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Hi loves! This is really a late night post! I tried to log on several times today and to no avail! It kept saying my password was wrong! -_- I was not pleased! But I did get a lot accomplished today! Yay me. My daughter also made brunch! Well she made the pancakes and she was so happy! She has been showing an interest in learning how to cook. And I’m over here like hell yeah! She will be cooking full dinners in no time…haha Speaking of food I have to tell you guys about this awesome duo that I had the honors of swatching! This extremely limited duo is from Baroness X & My Darling Diva! Both polishes are so very unique. SO let me show you!

Caramel Apple Pie is just gorgeous! Baroness X is a new to me brand polish wise. I have been using Demi’s Matte Cuticle Balm for the past few months now and oh my goodness. It is glorious. I got the scent Froot Loops… Any who let’s get back to the polish! I am extremely impressed. I love the little cabochons on the top that shows the color! Its sch a cute touch, And lets talk about that brush! Holy WOW Batman! It’s a wider flat brush but also has a very slight curve. Its perfect. I did have to get use to using it but that was easy. One swipe almost covered my entire nail! On top of all that..Demi has been an absolute pleasure working with. So this polish is a taupe mocha base with flashes of green to red! It was really pigmented and definitely could have been a one coater! But due to a little learning curve with the different brush I did a boo boo and had to do a second coat. This is a really fun polish!

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Mmmm…PIE! by Darling Diva Polish is magical. I have no idea how Carrie fit all that awesomeness into a little bottle of nail polish. It’s stunning and sparkly on its own but is even better over black. This has multi-chrome flakies, holo sparkle and a dash of Unicorn Pee!!!! This glided on top of my nails with no problem. It was insanely smooth for something so packed! For the picture with no base color I did 3 coats and top coat. For the picture with a black base coat I did 2 coats of black and 2 coats of Mmmm….PIE! I must also note that this is also a new to me brand and I loved the square bottles. I mean I absolutely love them to death. Carrie’s formula was great as well!

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This Duo has already released. There were only 20 sets in each of the shops. I did see that Demi posted earlier today that there were only a few left in her shop. To find it on Demi’s Shop ( Baroness X) click here or you can find it in Carrie’s Shop ( Darling Diva Polish) by clicking here. This duo seems to be going fast so make sure to snag one! The duo is only $20 plus shipping!

It was an absolute pleasure working with both these ladies! Please make sure to follow them on Social Media to get all the up to date information on release and sales!

Baroness X

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Darling Diva Polish

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I may get one more blog post in before Thanksgiving but I am not 100% sure. The family and I will be heading out-of-town Friday so we shall see! If not I hope guys have a wonder holiday!



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