Cake Nail Lacquer – 2015 Meet Us At The Bar Collection

Hi Loves! How has everyone been? I have had to take a mini break from blogging to catch up on swatching! It seems Fall has been really good to me! I can’t wait for the weather to change too. Oh wait, it wont for a few more months here. Haha I forgot for a moment where I lived!I also broke a nail *gasp* on Swatcherina! Yes my swatch hand is Swatcherina if you were wondering. Haha And….what you would usually call Cindy I call Gloria!  Anyways onto the reason you are here reading this! Today I have a mini collection from Cake Nail Lacquer. They sent me their 2015 Meet Me At The Bar Collection to review and swatch! This collection has 3 polishes and are cremes! You guys should know I love me some cremes! Lets move on to the swatches!

First up is Caketini. Isnt that a cute name! I feel its fitting for the polish as well. Caketini is a nice soft pink. I love that they kept a lighter color in this collection. Though I have been loving fall colors ALOT lately, I still like my pinks! Caketini did need 2 coats for opacity. I am sure it could have been a one coater with a thicker coat though. I also like how this polish looks matte! This polish along with the other 2 does watermarble AND stamp!

3-8 3-102-4 2-5

1 Vodka, 2 Vodka, 3 Vodka, Floor! is the purple in the trio. Haha Vodka can definitely have you on your ass! It sneaks up on you! This polish is a really pretty deep purple creme. It is also a one coater!! I of course did two really thin coats. But even with the first thin coat it was opaque! Watermarbles & stamps!

3-4 3-73-5 2-3

Last in the trio is Take My Number, Call Me. They say it’s a teal but it looks more like a blue to me. Like blue blue not teal blue either. lmao I love this color! The names are very cute as well! Tiffany is a doll to work with! This is another one coater!! Love me one coaters! Especially if I am in a hurry. I always do two coats but sometimes time is not on my side! Polish and go!

3-1 42-1 2-2

Overall I really like this collection! it’s not your normal fall colors and i am really diggin’ that! Tiffany is a please and has great customer service! I also like the round bottles! I thought the handle would be a little hard to use but I had no problems at all! This is their 2015 fall collection so keep your eyes peeled for this years! I am sure it will be great! Great formulas on all three and i love that they are very versatile! Stamping and watermarbling is important!

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