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I truly feel like I abandoned you guys. I have been so busy with work, Bella’s softball, and my new little business that I just havent had the time to paint my nails and do reviews. I miss it! But I am happy to say that after next week (Bella is done playing the World Series), I will have a little more free time! I wont babble too much because I know it has been forever since I wrote a post and I am sure you want to know my thought on these babies!

I shit you not that when Dave emailed me, asking if I was available to swatch, I fangirled a bit. My bestie Jenalyn is always going on about Dave and his polishes! So I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to try OPNL out! And let me tell you, Dave did not disappoint. I guess there is reason Jenalyn went on about them so much. Haha

Dave has started doing a Holo of the Month. The polish will be up for pre-order the last weekend of each month. He will be using female musicians as his inspiration. I think this is an amazing series and look forward to see who he chooses each month!

For this month he chose Grimes. She is a Canadian born recording artist. She pretty much does everything for a majority of her songs. From the way Dave describes her music and from hat I have listened to, she seems to be an artist who could fit in several genres. I can see why Dave chose the colors that he did, at least to me but I will share that once I share the swatches!


Grimes is a vampy burgundy with fuchsia, purple and teal flakies. I love this combination. The lighter flakies add more depth to the vampy burgundy base. And we can’t forget about the holo in there. It is truly the finishing touch! Dave’s polish has a very nice formula. I can’t say that I am surprised because again, Jenalyn told me out was good and it exceeded my expectations! I did 2 coats and it was completely opaque. This is available now in Dave’s shop, link will be at the bottom, until July 30th @ 12 PM EDT. So make sure to grab one!








Next up is Logan. Logan is a custom created for Melissa Lopez. It was made in honor of her first-born, Logan. So the way Dave does customs, is he ask the person if they mind him selling it publicly. To me this sounds more like a collaboration, haha but I think what happened here, is based on what she wanted, he ended up with an amazing polish, so he wanted to share it with us all! I for one am not complaining because its gorgeous! I love the contrast of the Dark grey almost black holo base with bright blue flakies throughout. This one could have easily been a one coater but you guessed it, I did 2. Haha This will also be available this weekend for pre-order only. So I suggest you grab both!







so if you havent gathered these are my very first OPNL’s and I am extremely impressed. I have been slowly pulling away from polish because it’s so saturated and well when you are broke AF it can get depressing. These will not be my last polishes from Dave either. I keep kicking myself that I didn’t stop y his table at NY Polish Con and say hi! I was so busy between working a table and tutorial, I was running around with my head cut off! Next time! So back to the polishes, you need them. Nuff said. All the links are below and make sure to join their FB Group for all the updates! I shall see you all soon <3

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