All Mixed Up Lacquer – Southern Winter Duo

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Its Fri-Yay! Ugh this week went by so slow. But i feel like every week does. Haha It’s also no fun sitting on the side of the road with a flat either. Thank goodness the jack that comes with the car decided to work properly! Usually it doesn’t. So we were able to make it to Bella’s game Monday night! Why are tires so expensive? Please tell me why!! I was able to find a good deal and got all 4 yesterday. I don’t want to be stranded again, it sucks. But lets talk about some highlights of the week! Bella’s last softball game was Wednesday and her team placed 2nd in the league, finally got to meet my new boss, and my favorite person in the world is coming to visit with my two favorite munchkins! I am so excited. I may have turned her 12-year-old onto polish as well…haha And the last thing I wanted to share is this duo! LJ sent me this duo about 2 weeks ago to swatch and review. She noticed in her bottle that the glitter topper had a lot of sinking and the glitter was hard to get on the nail. Well she was awesome and fixed it! I think that is amazing that she saw a problem and took charge! This duo is a really cute idea. Not your typical winter colors and what not. But they work! I mean she does live in FL and our winters are nothing like up north. Anyways let’s get this show on the road with some swatches!

Hawaiian Shirts On Christmas has a bright fun neon green base with tons of glitter! Theres gold glitter, red, blue, pink, white and even orange! I seriously thought it would be harder to apply but it wasn’t! It was pretty smooth considering it has so much glitter in it! I did 2 coats and a top coat. I dried slightly textured but 1 coat of top coat fixed that. This one liked to freak my camera out! It was a little hard to capture the true color due to neon but it’s not that far off. In real life it isn’t as bright. I really like it. This is a fun and interesting winter polish!

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Thinking Winter Thoughts is a beautiful clear based topper with pink, purple, blue, white and tiny green glitters. I really like the colors in this one. I choose to use a grey base to try to showcase the glitters more than a black or white base would. It also has some holo glitter in there too. I did 2 coats of grey and 2 coats of the glitter topper. Mind you this is the one LJ corrected and resent to me. The glitters came out a lot better than the original bottle. The original bottle I was only getting base and maybe one or two glitters, so this was a big improvement! I could have done 1 coat of the topper but I wanted to do 2. I did not have to fish for glitters or anything so I was extremely happy.

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This is duo is NOW Available! It released today at 2pm. Along with LJ’s Winter Collection. LJ is always a pleasure to work with and I think her re-formulating a polish like that says a lot about her character. We all know glitters sink etc so I don’t think it would have been that big of a deal but she fixed it! Make sure to follow LJ on all social media to stay up to date with releases, sneak peeks, and sales! You can find this duo here.

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I shall see you guys tomorrow! I have another duo that I can not wait to share!



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