Eat Kale and Be Sad

This Collection was sent to me free of charge for my honest review. It is a press sample and I was not paid to give positive feed back. These are of my own opinion. Enjoy

Hello Lovies!!

Today I have some swatches for you from a ‘new to me’ brand 2-Bits Polish. The Eat Kale and Be Sad Collection consist of 5 polishes. It consist of three shimmers, a flakie filled jelly, and a chameleon shifting polish! As with any new brand I had some reservations. But none the less I was so excited to play with them! Upon trying them I am sold. The unique colors and the formulas are on point. These are not available yet but the pre-sale for the Eat Kale and Be Sad begins July 20th and goes until August 10th. They will be available for regular purchasing on August 11th. Now onto the swatches!



Plastic Fruit….this one had me a little on edge. I for some reason do NOT play well with Jellies of ANY sorts. I usually can’t get it spread over my nail easily and it feels to thick to me. But to my surprise, Plastic Fruit was nothing like that. It was easy to apply and went where I wanted it to go. Plastic Fruit is a transparent blue jelly base jammed packed with Multi-Chrome Flakies. be still my heart! It is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful. I did three thin coats and a top coat. Again I still can’t believe I am saying this but it is one of my favorites in the collection. P.s. I have no idea how that black drawing mark made it into the pic! Gaah

 c52b67ec-160b-4dd0-883c-d324e69cc9de  0d78ae89-0920-443f-b026-68e4e7e2b1db   f5e51660-764f-4aa3-8e24-196314b5b4d3

Next up is Plum Tired. This polish is a gorgeous deep purple with blue shimmer! This polish is heavenly. The formula was fantastic. It could have easily been a one coater if I had applied a little thicker coat the first time around. So I did two coats and a top coat.

d81f88d0-ccab-4bbc-87d5-09a58be71ca0  c4940f50-1c97-4d27-9641-fdeeda8578ff  93ce98e6-59e4-4248-9856-f070fca9a876

Tramplin grapes <3 This one is very unique to me. I have absolutely nothing like it! I never seem to buy darker colors but this one is shmexy! This formula was on point as well. And like Plum Tired could have been a one coater. Best way to describe this polish color is to think of a deep red wine with a beautiful gold shimmer. So I believe the name is VERY fitting! Pictured below is two thin coats and a top coat.

2d54beb5-65f6-475e-a679-9ce9791efd1e  f0aa7af8-8805-4eff-bddc-5b49fc4f9341 01771d0a-1ccc-46ab-96aa-430083345b15

Can’t Elope Crush is the lightest polish in the collection. It is a peach/coral/pinkish color with gold shimmer. I love this color so much! Again the formula was great and application very easy. Another one coater but I did two coats. Merp can’t help it. I am a creature of habit! I felt at first that this polish was an odd ball with all the other colors being darker but nope after swatching them all, it fits right in!

60a42336-7ec5-4a67-b4a2-9077e32a7bcb  cc9a57ed-5f89-43c7-8c63-d50216273ad1 c49d907e-c0d0-4a31-a399-868337d00952

I saved the chameleon shifting polish for last. It’s called Fruit Salad. Which is a pretty accurate name, it has all kinds of colors! This one was very hard to capture in a photo. It shifts from purple to a darker almost blurple purple, and then there’s a greenish/bronze color in it as well. Has a very oil slick look to it when not in direct light. This polish is thinner than the others, but the formula is great. Instead of two coats I did do three for complete opacity and a top coat.

b5af7064-da24-46f5-baca-3bbdad9bb53a  1bd9790a-b116-4548-8e05-614dc77b7cbd 8ef23967-3aa8-43f2-bffe-34831f1b9646  8b480686-b2d2-41c0-973e-06920791a155

And there you have it. The Eat Kale and Be Sad Collection. Just to reiterate this collection is not released yet and will be available on pre-sale July 20th until August 11th. Overall I felt this collection was very unique and I love that it has different finishes. The formulas of each polish were great and application was a breeze. Make sure to mark you calender’s!

The link to 2-Bits Polish shop is here.

You can find them on Instagram here and/or join their FB group here.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!



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