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Are you a parent? Have you ever felt like you deserved the worst parent award of the year? Well I am and do deserve that award! Softball and Baseball season has just started and we have had practice EVERYDAY this week so far and will have practice tonight as well. You may be wondering WHY exactly I deserve this award..well it’s simple. I screwed up. I mixed up the times and Bella missed practice. She has never missed practice! I felt horrible. And then I guess you can say I deserve the award for worst employee. Haha, I feel asleep at work and a patient walked in on me! Yeah, I did the whole pop up real fast thing. The guy was cool and suggested I buy a bell for the door so I could get more notice when someone came. Hahaha Needless to say, I will be making a trip to Home Depot this weekend! But you didn’t come here to discuss my screw ups! You came for the polish! Issa from Starlight Polish makes gorgeous holos, and he Rose Romance Collection is no exception. She named each polish after a type of rose. Such a neat idea! These beauties already released and ready to find a spot in your collection but I will share all those links and what not later on. Lets get to the pictures..Our (MY) favorite part!

Angel Face is a lavender holo, named for the lavender Floribunda rose variety ‘Angel Face.’ This soft purple is perfect. I wish I could capture the holo better because it was most definitely shining through! I formula wasn’t to thick and it wasn’t like water so I would have to say it was a perfect formula. It was easy to apply too. I did 2 regular coats and a shiny top coat.


I really like how pastel Angel Face looks when mattified.

And here are some more macros for you…

Next up is Love Potion, a cool pink holo that leans a bit purple-y, named for the Floribunda rose variety ‘Love Potion,’ which has roses that range from cool pink to mauve to purple. I know it’s not right to play favorites but pink is already up there on my list so this polish just screams me. I love it. All four polishes in the collection have a great consistent formula. I also only applied 2 coats of each one but I feel they could have been one coaters with a thicker coat. Issa is for consistent with her products and I love that. Love Potion…sigh if only one really existed right! Ha That linear holo is life and believe it or not…holo is not my favorite finish!


I feel that if you look closely you can still seem some of the holo with a matte top coat. I think I can see the little purpl-y



Pink Corazon  is a warm, very slightly coral-tinged pink holo, named for the warm pink rose variety ‘Pink Corazon.’ At first I thought this one and Heart Song looked the same. Once I applied it though…they definitely do not! I’m not the biggest fan of orange but I have to admit, orange with some pink in it makes coral and I love coral! This coral pink holo is so very unique and I own nothing like it so I absolutely love it! Though all for polishes are super holo, I feel Pink Corazon is just a smidge more holo-y lmao




Last up is Heart Song. Heart Song is a bright and light red holo, named for the bright red Hybrid Tea rose variety ‘Heart Song.’  In all honestly..I was not prepared for how this would look on my nails. I didn’t expect such a bright fun red holo! When applying the first coat, I literally gasped. Lmao. Bella came walking over and said, “what mommy, why did you make that noise?”  I laughed and said because, look at this color Bella!. She agreed, that it was beautiful! I’m so glad my baby girl is also a NPA…. As I stated earlier, all four in this collection were super easy to apply and only need 2 coats for opacity.


You can see more of the red when Heart Song has a matte top coat


So there you have it. The Rose Romance Collection. A beautiful 4 polish set perfect for Valentines Day. Issa is always a pleasure to work with and is just in general a sweet heart. I feel that she makes some amazing polishes but doesn’t get enough love on IG, so make sure to go follow her! She has a lot of holos and toppers available in her shop now, including this collection, so go check out her shop. As always links are below so that you can stay in contact with Issa of Starlight Polish! I have ey to review something I didn’t like and I may be a polish hoarder…*addict*…but I am so picky! Let me know if you decided to get this collection, I know for a fact you will love it, just like I do!

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