Night Owl Lacquer – Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection

Be still my heart. Those who know me, know I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I love the books and even the movies, though they left out some good stuff! The books were not only great but hold sentimental value for me as well. They are the last things my grandmother gave to me before cancer struck. But lets not dive into that because I don’t want this post to be depressing! Lets talk about Lindsay, she is the creator of Night Owl Lacquer! She also shares my passion of HP! So of course she made a 6 piece collection inspired by the books & movies. Lindsay was a pleasure to work with too. She responds promptly and is very understanding! Oh and did I mention she has awesome polish!? This collection was sent to me free of charge (also known as a pr sample, more info here) for my honest review. Lets move on to some magical swatches!!

Lets start of with Goblin’s Love Gold, this one was inspired my Gringott’s. If you have read the books or seen the movie….then you know how much goblin’s DO love gold! This is the sheerest of the bunch and took 3 thin coats to get to the opacity I personally like. Its filled with lots of gold glitter and flakies but was still very easy to apply.

img_20161008_212931 picsart_10-09-01-49-10

Goblin’s Love Gold didn’t really change much whether I used a glossy or matte top coat. Which is fine. It was beautiful either way.

picsart_10-08-11-53-54 img_20161008_213113

What’s Fluffy Guarding? is the sexy red of this collection! This one was a little difficult to capture but man it is gorgeous! The real question is…what WAS fluffy hiding?? Well the sorcerers (philosophers) stone of course! Haha This red is a deep red jelly packed with scattered holo! This is 2 coats of yumminess!

img_20161008_203705 picsart_10-09-01-43-23

I love this polish both matte and glossy. When matte its a little darker ( like usual). Matte may hide the sparkle a bit but then you get to see everything else in a polish!

picsart_10-08-11-50-36 img_20161008_203824

Snowy Owl…just ugh (in a good way) is such a unique polish! It has flakies AND shimmer. ummm yes please. It has a gorgeous gold shimmer, gold flakies AND midnight flakies! Prior to this I have never seen or heard of these! I may have but don’t really recall! Without even seeing the name I just knew that this polish was inspired by Hedwig! It matches perfectly but I feel that was about every polish in the collection.

img_20161008_210638 picsart_10-09-12-27-10

I just can’t get enough of this polish! I seriously LOVE any polish with flakies, matte. Its just so beautiful!

picsart_10-08-11-47-22 img_20161008_210702

I was going to save this next one for last because I think its my absolute favorite from the collection, but I am inpatient and just have to talk about it. Always is a black jelly based polish with tiny flakies of purple and teal. Its just amazing. My camera didn’t know how to handle all that gorgeousness HA! It has such a deep color within the black, if that makes since. At first glance you just think its another black polish and then you look, not very hard, and you see these beautiful colors. It is pretty sheer on the first coat but then the magic happens on the second one. It becomes opaque!

img_20161008_214137 picsart_10-08-01-46-58

And damn this polish is another beauty when matte. My laptop needs emojis! It is how I express myself Gaaah!

picsart_10-08-01-43-18 img_20161008_214240

Forbidden Forrest… I have really been diggin’ olive greens lately! This is no exception. I sometimes feel like the preserve I live on is like the forbidden forest. So many different creatures inside it! Hahaha. But seriously I sound like a broken record. This polish is beautiful. You need it. Just trust me! It also took only 2 coats to be opaque! Yay!

img_20161008_205515 picsart_10-09-01-30-52

I forgot to mention that this polish is packed with micro holo glitters and shards! In real life this polish looks closer to the matte version maybe slightly lighter but I had to show you guys a sun shot so you can see the sparkle!

picsart_10-08-11-45-39 img_20161008_205541

Last up we have A.P.W.B.D. ( Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore) for those of you who didn’t know what it stood for =) *sigh Oh dear sweet Dumbledore how I have always loved thee. Such a great man in the books. Sure he made mistakes but still. Anyways the polish! This one has a light grey base with blue shimmah! Ugh the shift is so beautiful! This is 2 coats as well!

img_20161008_223022 picsart_10-09-01-35-06

Do you see the blue!! It’s the perfect shade for Dumbledore right!?

picsart_10-08-11-48-37 img_20161008_223318

Well that concludes this collections! Isn’t it awesome. I know I usually talk about the formula with each post but because this collection was so consistent, I figured I could wait until the end. The formula was great on all of them. 5 of the 6 were opaque in 2 coats and only Goblin’s Love Gold needed one extra! These polishes dried fairly quickly to! Even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan, these polishes are a must have! Not only is Lindsay a pleasure to work with but she nailed this collection, in my opinion. This collection will be available on Friday, Oct 14th @ 10pm MST! So mark your calender! Make sure to join her Facebook group for sneak peeks and releases! Also follow them on Instagram! Links are below (per usual)

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  1. Sue says:

    As usual, I love your review. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love the way you display your swatches in multiple ways. It truly helps to provide the different ways I might want to use a particular polish.
    IG the_12_chairs

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