great job making this polish along with the Amy Collection! I must matte all things!!!!! Gaaaah

picsart_10-24-02-33-31 4174ad9d-3c43-45d7-ae03-7e8a96386f4e

Well those are the four polishes that I had for you! What do you think? Will you be picking up a few? I am so excited that the Indie Shop will be only a state away in the spring! I hope to go! Any who, All four of these polishes will be available AT the Indie Shop! The Trio will be available afterwards once Mira gets back and situated again! As I said before so will The Indie Shop LE. But that will be based on how much is left if any! Mira also has Loquitas Bath & Body! I love her mani/pedi bombs, they smell and feel amazing! I will add links below!

Shop / Instagram-Lolita Lacquer / Instagram- Loquita Bath & Body /  Facebook Group



Starlight and Sparkles

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Press Sample

Hey lovebugs! Sorry for the delay, life took a hold and wouldn’t release me! Spent a day in the hospital because of my back last week and just needed rest! I have been so very busy though with swatching! The brand I have to share with you today is a new to me brand! And though they have been on Etsy for a while, they are new to Instagram. Issa is the creator of Starlight Polish and also makes jewelry! She is an absolute doll! My biggest thing when swatching for a maker is communication. Issa was on top of that. I had questions, I always do!! And she answered me very fast! Issa was so nice to send me a total of 8 mini polishes free of charge for my honest review, 4 polishes and 4 toppers. Before I go into detail, lets see the swatches!

Shadow Emerald is just uuugggh..It is a blackened teal/green color that is just drool worthy! You guys should totally know by now that love I have for teal polish. Because this one is darkened it gives it such a sexy dark twist. I am in lurve! Great formula too! First coat is kind of sheer and then BAM! You put on a second coat and this beast is created. I really love polishes that do that! I don’t know why but I do. You can find this lovely blackened teal/green here.

6a2506b6-d075-405d-9931-e03dc812fd9f 2274569e-aba8-4a8c-86e2-612ced3a284b

To me it looks like a completely different polish when matte! Still beautiful too! You can’t see the shimmer as much but that’s what matte does. Takes away all the pretty shiny things!

4fd10b54-d138-45c0-98b5-f35ca97beab0 f839140d-ddc9-43a6-b5b9-613cfafd2125

Hot Chocolate is beautiful! Like I said on IG, I don’t drink coffee so I usually will drink hot chocolate so I can look like an adult! But….I think the marshmallows and whip creme give it away. Haha. We rarely have cold days here so yes…I will drink Hot chocolate in the middle of summer too! Anyways about the polish! It is a brown copper color and is just yummy! It has a shimmer satin finish. It also has a great formula and only took 2 coats to be opaque! You can buy this beauty here.

b6fe8ef4-ba67-4597-a6fb-160e9f3c4221 bdb5e6de-becb-4878-9818-8ad4faec507b

When matte Hot Chocolate definitely looks more brown. All that copper shimmer goodness gone BUT you can still see it. Does that make sense? Haha

ec67df93-042d-4a2d-a38e-4220f30db377 4a1fa930-3862-4cc8-84fa-56c23385b955

Obsidian is a tricky one! It’s a black almost reeeeally dark navy blue with a subtle blue shimmer. Boy is that sucker hard to capture! But if you look closely I did capture it in the glossy macro. While swatching I purposely flooded a cuticle to see how easy clean up would be and I had absolutely no problems! We all know darker colors can be a nightmare! Took 2 coats but I feel 1 thick coat would have been good too. You can get Obsidian here.

4d7c13d7-dee6-42d0-8eb5-a239ba24bf51 1ae50887-2448-4735-a407-c6e4bd63b372

Now I am not exactly sure what happen when I put the matte top coat. I messed with a cotton ball or something but please note that this polish does not have lumps or anything like that at all. Completely user error. Haha

6a7ba712-6c60-4daa-b1d3-e75c06c95cff ae451dd7-8602-499f-9364-b7b15610e351

Cocoa Crystal is a must have! Along with all of other Issa’s polishes! Do you see all that holo yumminess? I know that my light set up can really dull holos so I wasn’t expecting what I saw on my nail in real life to appear in photos! Well this super holo still showed! Even though it doesn’t show as holo as it really is! Such a beautiful brown holo, that’s for sure. This is 2 coats and top coat and man I love it! You can get this perfectly formulated holo right here.

c2660c2c-a8d6-4d0b-b894-2212b74c2139 picsart_10-18-06-16-13

The matte version is a lighter brown and still such a fun fun fun polish! Before I move on to the toppers let me tell you something about these four polishes…They all stamp. I mean perfectly! They also all spread in water so you know what that means! They probably watermarble. I haven’t had a chance to use them for a watermarble but stay tuned on my IG @killakays_nailadventure for when I do!

bbeae3b3-3a66-4156-b662-d6cab7e8f984 a599d58f-e939-47d8-88c1-21c4befcb55b

Now on to the toppers!

Farore is such a beautiful topper. I love how Issa’s toppers are subtle but gorgeous! Sun shots would have definitely have shown these better, but I am a late night swatcher once the kids are asleep. Every now and then my nails see sunlight but its rare. Anyways Farore is an iridescent topper, shifting from green to gold. I only did one coat and my whole nail was covered. I feel the lights and camera hide some of the sparkle but trust me its there in real life! ( Look It’s Coral by Vapid Lacquer was used for base). There was no need to matte these toppers either. You can find this topper here.

b217d2bb-553e-4a83-9473-c42f8984bffb cbbd7675-78f0-41a1-9df8-97b2e82dd228

Moonlight is exactly how Issa described it! Like twinkling stars. Issa told me that she loves Moonlight over Obsidian so I had to do it for her, but of course! Obsidian with its slight blue shimmer was a perfect back drop for Moonlight which is a silver glitter topper! It really looks like a night sky! You guys think I should do galaxy nails with this combo or a starry winter night? Hmmmm the ideas are limitless! I only needed 1 coat! You can also get a glimpse of Obsidian’s blue shimmer in the macro!You can find this star making polish here.

img_20161020_000549 img_20161020_000953

Phoenix is amazing. Its a very shifting duo chrome topper! It shifts from gold to green and even red! Over this teal aqua base you can see more of the gold shift in it. I should have chosen a darker color but really love how this came out! (I used I See You Baby, Shakin That Cash by Lou It Yourself for the base) Like I said before she sent me 8 polishes from various collections and I am so please with how the formulas on all 8 were consistently smooth. I tend to not like toppers in reality because most of the time they are to thick for my liking. But these 4 toppers are amazing! You can find Phoenix here.

121fd3af-db35-4018-a569-ba909bd18f05 31bafda7-c669-4a7c-a426-155fb3ea4e22

Last up of the toppers is Sunlight. This one was the hardest to capture in pictures. No idea why. In one of the pictures this gold topper appeared like it wasn’t over the whole nail! But in the macro you can see its on the entire nail! I did do 2 coats of this one! Ugh I love the simplicity of her toppers! Not overly chunky! it just adds enough sparkle and effect to a cream polish! ( I used Special Brownies from In The Name Of Polish for the base) This applied smoothly, like all other 7! And is available now in Issa’s shop here.

27e0607d-8ad1-44d2-bd60-ecaa2559cbd8 37c0b336-16f4-4648-8be7-84699dd5b4f5

Let’s recap! Issa sent me 4 polishes and 4 toppers that all have great formulas! All polishes were 2 coaters and the toppers were all great in 1 but I did 2 with Sunlight. Issa is such a pleasure to work with and ihope we can work together again in the future! I love that her prices are very reasonable too!! As stated before her customer service is top notch. I didn’t mention before but she sent a note with the polishes and she knew I was in a part of FL that was suppose to get hit by Hurricane Matthew and she was so kind, sweet and patient. Issa you are such an awesome person! Thank you for caring <3 But the hurricane weakened before coming my way and we were fine so yay! Anyways all of these are available in Issa’s shop. Per usual, links are below =)

Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Stay tuned..I will be posting again really soon!



Disclaimer: I always use HK Girl from Glisten & Glow for shiny pictures and Supa Dupa Matte from In The Name Of Polish for all matte pictures.

Night Owl Lacquer – Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection

Be still my heart. Those who know me, know I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I love the books and even the movies, though they left out some good stuff! The books were not only great but hold sentimental value for me as well. They are the last things my grandmother gave to me before cancer struck. But lets not dive into that because I don’t want this post to be depressing! Lets talk about Lindsay, she is the creator of Night Owl Lacquer! She also shares my passion of HP! So of course she made a 6 piece collection inspired by the books & movies. Lindsay was a pleasure to work with too. She responds promptly and is very understanding! Oh and did I mention she has awesome polish!? This collection was sent to me free of charge (also known as a pr sample, more info here) for my honest review. Lets move on to some magical swatches!!

Lets start of with Goblin’s Love Gold, this one was inspired my Gringott’s. If you have read the books or seen the movie….then you know how much goblin’s DO love gold! This is the sheerest of the bunch and took 3 thin coats to get to the opacity I personally like. Its filled with lots of gold glitter and flakies but was still very easy to apply.

img_20161008_212931 picsart_10-09-01-49-10

Goblin’s Love Gold didn’t really change much whether I used a glossy or matte top coat. Which is fine. It was beautiful either way.

picsart_10-08-11-53-54 img_20161008_213113

What’s Fluffy Guarding? is the sexy red of this collection! This one was a little difficult to capture but man it is gorgeous! The real question is…what WAS fluffy hiding?? Well the sorcerers (philosophers) stone of course! Haha This red is a deep red jelly packed with scattered holo! This is 2 coats of yumminess!

img_20161008_203705 picsart_10-09-01-43-23

I love this polish both matte and glossy. When matte its a little darker ( like usual). Matte may hide the sparkle a bit but then you get to see everything else in a polish!

picsart_10-08-11-50-36 img_20161008_203824

Snowy Owl…just ugh (in a good way) is such a unique polish! It has flakies AND shimmer. ummm yes please. It has a gorgeous gold shimmer, gold flakies AND midnight flakies! Prior to this I have never seen or heard of these! I may have but don’t really recall! Without even seeing the name I just knew that this polish was inspired by Hedwig! It matches perfectly but I feel that was about every polish in the collection.

img_20161008_210638 picsart_10-09-12-27-10

I just can’t get enough of this polish! I seriously LOVE any polish with flakies, matte. Its just so beautiful!

picsart_10-08-11-47-22 img_20161008_210702

I was going to save this next one for last because I think its my absolute favorite from the collection, but I am inpatient and just have to talk about it. Always is a black jelly based polish with tiny flakies of purple and teal. Its just amazing. My camera didn’t know how to handle all that gorgeousness HA! It has such a deep color within the black, if that makes since. At first glance you just think its another black polish and then you look, not very hard, and you see these beautiful colors. It is pretty sheer on the first coat but then the magic happens on the second one. It becomes opaque!

img_20161008_214137 picsart_10-08-01-46-58

And damn this polish is another beauty when matte. My laptop needs emojis! It is how I express myself Gaaah!

picsart_10-08-01-43-18 img_20161008_214240

Forbidden Forrest… I have really been diggin’ olive greens lately! This is no exception. I sometimes feel like the preserve I live on is like the forbidden forest. So many different creatures inside it! Hahaha. But seriously I sound like a broken record. This polish is beautiful. You need it. Just trust me! It also took only 2 coats to be opaque! Yay!

img_20161008_205515 picsart_10-09-01-30-52

I forgot to mention that this polish is packed with micro holo glitters and shards! In real life this polish looks closer to the matte version maybe slightly lighter but I had to show you guys a sun shot so you can see the sparkle!

picsart_10-08-11-45-39 img_20161008_205541

Last up we have A.P.W.B.D. ( Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore) for those of you who didn’t know what it stood for =) *sigh Oh dear sweet Dumbledore how I have always loved thee. Such a great man in the books. Sure he made mistakes but still. Anyways the polish! This one has a light grey base with blue shimmah! Ugh the shift is so beautiful! This is 2 coats as well!

img_20161008_223022 picsart_10-09-01-35-06

Do you see the blue!! It’s the perfect shade for Dumbledore right!?

picsart_10-08-11-48-37 img_20161008_223318

Well that concludes this collections! Isn’t it awesome. I know I usually talk about the formula with each post but because this collection was so consistent, I figured I could wait until the end. The formula was great on all of them. 5 of the 6 were opaque in 2 coats and only Goblin’s Love Gold needed one extra! These polishes dried fairly quickly to! Even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan, these polishes are a must have! Not only is Lindsay a pleasure to work with but she nailed this collection, in my opinion. This collection will be available on Friday, Oct 14th @ 10pm MST! So mark your calender! Make sure to join her Facebook group for sneak peeks and releases! Also follow them on Instagram! Links are below (per usual)

Shop / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Group



Pretty & Polished – All Holos Eve Halloween Trio

Have you guys heard about Hurricane Matthew? Yeah well that jerk is heading straight for us! So school has been closed for Thursday and Friday AND all baseball/softball games have been cancelled. I am not happy! But, oh yes there is a but! Haha Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has been keeping me busy! She has sent me the All Holos Eve Trio to review and swatch! These are a PR Sample, for more information on what that is, click here! Now onto the fun part!! The polishes!

Let’s do this fantastic orange first! The Night She Came Home is a burnt orange jelly with color shifting flakies! I absolutely LOVE this polish. I am not a fan of orange or yellows but this, this right here is beautiful! It almost hurts to do nail art over it because it truly is a unique polish! I did do 2 thicker coats plus a top coat. Chelsea has really gotten her formula down because as with all the other polishes I have swatched and reviewed, the consistency is pretty spot on each time. I love polish that goes where i want it to go! This is available now, it released Oct 1st! So if you want it, you can get here! Use killakay10 for some $$ off (Disclaimer: I do not get any $$ if you use the code, it’s just for you guys!)

home3 home5

Matte has really been doing something for me! And flakies I think are the BEST to mattify! They become 100 times more yummy! I love how you can see the gold shift a little more in the matte macro! I just love everything about this polish!

home6 home8

Hail To The Queen, Baby! is a deep purple holo. Need I say more? Though my swatch photos did not capture the holo as well as I would have liked, I feel its pretty color accurate! This was almost a one coater but 2 coats made it perfect! Perfect formula, but i expected that. Chelsea is setting a high bar! But I don’t see that being a problem for her! This purple screams Halloween in my opinion. You can do so much with it! Did I happen to mention that it watermarbles and stamps! If not I apologize. But it does, along with the other 2 polishes! If you want this fantastic purple to be yours, click here!

queen4 queen5

Why can’t I have emojis on my keyboard -_- ugh! THis post would be filled with smiley faces with heart eyes haha but again….with the matte. It kills me every time. i love how much matte can change a polish and sometimes show MORE than glossy but not always with holos! No shine to blind out the beautifullness…yes thats a Killa Kay’s Dictionary..ijs

queen2 queen7

Last up in the trio is She’ll Tear Your Soul Apart. That polish name alone makes me thing of a black hole so yea I would say that it fits this black jelly holo polish! I love that the black is grayed because of the holo glitters! It’s REALLY black! This one could have been a one coater but you know me I would rather do thinner coats and save on drying time! So this is 2 thin coats. Same formula as the other 2. What All Holos Eve Trio is complete without a black? Am i right! This beauty can be bought here.

soul9 soul11

<Insert heart eyes smiley face emoji here> Yea I know. I seem to suck at macros with black polishes. I don’t know why! Anyways this isn’t about me or my horrible photography skills, it’s about this black holo beauty! I just wanted to warn you that i did smudge my pointer finger after applying a matte top coat. I am aware! But my OCD wouldn’t let me take a macro of another nail so I tried to smooth it pout as best as I could!

soul8 soul3

Well that’s it for the All Holos Eve Trio! Remember these are only for sale until the 31st of Oct so snag them while you can. You can also use my code killakay10 to get 10% off your entire order. As always its a pleasure working with Chelsea! She does have a new Beauty Box for November and trust me…you want it! I will tell you a has 3 polishes in it that are to die for! You can buy it here so that you get the November one! There are limited quantities so hurry! (p.s. and because they are already at such a steal, no coupon codes are allowed. But you can use on everything else!) And if you want the All Holos Eve Trio, just click here.

Here are all the links to stay up to date with all releases and sneak peeks:

Pretty & Polished Shop


Facebook Group

Until Next time loves