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Well can you believe it! Another post! Woo Hoo!! Haha I am uber excited to share with you guys my complete review of the Bitter Side of the SWL 2016 Fall Collection by Jior Couture. Sacha sent me these 6 polishes for free in return for my honest opinion. So of course that is what I shall give you! If you arent sure what a PR Sample is please read this. This collection releases September 15th and is a 12 piece set. Sacha has split the sets up into 2 parts. Bitter Side, which I have and will be reviewing, and Sweet Side,  which Krystal over at QueenofNails83 has reviewed! Now I have heard some rumors that this collection MAY or MAY NOT have been inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but the jury is still out SO you can think what you want. I have no confirmation 😉 Anywho, on to the swatches!

Accountability….I think more people should….oh wait this isn’t a self-help blog. Haha. It’s about the polish! Well this one is called Accountability and it is yummy! It is an olive-green jellie and its packed with color changing flakies. It is a very beautiful pair! I’m not a fan of jellies but this applied extremely easily! I did have to do 3 thin coats to make it opaque but that’s no biggie! I mean look at it. I would do 10 coats happily! Haha It looks gorgeous with a glossy finish but….matte. Be still my heart. This is the perfect combo for fall, flakies and green olive! ( I love green olives, irl)

20160912_114344 20160912_114324   20160912_114312 20160912_114253

Anger…I have a lot of it! I absolutely love this black/grey holo creme! Oh and it has flakies too! Holo+Flakies+Creme=Happiness  You just can’t go wrong with that combination. Want to know something else. It is a one coater! This is such a beautiful color and the formula is spot on..When I applied it I instantly thought galaxy nails sooooo I see that happening in my near future! I did do 2 thin coats but it was opaque in one. Formula was nice too! This polish is winning all over!

20160912_114438 20160912_114424 20160912_114411 20160912_114356

Apathy….is another holo! And it also has flakies! Apathy has a rose gold pink base. It’s a fun polish to work with. It was pretty opaque in 1 coat but I did 2. I am sure if I had done a thicker coat it would have been fine! Sacha is pretty consistent with her formulas so I had no troubles with this one either. The flakies  in it are gold. I really love how the polishes change when you make them matte. I never use to like matte. But my mind has been blown with this collection and a few others. Matte is LIFE!

20160912_221442 20160912_221429 20160912_221419 20160912_221409

Denial is a mustard yellow creme. Man I love cremes! I just love how they glide so easily on your nail! #gimmeallthecremes As I said in my Instagram post I am usually not a fan of yellows but these mustard yellows are really nice and perfect for fall! Denial is a 1 coater and stamps beautifully!

20160912_221356 20160912_22131420160912_221340 20160912_221325

Emptiness is so delicious! At first glance I thought it would be a very close match to Intuition, which I will share next. But nope! Not in the least. These are two completely different polishes. Emptiness is a deep wine red and it just ugh. I love it! It’s also a 1 coater!!!! AND it stamps!I didn’t have any issues with staining either. I did use 2 coats of Yellow Stopper as a base coat for each mani. I did get some in my cuticles while swatch and they weren’t stained at all so I was extremely pleased!

20160912_221302 20160912_212318  20160912_221218 20160912_221144

Intuition! I am not a fan of red but this red. This one right here is just so sexy! I call it my panty dropper..lmfao Intuition is a bright red creme that stamps and is opaque in 1 coat. Do I have to tell you guys that I did 2..haha I think by now you have gotten that right? Now before I make this post look all silly, I will be posting later an update. I only have 3 of this one to post. I may have run out of matte top coat -_- Sooo yea. I realized after I took the polish off I didn’t take a matte macro! And well I didn’t have anymore SO I will take one later tonight! Its beautiful either way, matte or glossy. Its my favorite of all 6. But the others are loved almost as much!.

20160912_114506 20160912_11452120160912_114453

So there you have it. Overall I love this Bitter Side of SWL and I am dying to get the Sweet Side! There are some beauitiful colors there too! But back to these 6 polishes. I was able to stamp with ALL of them! That’s a big bonus for me! I didn’t get to try much at watermarble so I don’t have an answer for that but I believe I did see someone else watermarble with them. So I am assuming some of them if not all of them do. I love that Sacha communicates with her swatchers/bloggers in a timely manner and oh man is she a sweet heart! As I said before these polishes release with the other 6 (Sweet Side) on September 15th! They will be sold as a 12 piece set, 6 piece set (Bitter or Sweet) and individually. So may options! Make sure to check out Jior Couture Polish mavens on Facebook for sneak peeks and what not! Links are below!

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Until we meet again chicas/chicos! Mwaaahhz


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