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Howdy ya’ll! I am trying to stay on top of this blog and what better way than another post about another great collection! Today I have The Glen Coco Collection by Philly Loves Lacquer . Esther wanted to pay homage to one of her favorite movies, Mean Girls, so what better way than to make beautiful polish! The Glen Coco Collection is made up of 6 polishes. There are four flakie holo crellies, one clear color shifting flakie topper and one clear UCC flakie topper. This collection (as a set only) will be available for pre-order September 1st until the 5th, either full size or minis. Individual bottles for both sizes will be available on September 6th! So mark your calendar’s =) Okay now that all of that is out the way, onto the fun part! I will say that the names of these polishes had me laughing my ass off! And off we go………..

You Smell Like a Baby Prostitute – see as I am typing this, I am still laughing. I know a few people I could say that too. Haha  Any who, this is a very beautiful light blue. Esther describes it as a periwinkle blue.  And I agree. The holo is gorgeous through out it and if that wasn’t enough, there is color shifting flakies as well! I haven’t had too much luck with crellies but I think because this one does have big chunks of glitter applied smoothly! Had a nice consistent formula, no pooling, and was opaque in 3 VERY thin coats.

20160828_203255 20160828_203138 20160828_202722 20160828_214340

Next up is, Is Your Muffin Buttered?, another funny name. I really like this shade of purple. I’m not a big fan of purple. I don’t know why, it just is what it is. This formula was slightly thinner than the rest, and when I say slight I mean extremely small difference. Not enough to impact my opinion of it. It was still easy to apply and has the holo and flakies throughout it as well!

20160828_204320 20160828_20430820160828_204337 20160828_214322

Have you ever been told at lunch, ” You Can’t Sit With Us”, by another group of kids who thought they were better? I have it sucked BUT made me realize I did NOT want to be friends with someone who was nasty like that! And of course Esther made this one pink! My favorite color..EVER. I love the shades in this collection. They all mesh so well together! Pictured here is three really thin coats but I think 2 nice coats would have sufficed. Just like the previous two this has holo AND color shifting flakies.

20160828_203453 20160828_20343320160828_203514 20160828_214525

Last up of the holo filled and flakies packed crellies is I’m A Mouse, DUH! This one is just………ugh. I can’t even describe how it makes me feel! Usually I am into bright neon colors, but lately I have been on the hunt for dark vampy colors. Honestly it has nothing to do with the seasons. I live in FL and wear whatever I want when I want and how ever AI want. Haha. This is more of a medium grey. And it is perfect. The formula is on point and it’s just yummy. This is three thin coats and TC.

20160828_214430 20160828_21441720160828_214354 20160828_214407

This collection has two toppers. The first one I want to share with you is You’re A Regulation Hottie. This is a very fun clear based flakie topper. I did its on its own and then tested it over black and white and I have to say i think it really pops and shows its color shifting UCC ways over white the best! I did three coats on its own and only one coat over the white and black! This was easy to work with and no manipulation needed!

20160828_203927 20160828_203840 20160828_203818 20160828_203801

The last topper and polish in this six piece set is It’s Full of Secrets. This is like the angel to the darkness compared to the other topper You’re A Regulation Hottie. I feel these flakies are more iridescent. I tried using this by itself as a mani but wasn’t having luck getting it to really show off the color shifting so I went with a black base. I did however want to share a macro of this one with no base along with a white one too. This one shows us best on a darker base I feel. I only did one coat over the white and black and I believe I did two with no base.

picsart_08-28-08-50-49 20160828_214233 20160828_214221 20160828_214205

Well that is a wrap you guys! Not only did I enjoy swatching this collection but the communication with Esther was phenomenal. Per usual I had questions. I like to know everything and she was so efficient in answering them! From this experience I have learned she is a sweet heart and is truly dedicated to making awesome polishes! I wouldn’t mind working with her again at all!

From the maker:      The collection will be available for pre-order as a full set ONLY in either mini or full size from September 1st until September 5th, and then individual bottles will be available in both sizes on September 6th. The full set pre-order price will be $62 for full size and $31 for mini size, and then the price will be $11.50 and $5.75 for individual bottles on September 6th.

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Well those are all the links above to stay connected! I hope to see you guys soon! Which one is your favorite? Comment Below! Mine is a toss-up of I’m A Mouse, DUH! and of course You Can’t Sit With Us!


Kaylyna R.

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S/N: I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat for all swatches. It can be found here. <3

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