Le Polish – 1 Year Anniversary Polish & The Dark Mermaid Duo

Oh man, what a night! My son played his first baseball game of the season last night and a kid got sent to the hospital..smh Baseball straight to the face, the crack we heard was not the bat. And we lost. We lost horribly! Not by a little but a lot! But its okay, our boys played great and Daniel did some awesome plays! But before I bore you to death with little league antics lets talk about the polishes! I was honored to swatch and review Le Polish’s Anniversary Polish and her new Dark Mermaid Duo (inspiration pic click here)! These are a Press Sample. Click here for more details on press samples. These beauties are releasing Oct 1st (tomorrow) at 12pm EST. Full size and mini’s will be available! You will want to snag these babies! All 3 of them! Shall we move on to the pretties? I think we shall!

First I want to share with you Allison’s 1 year Anniversary polish, Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.


This is black jelly based polish filled with gold holo microglitters! This had a really great formula, I didn’t have to try to hard to get coverage. I am in a constant battles with crellies but I think the that the glitters being micro helped tremendously! It was pretty opaque in 1 coat……but ya know, its me and I did 2! Whats awesome is that Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful is Le Polish’s new slogan! I absolutely love it! She also has a new logo! And its pretty cool! I did each of the three polishes in glossy and in matte! I can’t decide which I love more! Each finish is unique! Below is Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with a glossy top coat!

3-8 2-9

Isn’t it just gorgeous! Now I wanted to give you a chance to see the polish and new logo before mentioning something. Isn’t it very fitting that her 1 year anniversary polish is black and gold to match her new bee logo! Ha. Genius! I also did a matte finish and it is just yummy!

 3-10 2-11

Now for the Dark Mermaid Duo! These are two VERY different polishes but look so beautiful together!

3-13 3-14

Lets start with Girl Who Has Everything shall we! This is a dusty purple jam-packed with purple, magenta, copper AND holo glitters! I really felt this one would be the hardest to apply but it wasn’t! I didn’t have to fish around for glitters either. I’m not big on glitters as most of you know but I fell in love with this one. It is very unique to me. I own nothing I mean NOTHING similar to this!  Below is glossy!

3-4 2-5

And then we have it matted. And I may have lied…I think this is my favorite matted one. It’s just amazing! I love that you can see all the glitters..gaaah

 3-7 2-6

Let’s talk about Poor Unfortunate Soul. The second polish in the duo…..teal, turquoise, sea-foam, pr whatever you want to call it is my FAVORITE color. So this one was just breath-taking to swatch. I thought with it being a blackened base, you wouldn’t see the teal as much. I wash wrong. Poor Unfortunate Soul really is a gorgeous color! It was pretty opaque in 1 coat, I did 2. This one made my eyes pop out of my head with its beauty! Glossy photos below.

3 2

And then with a matte top coat. Like I said Girl Who has everything is my favorite of the 3 when matted! But I honestly love them all!

3-2 2-3

So there you have it. Le Polish’s 1 year anniversary polish and the Dark Mermaid Duo! These polishes were all beautiful and don’t forget to set your alarms! I really love how to tied the 1 year anniversary polish to the new logo. That really is cute! Allison was a pleasure to work with and I have heard nothing but great things about her customer service. She was very responsive to any questions I had as well. We may have a few things in the works so keep your eyes open for that…but that is all I am saying on that matter haha And make sure to follow her on Social Media to stay up to date with sales, releases, and giveaways!

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Thanks for reading! Hope to see y’all soon!



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