Night Owl Lacquer – Winter Blues Trio

Press Sample

Hey everyone! I am so very sorry for my silence lately. Life has been super crazy and busy. The holidays were just crazy but I have to say, we definitely brought in the new year with a bang! I hope all of you had a great holiday. To kick off the new year I have this lovely trio sent to me for review. The Winter Blues Trio by Night Owl Lacquer is..well like the name says, 3 different shades of blue! How cute is that! Lindsay is constantly coming out with great products and these are no different! The trio will be available Friday, Jan. 13th at 10pm MST. Lets dive into the swatches! And make sure to check out my Instagram for live swatches!!!!

First up is the beautiful and delicate Winter Wonderland. Lindsay did make this polishes a little bit more sheer than her normal formula. Normally her polishes only need 1-2 coats and this one needed 3, which is total worth it! Winter Wonderland is a white based crelly packed with bright blue flakies and micro glitter. There is also some gorgeous blue shimmer in there as well!

221685866005202_orig 221686027021202_orig

Oh we can not forget about the macro drop!


I also want to share how this polish looks matte. You guys know I must Matte all things!

PicsArt_01-11-11.57.24 PicsArt_01-11-11.59.31

Next we have Frozen In Time. This polish is very close to being a jelly but I feel the formula isn’t like a jelly. Not sure if that makes sense. Haha It’s extremely sparkly and I just couldn’t capture all the sparkle! This has a silvery blue base with bright blue flakies. Do you see how Lindsay is tying them all together? Hahaha. The formula on this was really smooth. I did 3 coats and top coat.

PicsArt_01-11-12.23.09 PicsArt_01-11-12.34.02

And the macro drop….


I really like this one matte!

PicsArt_01-12-12.07.40 PicsArt_01-12-12.11.02

The last polish in the trio is Midnight Snowfall. I think this one is my favorite! Especially matte. This one is a blackened blue, almost like a navy blue but a little darker, jelly base with scattered holo and silver white shifting flakies. Midnight Snowfall was pretty opaque in 2 coats. I didn’t think it would be because the first coat seemed so sheer but it is definitely one of those magic polishes that transforms on the second coat! Those are my favorite!

PicsArt_01-11-11.04.46 PicsArt_01-11-11.12.30

I love this macro drop!


And like I stated earlier, this is my favorite one mattified! Its so….sexy looking. lmao

PicsArt_01-12-12.39.15 PicsArt_01-12-12.44.05

So there you have it. This trio is awesome. I think the blues are different enough from each other to where you must have them all! They will be sold as a trio ($25) AND individually ($9 each)! Also make sure you are apart of the Facebook fan group! A little birdie told me there will be a discount code for this trio! Link will be below. As I said in the beginning these beauties release Jan 13th at 10pm MST! So mark your calendars! Lindsay did another great job with this collection and I see nothing but great things coming her way! Night Owl Lacquer has quickly grown to be a favorite of mine. Not only because I blog/swatch for them, but I see the care Lindsay puts into her product. She has great customer service skills and she is always active in the group. If you haven’t tried this brand, I highly recommend that you change that! Make sure to follow and join her on all social media! Links are below.

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