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You guys! I am so sorry! I haven’t been able to post in almost two loooong weeks! Life has been a little crazy! I started a new job! Our A/C went out, and so many other things I don’t need to bore you guys with! But what’s important is that I am back and ready to write and post! Now on to what you really want to know about!

Today I am going to share with you 4 glorious cremes from Glisten & Glow. Their Experience the Islands Collection. I also bought the All Dressed Up Duo! I mean Jill has an amazing deal going on right now if you buy both collections! $45 PLUS FREE shipping for 6 amazing cremes! You can find that listing here!

Onto the swatches and review!

Who wouldn’t want to Snorkel in St. Thomas! Haha!! This blue is so beautiful. Darker than a sky blue but not to dark. Its like the perfect in between blue! The formula was great. Very easy application. It took 2 thin coats for opacity BUT I do feel that it could be opaque with one thicker coat. This blue cuts through water like buttah too!! And guess what you guess! It stamps too! I really how Snorkel in St. Thomas looks with a matte top coat! Looks a tad bit darker! This polish also self levels so yea its pretty damn perfect! If for some reason you want this polish and this polish alone you can find it here.

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ATV in Aruba would be fun! This magenta/fuscia color is the darkest out of the four cremes. It has the same nice and creamy formula as Snorkle in St. Thomas and is just about a one coater. But if you guys know me by now, I like to do two this coats most of the time! Lmao. The whole collection can watermarble as seen in all the swatches on my ringless ring finer..haha and the also ALL stamp! ATV in Aruba is a unique color for me. I don’t think I have anything like it. I did just go through ALL of my polishes too and didn’t see anything close to it! So I am extremely happy! If you want ATV in Aruba you can find it here.

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**Sigh** These polishes really make me think about my life and what I am NOT doing. lmao I have never left the U S of A. I live in FL and have visited some other states but nothing that exciting. So this next nail polish makes me want to jump on the next ferry and go to the Bahamas! And well Bungee Jump. This one is called Bungee Jump in the Bahamas. So sea-foam/teal/turquoise colors are one of my weakness’. This sea-foam minty blue is just amazing. Formula stays pretty consistent with all of the polishes. Pictured below is two coats and top coat. For all of my swatches I used HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow of course. Jill IS dubbed the shine boss for a reason! You can find the quick dry topcoat here and Bungee Jump in the Bahamas here.

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Last up we have Parasail in Puerto Rico. I am half puerto rican soooooo I need to at least go there..lmao I love all four but I think this is my favorite. It’s a coral polish that is just yummy. I love teal/sea-foam colors paired with any type of coral. Thanks Aunt Melody for jacking my wedding colors! xoxo still love you! Any who, two thin coats and top coat. Awesome formula and you can find this bad girl here.

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I don’t have official swatches of the All Dressed Up Duo but I thought I would share this mani I did using them! I used Wedding Gown White on my pointer, middle, and pinky and used Little Black dress on my ring and middle. I did put a holo top coat over the black on my middle and did a holo watermarble over my ring finger. Little Black Dress is AHmazing!! It’s a one coater for sure but so is Wedding Gown White. Both of them watermarble and stamp too! You can find the duo here. Little Black Dress can be purchased here and Wedding White Gown here.

img_20160726_004627 img_20160726_004822 img_20160726_005112

So over all I have to say I am very happy with my purchase. I broke a major no buy for this collection but it was a MUST HAVE or die situation. I would break it all over again. Jill hit it out of the park with this collection. I do have to say that I feel there should have been a light lilac type of purple in the collection and possibly named it Skinny Dippin’ in Tahiti lmfao I can see myself using all 6 of these polishes frequently. Cremes are my jam and these are just so on point! Below are all of the links for Glisten & Glow



Jill’s Shop

Jill is ALWAYS having Flash sales and what not so make sure you are following her! Thank you for reading and i hope I have talked you into buying these beauties! <3 They are SO worth every penny!

Until we meet again! <3



8 thoughts on “Glisten & Glow – Experience the Islands Collection

  1. Manna says:

    Gorgeous! I love how they look matte

  2. Delia says:

    These 6 polishes are definitely on my bday wish list!!! They are so gorgeous!!!!

  3. Krystal says:

    Such gorgeous cremes, I love them matte!

  4. NeNe says:

    Love them all! So vibrant! Beautiful watermarble art!

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