Lou It Yourself – Holiday Trio S&R

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Have you ever mentally thought you did something….and then it turns out that you in fact did not do that something? Well loves that is what happened with my post! I swear i feel like I wrote it up and even set a scheduled time for it to post! But it has obviously not been typed up or I wouldn’t currently be here doing it! I feel like shit for letting this post slip by! And for that I am sorry! <3 I hope you can forgive me!  Today I have the Lou It Yourself Holiday Trio to share! And it is fantastic!!Did you know she is a natural purple……hahahha at least that’s what I was told! Lou is such a pleasure to work with and just so kind and caring! She did an amazing job on this trio and its gorgeous! How about you take a look and let me know what you think..so without further ado..on to the swatches!

Jingle McKringleberry is a gorgeous red with dark green and gold flakies and has a dash of holo in it. I really like dark flakies in polish. It gives it such a  cool and unique look. Lou hit this out the park. It is the perfect red! The formula was perfect to. And this red does not stain cuticles..woohoo! Trust me, I flooded my cuticles just to test it out for you guys! Came right off. This is 2 thin coats and a top coat. You can get this here.

66fd4f66-9396-4b58-a8fb-cdf82b49e066 9f2ab066-2f88-4603-9207-24fe64686927

Ugh I just love those dark green flakies oh so freaking much!

c32c8d1c-8a90-4b0c-9687-675ea5b51275 fb3c81b6-802a-4fea-9422-fae51d2a0028

Hot Crocolate is the perfect green for winter!!! Lou seriously comes up with some awesome names! I especially love this one because when I am cold, the first thing I go for is Hot Chocolate! I don’t drink coffee…at all…ever! Haha The formula of this polish is jaw dropping. But I am sure most of you guys already knew that. Her formula in general is great! And can you see that holo! Perfection in a bottle!  This is 2 thin coats and top coat. You can get this green beauty here.

5c1a8378-26f4-4d57-8a5f-ca1c810cf411 f65a2cda-e645-49e2-8b1f-1fe768748626

I also used Lou’s matte top coat for all the matte swatches! You can find that here.


A Serious Case Of Tinsellitis is a must have silver! Not only is it sparkly and pretty it has shards of holo. Ugh just yummy! I can see myself using this trio alot…especially this one because it is the perfect silver for nail art! Formula is like the other two polishes, glides on like buttah! I did 2 thin coats and top coat. You can find this festive sparkly silver here.

e631762a-806f-492c-aaf3-0390ced1f029 86e5e1e0-56e2-4ed3-9f85-d8b4cac0b771

I still like it matte! <3

c91a103a-d0f8-4327-88e8-3967332e1f82 ecedf0d3-f91c-48f5-bfa6-e8a8ae4f0d7b

So as I stated before there is still plenty of time to get this awesome trio in Lou’s shop! You can find the complete trio here! There are so many pretties currently available! It was a pleasure working with Lou, she is seriously a kind and thoughtful problem. It is easy to talk to her! And I love her “natural” purple hair..haha Make sure you are following Lou on all social media outlets for sales, restocks, and releases and join their Facebook group fan page! Links are Below:

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Thank you for coming back and reading. It means the world to me! I will eventually get back into the groove of things! I was thinking of doing some post on nail art. I currently can’t make videos but what do you guys think of a pictorial?? Let me know! I would love to hear what you guys want to see more of..I aim to please. Haha Bye for now!



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Baroness X – Holiday Gems Shimmer Collection

Press Sample

Have you ever made a schedule for the week and swore you would stick by it? I have and I now know I absolutely suck at schedules. I have this post plus 3 others that need to go up..or should have been up a week ago! I am sorry guys. Our little vacation from the weekend after Thanksgiving really threw me off. We had a blast at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure though so yay!! It was much-needed! But then swatch deadlines and work deadlines kept me pretty much busy the entire week! But that’s my fault! I should have planned accordingly! I am working on that! But enough excuses about my absence and onto these gorgeous 8 shimmer toppers that Demi sent me to review! I’m not a topper type of girl…at all. They don’t get me excited like other polishes. Well I have to say, these are stunning. Every single one is just amazing!

I could write about formula and what not on every single one but the formula is consistent between the 8! There is seriously NO difference at all! For all 8 polishes I used one coat of a black polish as the base, one coat of the shimmer topper, and one coat of a glossy top coat. I also used a matte top coat as well!

Amatista is spanish for Amethyst which is my birth stone. So of course I took an immediate liking to this one! Such a pretty deep purple! Shown glossy and matte.

amatista3 amatista4

The macro drop is so concentrated with color! I just love it!

amatista11 amatista12

Apatito is spanish for Apatite. I love this blue. It’s perfect for snowflakes which is why I just HAD to use a snowflake stencil! Lmao This was the first polish I swatched and I didn’t have any intentions of doing an accent nail but yeah…the snowflake was a must so I decided to do an accent nail for each swatch.

apatito3 apatito4

Don’t you just want to dive into that macro drop! Gaaahhh

apatito11 apatito12

Topacio is spanish for Topaz! Which is also my street name! I love this copper orange topper. I also have a pair of topaz & gold earrings from Colombia! I barely wear them because I love them oh so much and do NOT want to loose them! I would loose my head if it wasnt attached to my neck -_- Hahah

topacio3 topacio4

*insert heart eyes emoji now* haha

topacio11 topacio12

Esmeralda is spanish for Emerald! And I think this matches perfectly! It’s a deep green shimmer topper. For this mani I also used a small dot of Citrino for the star on the tree!

 esmeralda3 esmeralda4

esmeralda11 esmeralda12

Rubi is well Ruby in spanish! Haha That was definitely an easier one! I think Rubi & Esmeralda are perfect together for Christmas! I can’t wait to use them again! I love how deep these shimmers look!

rubi3 rubi4rubi11 rubi12

Diamonte is spanish for Diamond. There actually use to be a spanish night club in my area called Diamonte and man…there were some characters there! Lmao It did not last long. But I was able to go to a Chingo Bling concert there. If you don’t know him. Look him up. He always made me cry from laughing so hard! But back to this polish! This is a greyish silver topper. You can do so many different things with it!

diamonte4diamonte3 diamonte4

diamonte11 diamonte12

Citrino is the gold of the group! It is also spanish for Cintrine! Which also makes me think of citrus lmao. On my accent nail I did a watermarble with it! It doesn’t look like much from these pictures but it looked really cool in person! And guess what…they all watermarble! They can also stamp but its SUPER subtle. Still cool though!

citrino3 citrino4citrino11 citrino12

Zafiro is a very interesting one to me. It’s like a blurple but isn’t. Does that even make sense!? There is definitely some kind of purple/blue shift in there and I absolutely LOVE it! Zafiro is spanish for Sapphire. It is just gorgeous!

zafiro3 zafiro4zafiro11 zafiro12

So there you have it. 8 Amazing shimmer toppers that are just gorgeous. I see a few galaxy manis in my future! I love that they all have pretty much the same formula. Demi is always a pleasure to work with! Her polishes are unique and just gorgeous. This collection is available now at a discounted price! $55 for the entire set! And she is offering a limited amount of minis which are $35 for the set! She also offers a pick 4 full sizes shimmers for $30. These are some great prices! I do believe you will see the prices go back to regular price come Jan 15th. As always make sure to be following all of Demi’s social media for all release and sale information! Links Below:

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See you guys soon! Xoxo


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