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As you guys have figured out. Allison and I have gotten to work together on a few projects lately. Along with the 12 Days Of Polishes project, I got to also review the custom for Crazy 4 Crellies Facebook group. I love working with Allison and I absolutely love her press releases I don’t know why, but she’s very detailed and I am always excited to see them! Obviously this polish is a crelly. And though I originally thought it was only for the group, I was mistaken! Anyone can buy it in Allison’s shop! It is available for pre-order until November 30th! This is Feel The Joy:

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What I love is that the Crazy 4 Crellies group lets its members submit inspiration pictures and then vote on the one they like the best The theme was favorite Ugly Sweater. This one won, hands down. (No pun intended….maybe)


I made myself chuckle..haha In this black crelly you can see where Allison pulled the red and silver from the picture. She also made sure not to forget the green pompom on the sleeves! I think she hit it out of the park! Here is a matte version where you can really see the different glitters!

62a90713-13c2-42e0-9bf0-b3ece84753d3 c0e6a661-0e51-4635-9ca4-08b90a121a22 9f48ca29-5a9e-411f-b0f3-f36a9d8655d9

Feel The Joy is available now. So  if you want this glitter packed crelly yumminess, click here! I don’t think I mentioned it but if you are a member of C4C then you get a fun extra! An ugly sweater pin! Make sure to leave a note at checkout! I did do some “Ugly Sweater” stamping! I felt it was fitting!

00c4612a-640d-4ca9-9501-0ffc0b57be6d 638dbab7-24df-4833-865f-de4265bf1ef3

The first picture has the pin that came with mine! She has  a couple different ones! This is a pre-order and will ship once the pre-order ends on Nov 30th!

Make sure to follow/like all of LE Polishes social media accounts. As you can see she is constantly coming out with new stuff! Links are below:

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You may see me again very soon! I have a lot of catching up to do! Haha Never thought I would be so busy swatching & blogging but i was so wrong. I love every minute of it!



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