Baroness X & Darling Diva Duo S&R

Press Sample

Hi loves! This is really a late night post! I tried to log on several times today and to no avail! It kept saying my password was wrong! -_- I was not pleased! But I did get a lot accomplished today! Yay me. My daughter also made brunch! Well she made the pancakes and she was so happy! She has been showing an interest in learning how to cook. And I’m over here like hell yeah! She will be cooking full dinners in no time…haha Speaking of food I have to tell you guys about this awesome duo that I had the honors of swatching! This extremely limited duo is from Baroness X & My Darling Diva! Both polishes are so very unique. SO let me show you!

Caramel Apple Pie is just gorgeous! Baroness X is a new to me brand polish wise. I have been using Demi’s Matte Cuticle Balm for the past few months now and oh my goodness. It is glorious. I got the scent Froot Loops… Any who let’s get back to the polish! I am extremely impressed. I love the little cabochons on the top that shows the color! Its sch a cute touch, And lets talk about that brush! Holy WOW Batman! It’s a wider flat brush but also has a very slight curve. Its perfect. I did have to get use to using it but that was easy. One swipe almost covered my entire nail! On top of all that..Demi has been an absolute pleasure working with. So this polish is a taupe mocha base with flashes of green to red! It was really pigmented and definitely could have been a one coater! But due to a little learning curve with the different brush I did a boo boo and had to do a second coat. This is a really fun polish!

ca957543-12d0-4f78-9cac-0e79faf86c81 5fa57f29-7c01-4ec3-8388-84b989cccdffbfe9aa73-e276-4557-9963-666133a2bb93

Mmmm…PIE! by Darling Diva Polish is magical. I have no idea how Carrie fit all that awesomeness into a little bottle of nail polish. It’s stunning and sparkly on its own but is even better over black. This has multi-chrome flakies, holo sparkle and a dash of Unicorn Pee!!!! This glided on top of my nails with no problem. It was insanely smooth for something so packed! For the picture with no base color I did 3 coats and top coat. For the picture with a black base coat I did 2 coats of black and 2 coats of Mmmm….PIE! I must also note that this is also a new to me brand and I loved the square bottles. I mean I absolutely love them to death. Carrie’s formula was great as well!

4 5469702e-e877-4315-b890-8afae21a8715 f603220c-58ed-4867-89a2-d2f12694fa93

This Duo has already released. There were only 20 sets in each of the shops. I did see that Demi posted earlier today that there were only a few left in her shop. To find it on Demi’s Shop ( Baroness X) click here or you can find it in Carrie’s Shop ( Darling Diva Polish) by clicking here. This duo seems to be going fast so make sure to snag one! The duo is only $20 plus shipping!

It was an absolute pleasure working with both these ladies! Please make sure to follow them on Social Media to get all the up to date information on release and sales!

Baroness X

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Darling Diva Polish

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I may get one more blog post in before Thanksgiving but I am not 100% sure. The family and I will be heading out-of-town Friday so we shall see! If not I hope guys have a wonder holiday!



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LE Polish – Feel The Joy

Press Sample

As you guys have figured out. Allison and I have gotten to work together on a few projects lately. Along with the 12 Days Of Polishes project, I got to also review the custom for Crazy 4 Crellies Facebook group. I love working with Allison and I absolutely love her press releases I don’t know why, but she’s very detailed and I am always excited to see them! Obviously this polish is a crelly. And though I originally thought it was only for the group, I was mistaken! Anyone can buy it in Allison’s shop! It is available for pre-order until November 30th! This is Feel The Joy:

7631b4b3-7b7f-4c37-8744-77112eaf4226 ed0aae32-43fa-403c-9c61-a0c7b0b4aa49 69c37455-5bb7-4291-9a32-c7ace1c43474

What I love is that the Crazy 4 Crellies group lets its members submit inspiration pictures and then vote on the one they like the best The theme was favorite Ugly Sweater. This one won, hands down. (No pun intended….maybe)


I made myself chuckle..haha In this black crelly you can see where Allison pulled the red and silver from the picture. She also made sure not to forget the green pompom on the sleeves! I think she hit it out of the park! Here is a matte version where you can really see the different glitters!

62a90713-13c2-42e0-9bf0-b3ece84753d3 c0e6a661-0e51-4635-9ca4-08b90a121a22 9f48ca29-5a9e-411f-b0f3-f36a9d8655d9

Feel The Joy is available now. So  if you want this glitter packed crelly yumminess, click here! I don’t think I mentioned it but if you are a member of C4C then you get a fun extra! An ugly sweater pin! Make sure to leave a note at checkout! I did do some “Ugly Sweater” stamping! I felt it was fitting!

00c4612a-640d-4ca9-9501-0ffc0b57be6d 638dbab7-24df-4833-865f-de4265bf1ef3

The first picture has the pin that came with mine! She has  a couple different ones! This is a pre-order and will ship once the pre-order ends on Nov 30th!

Make sure to follow/like all of LE Polishes social media accounts. As you can see she is constantly coming out with new stuff! Links are below:

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You may see me again very soon! I have a lot of catching up to do! Haha Never thought I would be so busy swatching & blogging but i was so wrong. I love every minute of it!



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LE Polish – 12 Days of Polish – Sunshiney Wonderland

Press Sample

So happy it is Fri-Yay! This week has been….interesting to say the least. My office has never been so busy! I guess it makes sense since all the northerners are coming down. And it always gets busier when they do. The way I think about though is that it’s job security. I absolutely love my job and I know no many people can say that. What is better than running a blood draw station and being the only employee in it..Ha in my eyes..absolutely nothing. Well I take that back. There is something that gets me really excited. And that’s working along side 11 other bloggers and Allison from Le Polish to create the 12 Days of Polish project. Allison had this brilliant idea where she got 12 boggers together and we each work individually worked with her on making a polish. Each of us gave her a picture and said what we envisioned. Here is my inspiration picture:


This image is from like 2 or 3 years ago. I love our Christmas tree. It’s a time when we stop everything to put it up and decorate it. I love it. Now things have changed a bit…Where my little village ( it has grown by A LOT) is, is where my nail area is now. Ha Oscar THINKS I am going to move it for Christmas. Silly man. We will have to compromise some how! Anyways, Allison took this picture and ran with it. I didnt have many requirements, but I wanted flakies! She nailed it on her first prototype! And now I present you Sunshiney Wonderland:

f52ab1d4-23ce-4379-93d3-64234597fa54  d2cffd80-c13f-4d87-aa1e-9f70f8023880c48b12cd-92e2-430e-b16a-07b7c9b004ce

This is a nude base with green flakies, spring green shimmer, and red micro glitters! I live in Florida. Our winters…..are sunshiney! Haha I wasnt sure about these colors at first and then I put it on and fell in love! I really love it matte too!

c36eab1c-c08e-4686-ac5d-0922cf5b6fb9 5ac46768-adba-4226-bd24-c72937b82c4d dd418a66-47d2-4f12-baec-d7a9dd7feedc

I think Allison did great making this polish. It has a great formula and was pretty darn opaque in one thin coat! Imagine if I had used one regular coat! But alas, I did two thin coats and top coat. This polish definielty reminds me of Christmas in Florida. Haha It has been cold the past week but my greass in my yard is as green as the flakies in the polish! And I am pretty sure my cold is nothing compared to some! I hope you love this polish as much as I do!

Please don;’t forget to check out the other 11 bloggers and their polish creations! There is a link at the bottom to help you find their post. Just so you know we all have our own day to post so there are still some blog post that arent active yet!

Everything will be avaiable November 25th at midnight! Each polish will be sold for $10 and only in full size. Make sure to follow and like Le Polish on Facebook and Instagram. She also has Twitter and Pinterest! Links below:

Shop / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Group / Twitter / Pinterest

I am almost ce4rtain I will talk to you guys again before Thanksgiving so for now I am out <3




Pretty & Polished – Winter 2016 Collection S&R

Press Sample

Monday’s….why are they hated so much? Is it because you have had a great weekend and don’t want it to end? Or is there another reason? Well, for me it’s exactly that! I got to see my bestie and her minions. Back in July she moved almost 2 hours away. That may not seem far but we are both so very busy and that is far for us. So I was over the moon I got to see her! Natasha is a special lady. Always pushing me to do better! She is my right hand gal and it killed me when she told me she was moving. We went from 5 minutes away to 2 hours, and it sucks. Well we had an awesome time to say the least. We made homemade pizza and had a bonfire. Yes, we definitely made s’mores. I didn’t have one but the kids sure loved it. I already miss her but I know I will see her soon. And besides, Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has done a heck of a job at keeping me busy and sane! She sent me the 12 piece Winter 2016 Collection to swatch & review. And let me tell you that there is something for everyone. I think this time I am going to start with some of my favorites.

S/N It is now Tuesday and it has taken me this long to post this! I still like how my intro started so I will be keeping it up..haha I have just been so busy at work that I didn’t have the time to finish it yesterday. But I hope you enjoy the read! <3

Yule Thank Me Later is one of the three multi-chromes. It is absolutely gorgeous. You guys know how I feel about teal/greenish blue colors. Just gorgeous. This one also has some flakies! This has a blue to green shift. The formula was smooth and very easy to apply. It only took two thin coats! I see lots of mermaid mani’s with this one. It’s the perfect color!

yule7 yule8

Matte definitely dulls the sparkles. But you are able to see the flakies better.

yule10 yule11

Brisky business is amazing. I think it has the strongest shift out of the three multi chromes. It shifts from a blue to purple and has color shifting flakies. I can’t get enough of this polish. It too had a great formula. It only took two very thin coats to make it opaque. Since this is a darker color, I purposely flooded my cuticle with polish to test how it cleaned up and if it stained. I am happy to report that it cleans up easily and does not stain! I have always been leery of using darker polishes because of clean up. But I am starting to believe it was user error..haha

brisky7 brisky8

You can still see the color shift with a matte top coat!!!

brisky9 brisky12

Sleighing It! is the last of the multi-chromes in this collection. But I have a feeling we will definitely being see more multi chromes in the future! Now this one has a red to orange shift and HOLO!!! Pictures really don’t do this one justice! And I wasn’t able to catch its shift that well. It is a subtle shift but it’s definitely there. Great formula and no pooling. None of the chromes dried textured. They did dry a little matte so glossy top coat was necessary. I did two thin coats for this one as well.

sleighing6 sleighing7

Matte shows how smooth this polish is.

sleighing9 sleighing11

Spike My Cider is a light brown almost gold holo! I really love this one and it can be used for fall and winter! Shoot who am I kidding! It can be used all year round. This had an amazing formula. Chelsea is pretty consistent with formula so I want surprised. I did two thin coats and top coat like always. I purposely didn’t focus the camera perfectly so that you can see the holo yumminess!

cider11 cider5

Even with a matte top coat, the holo sparkled through! You can tell from the pictures below but in real life you could see it!

cider10 cider7

 Throw Some Glitter On It! is a full coverage micro-glitter. It has tons of tiny glitters of different colors ranging from pink, purple, blue, orange, and scattered color shifting flakies! Man that’s a lot. i strongly recommend wearing a peel off base. Glitter Be Gone by Dainty Digits is my go to. I have a blog post dedicated to it with instructions as well. You can find it here. Back to this glitter bomb. It’s exactly that. It applies good. Make sure to let each coat dry completely. The results are better…haha I learned the hard way trying to rush! This is only two coats.

 glitter11 glitter5

So sparkly!

glitter10 glitter4

I Busted My Glass is a really fun glitter topper polish. It’s jammed packed with all different shapes and sizes! This one is very different topper than I have ever had. It truly is a holiday polish with all the shiny and sparkle glitter. Reminds me of those Christmas pics where the camera can’t focus so its blurry and sparkly. I did use a grey base for this polish. I wanted to be able to show case all the unique glitters. I did two coats over the base and a top coat of course.

glass5 glass6

Matte Top Coat

glass9 glass10

Thats Just Plum Dandy is a dark plum purple creme. I absolutely love Chelsea’s dusty cremes. I never thought I would like flecks in my polish but oh hell I love it. Though this is a darker color and you can’t see the dark flecks in it as well, they are definitely there. I did two very thin coats and top coat. I feel like you can definitely see them in the macro.

plum5 plum6

And this is where my matte TC decided to poop out -_- It was too late to go out and get another one. So I rolled with it!

plum9 plum10

I Need A Taupe-ical Vacation is a soft taupe/ light tan color. And boy is that name fitting. I may live in Florida but none the less I need some kind of vacation soon. lmao Bring on Thanksgiving! As I said I love the dusty cremes line. I want them all! And because this is a lighter color you can see the little flecks or speckles whichever you prefer to call it. I’m not sure of the actual name to be honest. Lmao This baby was opaque in two easy coats.

vacation10 vacation6

Ugh be still my heart. I love all dusty cremes matted! <3

vacation7 vacation8

Phew lets take a moment. 12 polishes is a lot of polishes to talk about. So far we have gone through the multi-chromes, the glitters, and the dusty cremes. All that is left are FOUR crellies! Chelsea definitely put in a lot of work for this collection! Have you guys noticed anything? There are no color changing thermals! I love that she did three chrome polishes. They are so gorgeous. Winter is a season so full of textured. So many different holidays to celebrate. There is something for everyone! But let’s get back to the polishes. I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do!

Rocks In My Snowballs looks exactly like that. A dirty snowball. Out of the four crellies, I have to say this is my least favorite. It had a good formula and the glitters laid flat. Just not my cup of tea. This is a white jelly base filled with white, black, and grey round glitters. I did two coats and a top coat. It didn’t dry to textured. At least not for me. One coat of top coat was enough.

rocks6  rocks8

This one also has some little flecks in it! Dirty Snowballs indeed! lmao

rocks5 rocks4

Blue Balls is a light blue jelly based polish filled with round blue glitters in different shades and sizes. This one is really pretty! Though the name has me bent over laughing every single time. Yea I am immature. I have always been told to take my mind out the gutter..eehh I think not. Life is so much more fun when you have a dirty mind. At least I think so. Any who, I did two coats a top coat. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the round glitters laid flat.

balls4 balls5

I am also happy that I didn’t have to fish for glitters! Every time I pulled the brush out it was covered in glitter! You guys, I am trying really hard not to throw some puns in there…Can you tell where I would have put them? Haha I think I like this one matte more than glossy too.

balls8 balls6

Shameless Sugarplum is a unique polish as well! It’s a light pink crelly packed with blue, pink, and purple glitters. And if that isn’t enough it has gold and pink shimmer in it too! I wasnt able to capture that shimmer as well as I wanted to but it is definitely there in real life. Great formula and again, no fishing poles required! Yay!! Chelsea really does make some amazing crellies and well polish in general. But I use to hate crellies so this has been huge for me. To find a maker who makes crellies I like and work properly! I did two coats and top coat.
sugarplum10 sugarplum12

This is another favorite of mine in matte. Though I think I really prefer crellies matte anyways.

sugarplum8 sugarplum7

Obligatory Christmas Polish is just that. A white crelly based polish with gold, green, and red micro glitters. It looks like Christmas poured into a bottle. This was pretty opaque on one coat but I am still learning how to apply crellies properly so I had to do two. May have tried to apply second coat to soon. But c’mon it was looking so gorgeous and I grew impatient. i wanted it on my nails asap!

christmas10 christmas4

I made sure to save this one for last. I love everything about Christmas. Not the gifts but the time I share with my family. The kids waking up so excited. OH I love the decorating too. It’s just a fun and loving time of the year. Though I strongly believe that you should be that way all year round. Life gets busy but the holidays always remind you of family and loved ones.

christmas7 christmas12

Well that wraps up the Winter 2016 Collection by Pretty & Polished. This collection is currently available on their website. They will be having some black friday fun as well. The full collection is $90 which also qualifies for free domestic shipping! I think everyone should get the whole collection, but I know not everyone will love every polish. Dont forget that you can always use my code killakay10 for 10% off your entire order excluding Beauty Boxes. As always, it’s a pleasure working with Chelsea! Links are below.

Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

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I know people like to look at more than one swatch so here is a list of other blogs and swatches

All Mixed Up Lacquer – Southern Winter Duo

Press Sample

Its Fri-Yay! Ugh this week went by so slow. But i feel like every week does. Haha It’s also no fun sitting on the side of the road with a flat either. Thank goodness the jack that comes with the car decided to work properly! Usually it doesn’t. So we were able to make it to Bella’s game Monday night! Why are tires so expensive? Please tell me why!! I was able to find a good deal and got all 4 yesterday. I don’t want to be stranded again, it sucks. But lets talk about some highlights of the week! Bella’s last softball game was Wednesday and her team placed 2nd in the league, finally got to meet my new boss, and my favorite person in the world is coming to visit with my two favorite munchkins! I am so excited. I may have turned her 12-year-old onto polish as well…haha And the last thing I wanted to share is this duo! LJ sent me this duo about 2 weeks ago to swatch and review. She noticed in her bottle that the glitter topper had a lot of sinking and the glitter was hard to get on the nail. Well she was awesome and fixed it! I think that is amazing that she saw a problem and took charge! This duo is a really cute idea. Not your typical winter colors and what not. But they work! I mean she does live in FL and our winters are nothing like up north. Anyways let’s get this show on the road with some swatches!

Hawaiian Shirts On Christmas has a bright fun neon green base with tons of glitter! Theres gold glitter, red, blue, pink, white and even orange! I seriously thought it would be harder to apply but it wasn’t! It was pretty smooth considering it has so much glitter in it! I did 2 coats and a top coat. I dried slightly textured but 1 coat of top coat fixed that. This one liked to freak my camera out! It was a little hard to capture the true color due to neon but it’s not that far off. In real life it isn’t as bright. I really like it. This is a fun and interesting winter polish!

72bb96cd-e0aa-4f93-9327-7e8965f1d5f2 59b71205-9a43-4b56-af1b-8f3574c9cfbd

Thinking Winter Thoughts is a beautiful clear based topper with pink, purple, blue, white and tiny green glitters. I really like the colors in this one. I choose to use a grey base to try to showcase the glitters more than a black or white base would. It also has some holo glitter in there too. I did 2 coats of grey and 2 coats of the glitter topper. Mind you this is the one LJ corrected and resent to me. The glitters came out a lot better than the original bottle. The original bottle I was only getting base and maybe one or two glitters, so this was a big improvement! I could have done 1 coat of the topper but I wanted to do 2. I did not have to fish for glitters or anything so I was extremely happy.

10999aa0-4329-498d-8027-c52ff9179eeb f4216bf5-c581-46ce-8af7-a74470d51f47

This is duo is NOW Available! It released today at 2pm. Along with LJ’s Winter Collection. LJ is always a pleasure to work with and I think her re-formulating a polish like that says a lot about her character. We all know glitters sink etc so I don’t think it would have been that big of a deal but she fixed it! Make sure to follow LJ on all social media to stay up to date with releases, sneak peeks, and sales! You can find this duo here.

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I shall see you guys tomorrow! I have another duo that I can not wait to share!



Glisten & Glow – Winter 2016 Collection S&R

Press Sample

Howdy y’all! This is going to be a very busy week swatching, blogging, and posting on Instagram! I will also be doing a lot with the kids! Wednesday is Bella’s last softball game, she is so sad about it. If she had her way she would play all year round. Haha Daniel has like 2 weeks left which is about 4 or 5 games, so we will still be busy with that. It gets dark here so much earlier so it’s hard to get in practices. Life has just been crazy lately, more so than usual. Haha. That’s why I love that I can come here and talk to you guys! You all rock and I appreciate you reading my blog xoxo! Any who let’s talk polish. Jill from Glisten & Glow sent me her 6 piece Winter 2016 Collection to swatch and review. These were sent free of charge for my honest review. Ok now that all those formalities are out the way, let’s get to the fun part. So this collection has 6 cremes. The colors are PERFECT for winter. Ugh I can’t even pick a favorite. Cremes are my weakness and each color is just gorgeous! Let me show you with some swatches!

Mittens & Mountaineering is a milk chocolate-brown. It really reminds me of a Hershey’s chocolate bar! It’s perfect for winter! This polish had a great formula. Evened out on its own and dried glossy! This could have easily been a one coater if I had done a little bit more of a thicker coat. But alas, I am a creature of habit and did 2 thin coats and top coat. This polish gradients beautifully too!

mittens12 mittens10

Here it is matte….my current matte top coat is acting weird so sorry for any white spots.

mittens6 mittens7

Long Johns & Luge is a caramel tan…do you see the trend. Apparently I want candy. Haha I can’t help it! This one does lean a little orange though. I did 2 coats and top coat. And as you can see it watermarbles! This one had a great smooth formula as well. And it dried glossy.

johns13 johns12

I really like this one matte. I’m usually not a fan of colors that are close to my skin tone but I am really diggin’ this one! Ugh that watermarble…just love it!

johns6 johns8

Coats & Curling is a true army green! ( a candy didn’t come to mind with this one! Haha) I love this shade of green. I feel it goes really well with my skin tone and it’s just so versatile! Formula is spot on and I had no pooling. Spreads in water perfectly! I usually take forever to watermarble but because these babies played nice, it seriously took me no time at all! I did 2 coats and top coat.

coats3 coats5

Matte..this is just plain sexy matte. lmao

coats12 coats11

Scarves & Snowboarding is gorgeous! Ugh this is the perfect deep wintery dark blue with undertones of green and grey. I get weak in the knees with all shades likes this and this baby is just perfect.This has such a rich creamy formula. Definitely a one coater but I did 2 thin ones and the first thin coat was pretty opaque! It is had to pick favorites but this is definitely in my top six. lmfao

scarves10 scarves8

You can see more of the grey undertones with the matte top coat.

scarves2 scarves9

Hats & Hockey reminds me of grape kool aid! It’s a lighter plum color with grey undertones. It is truly a beautiful color! This one also has a great formula and applied perfectly in 2 thins coats. I tried a new watermarble technique for this swatch and I don’t think I like it much. These polishes worked perfectly though. This was definitely user error. Haha Maybe I will try again in the future. Anyways I love these colors together!

hats8 hats10

It definitely looks more like a purplish grey with a matte top coat!

hats13 hats14

Flannels & Figure Skating is a very pretty dark pink almost fuchsia. This is the last in the 6 piece collection. I just LOVE this pink. I am crazy about pinks and teals. They will get my money every damn time. As with the other 5 polishes this one had a great formula and was completely opaque in 2 thin coats.

flannels15 flannels11

I really like how this watermarble looks with a matte top coat.

flannels9  flannels10

So there you have it. All 6 cremes from the Winter 2016 Collection by Glisten & Glow. These release on November 10th at 9pm EST. I know I mentioned that these watermarble and do amazing gradients but they also stamp! Just to let you know, I did use Wedding Gown White as a base for watermarble and gradient! I also used #HKGirltopcoat on all glossy swatches! Jill was a pleasure to work with and her polishes are perfect! I suggest you mark your calendars! As I said previously I don’t really have a favorite. They are all gorgeous and the formula was pretty consistent through out the whole collection. I am almost positive these could be one coaters with just a little but thicker coats! I like how these cremes aren’t watery and cause pooling and they aren’t thick neither! These get 5 out 0f 5 stars for sure! I will post some nail art at the bottom of this post! As always make sure to follow and like Glisten & Glow on all social media accounts to stay up to date with release, sneak peeks, and sales!

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Here is some stamping that I did. As you can see they stamp better over lighter colors but some of these would have looked great matte! I still love them all!

mittens2 johns15 coats15 scarves4 hats5 flannels6

Hope you enjoyed these! Make sure to sunscribe here & follow me on Instagram!

Pretty & Polished – December Beauty Box S&R

Press Sample

Happy Monday everyone! Has this time change messed up anyone else? I left the house thinking I was sooooo late -_-! I may have stayed up really late editing pictures and reading a book. I just couldn’t put the book down. I don’t think I have shared with you guys that besides nail polish, I love to read. I read pretty much anything and everything. Do you have a favorite book? Is there something you think I should read? Let me know! But you didn’t come here to talk books, lets talk my other obsession…polish! Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has once done it again! She has sent me 3 beautiful polishes from the December Beauty Box to swatch and review. And you guys, she did not let anyone down with these! This month there are 3 polishes, a mani melt, nailart, and candy! I love how it can purchase a subscription or go month to month. So the December Beauty Box is available the whole month of November. On December 1st the box will no longer be available. So you should definitely snag yours. Also don’t forget! Chelsea released 4 throwback polishes last week and they can only be pre-ordered until November 14th! You can find swatches and more information here. But lets move on to the swatches!

Santa Claws is filled with red microglitter in a red tinted base. This bad boy only took 2 coats to get this opaque! It of course tried a little textured but TC fixed that! I do recommend wearing a peel base if you wont be wearing for more that a few days. Though this one wasn’t as hard as some to take of, it wasn’t easy either!

claws5 79808fda-ac9a-4f67-89d2-4128a475a37a

The matte version is still sparkly. I like how squishy it looks!

claws3 d42a1b8c-1847-4b4b-8ee5-7890eec05bcd

Mistle-No is a thermal! Yup it is gorgeous! During Christmas there are always different shades of green so why not right?! Haha Chelsea makes great thermals. This was no difference. It does change fairly quickly so I wasn’t able to catch the transitions in my normal lighting and nail area. I had to use flash. I feel the pictures where I used flashed, aren’t as color accurate. But I do have one that is. This beauty took 2 coats and TC. When warm this polish is a beautiful light green and when cold it turns to this darker almost forest green! it also has beautiful scattered holo throughout! Below are the pictures with flash.

mistle5 mistle6

The first picture below also used flash but the picture after that is (I feel) more true to color and taken with my normal lights and what not.

mistle4 mistle1

Ice Cold is magic in a bottle! How do I even begin to describe such witchcraft! I will admit. I suck at effect toppers and toppers in general.I never really know what base I should use. Ice Cold is beautiful on its own as well.I am not a fan of my nail line so I always try to hide it! Ha. It took about 3-4 thin coats to acheive that with this polish. This is an iridescent shimmer white with flashes of blue. It’s such a  stunning polish!

ice3 ice4

The pictures I am about to post next will explain why I was so mind blown! I decided to use a black base. I applied 2 coats of black polish and only ONE coat of Ice cold over it. I also applied a glossy top coat.

ice11 ice8

I can’t believe its the same polish! It’s just amazing! Ugh I love them all but this one made my jaw drop! I added some snowflakes to it too!



I know I said it on my last post but I can’t figure out how Chelsea is able to produce not only funny catchy names and beautiful polish but have amazing CS as well. The formula on these 3 are like all her formulas. Perfect. They all distribute evenly and dry fairly quickly.  You can only get these polishes in the December Beauty Box, they will not be sold individually. You can purchase the box here. And don’t forget that they current;ly have a sale on their Good Bye section! Use the code “clearout” for 30% off in that section only. I also have a code for you guys. Its good on everything except the Beauty Box but those are already priced at an amazing price! Use the code “killakay10” for 10% off everything else! Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

Pretty & Polished Shop / InstagramFacebook Group

Well loves, I have to get back to work…so until we meet again!



Nailed It Nail Polish – Falloween Collection S&R

Hey there loves! It’s Friday!! Yay! Anyone have plans for this weekend? I will be kid free Saturday night after my son’s baseball game! Now THAT is awesome. Want to know how I will spend that free time?? No? Yes? I will tell you anyways! I will be swatching and doing nail art and catching up on collages and what not. This week kind of just flew by in a blur! But today on the blog I have these 5 gorgeous polishes from Tia at Nailed It Nail Polish! Tia gave me a blogger discount. So I am not 100% sure if that still counts as a press sample..hmm I need to find out. Anyways I have the Falloween Collection and man let me say that I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome these were! Lets move on to the polishes!

Witch Appeal is a really fun polish and probably my favorite out of the 5. This is a multi chrome polish that shifts from a pink to purple. This formula was amazing! These are my first Nailed It Nail Polishes and I now realize I have been missing out! This is probably the only one that was a little on the thinner side but I expected that. It took 3 thin coats and TC. This polish blows me away! And it is available now! You can find it here.

3ea96210-570d-4aed-8803-492eabaeb024 350edfdd-2d95-4647-a3fc-4e12323e3428

This multi chrome is seriously magical with a glossy top coat BUT I was not expecting to see the shift with a matte top coat. At least not like this!

67731fbd-9630-4efe-b5c6-1b760498f303 59947bb2-afc8-47bb-9d60-e8047c0e775a

Fright Night is the most perfect dark blue for fall! I love how Tia mashed Halloween and Fall together for this collection. They are all seriously gorgeous! This polish has a very subtle blue shift and blue flakies plus some scattered holo. Great formula and I did purposely flood one of my cuticles and i had no issues with staining. It cleaned right up. Now you tell me if you can tell from the picture. I only really needed 1 good coat but I opted for 2 thin coats. It is very rich in pigment but not to thick at all! You can buy this one here.

501e4a0d-9a10-4749-9dac-16885df19a14 b1598160-2dab-4430-aa43-f68b08fe40df

I love how you can really see the blue flakies in the matte version.

f4fba17c-3d66-4b25-bdc3-f4aa864706e1 b6138a12-47ba-4cd4-be9e-b86c3e30835f

Ghouls & Goblins may be a part of a fall collection but have you ever seen a green more perfect for Christmas? Ugh its divine! This is a forest green polish with tons of sparkle! It also has some scattered holo as well. This formula was very much like Fright Night. I like that its opaque in one coat but not to thick to do 2 coats. makes me oh so happy! I have really been diggin’ greens lately. I like the depth I get with this polish. You can find it here.

26a36118-60bd-46ee-9e53-c9b189db34d4 64c737c9-3e30-48c4-bb7a-dea421c1e4db

I think this is my least favorite with a matte top coat. I think because it’s so beautiful and lively with a glossy top coat.

75a09ec4-33d9-401a-8851-e03fbd803fa0 dbef429b-886f-4815-b8ca-d9d7e6f47dae

Hocus Pocus is the best movie EVER. Oh wait we are talking about the polish not the movie….haha my bad. I think this gold/brown color polish is a perfect representation of the movie though! It kind of is an in between color of a lighter brown and gold and it shifts to a more golden color in the sun. Its packed with copper and gold flakies and of course some scattered holo. Another delicious formula too! I did 2 thin coats and TC. You can buy it here.

bd706159-2280-4d66-8160-55782b99d01a 040c12db-7253-406b-ac1f-f34b813a8f19

Haha even when matted it’s a mix between gold and brown!

4925fdf8-4a80-4795-bdc2-3a2b69cfe5b4 d5722fa3-f775-4c5e-aef9-21a949a2424a

Supernatural is a gorgeous color! It’s a deep maroon color with some pink sparks and scattered holo. This polish is gorgeous for any time of the year! I did 2 thin coats and TC. I really thought this was more of a red polish in the bottle and then the magic happened upon application. Mind Blown. Its got a perfect formula too. You can buy it here.

b6b48940-c474-41d8-8424-e64058c2a32b a4dce12f-1bad-42c3-bc7c-816442b865f6

This one definitely gets lighter and lose some depth with a matte top coat.

ca1df6c8-8e6a-4b91-9e25-c00921c205e7 e4600bb8-e398-4484-88fb-451987d06415-1

Well there you have it! The Falloween 2016 Collection by Tia at Nailed It Nail Polish. This collection is available individually or as a set, you can find the set here. The set is only $36 plus shipping! That’s a great price for 5 amazing polishes! Tia was a pleasure to work with as well. She was very patient and understanding! I can not wait to work with her again. Though these are Fall colors and winter colors are starting to come out. I strongly suggest you snag these beauties! I will be wearing them often I am sure! Make sure to follow and like all of Tia’s social media pages so you can stay updated on new releases etc. As always the links are below and thanks for reading!

Shop / Instagram / Facebook



Night Owl Fall Collection

                  Press Release

Man oh man! As much as I love Halloween, I seriously hate the walking. Haha Took the kids trick or treating last night and they made out pretty good! Though…they were no smarties! My favorite thing to steal from them! In the neighborhood that we went to, a bunch of teens set the street up like it was a purge. It was freaky and they did a great job! But i am happy to say i am glad its over. Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am so excited because new holiday and season means…NEW POLISH! Today i have the 2016 Fall Collection from Night Out Lacquer. Lindsey has been doing an amazing job! This is her 3rd collection and I believe it is her best. She knocked out the park with the Witchcraft and Wizardry Collection, but this collection….she stepped it up to a whole new level! I am so excited to see what she has next! Lindsay gave me a blogger discount on their polishes for my honest review! Now..lets get down to polish!

Harvest Moon is a pale gold shimmer and packed with gold micro flakies! This one was the ONLY one that was a little on the thinner side. But that is to be expected of such a  light pale color. It took 3 coats to get it as opaque I like. I really love the names Lindsay chose for this collection. She is great at it! I can not name a polish to save my life..lmao

ead85745-be5c-43ca-b419-06e2445cd725 ad0913e0-c1b3-456e-b0d0-046ef11b4fe2

I think this is the one that changes the least out of the 5 polishes when matted. I swear they are all different pics! lmao

0e28342d-705b-4045-885f-54a042c66c57 722949b0-e7db-4dd2-aff9-734b9619f206

Autumn Nights is a dark navy blue with copper flecks in it. This is one of my favorites! This deep dark blue is perfect for fall and even winter! Though the description says copper fleks I swear there are purple ones in there too!. This one does remind me of always from the Witchcraft & Wizardry collection but upon further comparisons….no they are different! Always has teal in it and is more purple! Autumn Nights only needed 2 coats to get this opaque! Ugh her formula is amazing you guys!

68600cee-1889-4b2c-b3e1-d9655029603b ae21adcd-aa08-45e6-8da8-0c2537dbfa92

Ugh this one is just goooorgeous with a matte top coat! I left this one on when I swatched the collection! You can totally see the copper more!

14f06332-1788-4676-bdfb-138b01953885 4e912987-636e-4e7b-9eeb-e6d20e7ce498

Be Thankful is a reddish copper polish with copper flecks. I did 2 coats and top coat for this one. I truly feel this is the perfect color polish for thanksgiving! And that name just seals the deal. We shouldnt only be thankful on a holiday but all year around, everyday! What are you thankful for? Do you and your family have a family tradition for Thanksgiving? I love hearing these things! Now back to the polish! The formula was so smooth and it applied like a dream! I didn’t get the chance to test these but I am wondering if they watermarble!? Hmmm I will have to get back to you guys with an answer!

0b530009-a06f-4796-a7aa-5bdd4218bf04 3dbfa28d-ed18-4698-b404-344808b5feff

I ran out of my favorite matte top coat =(So I had to run out and get one fast! All my walmart had at the time was the Revlon one. I think I like. I definitely like how easy it is to apply. So let me know what you think!

5fdc97df-b33b-46fd-9160-90ae4ead6331 6bb7008e-6542-4723-a3d7-8be46585f552

Sunshine On Falling Leaves is a shimmerey olive-green with gold holo micro glitters and  gold holo shreds. This is a really pretty green. im not a big fan of greens but this one is beautiful. It really does remind me og olives! Which I loooooove so much! I did 2 coats and top coat.

c3bcc979-86b2-4f33-b019-dd7cbde145fe f82ea081-5b9a-4f45-a7da-0e716a993549

and then there was Matte…lol

9e58e9a4-1509-4c90-9361-c3949a695d5b d545dded-384c-4462-872c-ca97a0ef0f3f

The last one in this collection is Autumn Winds. This polish is so unique I wanted to save it for last. I have never seen anything like it. Autumn Winds is a dark grey polish full of copper shimmer! This bad boy was a one coater and applied perfectly. No pooling! I love everything about this polish.

a2e041cb-f2c0-4902-bd31-63af30dd6429 29295e6c-9a7e-4144-a5d6-1c5453485f5c

Matte top coat definitely takes away that beautiful copper shimmer.

dab9ade1-6256-4e31-ac48-5c196fdb5cb3 99f332ef-8dfb-4dd1-a810-08c55f21ec45

Like I said, Lindsay knocked this collection out the park. She names each polish perfectly and made some beautiful polishes too! All had great formula and I hardly had any clean up. These beauties will be avaiable Nov. 4th at 10pm MST. These will be sold as a collection or individually! So make sure you are following all of her social media accounts to get all the updates. Definitely make sure to join her FB Group as well! All links are below!

 Shop / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Group