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Well Fall Ball is back! Both my babies have moved up and are in Majors (Little League). I am excited and nervous for them at the same time. Kids grow up way to damn fast! So with fall ball being back, so does my crazy schedule! Between practice and games I don’t know when I will be able to breathe! But…I will always make time for polish! Who needs to breath and sleep? Hahah I love the beginning of fall because it brings the holidays! I have an obsession of decorating my house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Its ridiculous if we are being honest! Lmao But what I also love about fall arriving…is the polish of course! Fall and Halloween collections galore! Today I have for you a brand that has been around for a little while but she only sold to friends but has recently been making a splash into the world of Indies with her awesome polishes! Courtney from Posh Paints started selling polish to the general public January of this year! She has quite a presents in her FB Fan Group as well! Already over 1000 members! Well she was kind enough to send me her Halloween Collection for me to swatch and review. It is a press sample, for more information on press sample please click here. The collection has 2 cremes, 2 crellies, and a holo glitter bomb topper! So lets move on to the pretties shall we!

First up is Witch Better Have My Candy..I died laughing at the names of this collection btw! Amazing! The humor is spot on and it’s still clean, no profanity! Anyways, this orange is great! It’s not a pumpkin orange but a bit dark. Formula was consistent and it was easy to apply. It was opaque in 2 thin coats and dried semi glossy! This polish also stamps and watermarbles…um hell yeah! If you want this puuuurfect orange, click here!

witch4 witch7witch6 witch9

That’s My BOO! is purple. Plain and simple as that. Has the same formula as With Better Have My Candy so I loved it as well! This one was pretty opaque in one coat but I did 2 thin coats and a top coat. It watermarble and stamps as well! I also wore this for 24 hours for stain testing and nope. Did not stain my nails at all! Check out my IG for nail art with it! If this purple is calling out to you and saying ‘buy’ me, click here! You wont regret it!

boo3  boo6boo5 boo8

On to the crellies! Creep It Real is a black crelly based polish with tons of glitter! There are orange, green, purple and silver glitters oh my! Haha Anyways I was pleasantly surprised how smooth this applied with all that glitter in them! I also love that I didn’t have to pull out the fishing pole and go fishing for glitters! This did need 2 coats but they weren’t thick at all! This black beauty can be purchased here!

creep1 creep4creep3 creep6

Ghoul Please! is exactly same thing as Creep It Real except it has a white crelly base! So I wont be repetitive, read Creep It Real again if you have already forgotten what I said about it..lmfao xoxo. You can buy it here.

ghoul4 ghoul8 ghoul6 ghoul9

Last up is the holo glitter topper! Fright this way can be used alone in 2 easy thin coats OR as a topper with 1 coat! It has the same glitters as the crellies BUT it also has some added holo glitters added! It’s a really fun polish and boy does it make your finger nails sparkle! It has a clear base. I did 2 thin coats and a top coat. It wasnt extremely textured either. One coat of top coat did great! You can buy this here!

fright4 fright7fright6 fright9

If I didn’t mention it before, let me mention it now. Posh Paints Lacquer is a new to me brand! I have been seeing Courtney’s polishes more and more lately! And I have to say I am really impressed with this collection. Courtney was a complete doll to work with and I have seen nothing but great and efficient customer services! Along with this collection, Courtney did send me a base coat as well. It worked really well for me. I am a picker, I can’t help it. Those who can not bite pick. And lets just say this polish did not go anywhere with this base coat on! I wore it under all polishes but especially when I did the stain test. It works! But please remember, it wont work for everyone. Something about chemistry and what not! Anywho that base coat is also available here. And if you want the whole collection, you know you do, click here!

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Facebook Group (definitely join!)

If you do decide to get let me know which was your favorite! I would love to know!



2 thoughts on “Posh Paints Lacquer – Halloween Collection

  1. Courtney says:

    I love your blog posts. A little glimpse into your life and on to the polish. You describe everything so well and the pictures are GREAT!!

  2. Kaylyna says:

    Thank you! That really means alot to me.! I am far from a boring person so I really try to show that in my blog! Life is crazy! And that has to be included! Haha

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