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It feels like it has been forever since I have had the time to sit down and try to string along sentences! Oh..wait. It has!! I have missed blogging dearly but due to my furbabies health issues and then passing, I just didn’t have the heart or time to do so. But I know that he is in a better place and isn’t in pain anymore! That alone makes my heart happy! This post is about 2 weeks late but I feel I should still post it and share with you guys another awesome polish from Baroness X! Demi is constantly coming up with beautiful polishes! I especially like that this one was made with Southpark in mind! Demi sent me and Jenalyn ( @velashaa on IG) this polish to review! Now this set is limited to only 50 so make sure to go snag one! Trust me you wont regret it! Now time for some pictures!

Yea, I Memba is a grape purple holo! Its formula is perfect. It applied very smoothly and barely needed two coats. I am sure if I did a thicker first coat it wouldn’t have needed a second. The brushes that Demi uses are amazing as I have stated before but I also found out that if you prefer a different (smaller) brush, she can accommodate that!!! Just leave a note when checking out. How awesome is that!

These pictures do this beauty absolutely no justice. The holo is super strong! I also feel the polish a smidge darker in real life.


Here are some extra pictures that I normally wouldn’t post but I love how they came out!

I also did some art! This polish is based on the Memba Berries in Southpark. So I cheated and copied my boo bear Jenalyn! You can see her post here.

I also took a sunshot and added SP for well….Southpark Haha

Now.. I hope you guys saw that this is listed as a set! Well when you purchase this you get ^ this full size polish, plus  a sample size balm, and a sample size of baubles (1 large, 1 small) all in a Blueberry Cobbler scent. Ugh blueberry anything is always a hit in my home. The set will cost you $16 plus shipping. Demi is always coming up with something and releases these amazing monthly boxes! So come join us in the Facebook group! All links for Baroness X below!

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See you guys soon!



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