PSA & Press Samples

PSA: Please be advised that I am NOT a licensed nail technician and I have no formal training, in layman’s terms, I am self-taught. Since August 2015, I have been involved with the nail community where I have learned from watching countless hours of YouTube videos, following amazing IG accounts and joining FB groups. In a relatively short amount of time I have learned a lot and what works for me and I wish to share the knowledge I have learned with the masses. Everything expressed on this blog is my honest opinion and based on what I have learned.

Every person is different meaning everyone’s body chemistry will react differently to things and I am just sharing my personal experiences with products and/or brands. Please exercise common sense and caution when following advice and tutorials and always read and follow product packaging when available.

Press Sample(s): From time to time I am sent press samples for my review. What is a “Press Sample”? A press sample is a product that someone has been sent to me, for free, with the hopes that I will review or feature it on my blog and/or swatch. This allows me to check it out, use it, and determine whether it is a product I want to talk about. I will always disclose which items have been sent to me by adding “PS” or “Press Sample”.

Discount Samples: This differs from ‘Press Samples’ in that I paid for the products using a swatcher/blogger discount.

Please note, if ‘Press or Discount Sample(s)’ is not identified in the post, I have purchased the products used at full price.

I do not accept compensation for product reviews
I am not affiliated with any companies
I will never accept items that I must give good reviews for
I do also buy a large amount of the things that I blog about and review.
Please DO NOT use any content within my blog posts or pages without my consent!!! Please use the contact me feature in the side bar.

****** I was given permission from Krystal @queenofnails83 to use this page. Though I have changed a few things she is the one responsible for an amazing and very detailed explanation of press samples etc. I thank you so very much Krystal and you guys should check out her blog here *****