Starlight and Sparkles

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Hey lovebugs! Sorry for the delay, life took a hold and wouldn’t release me! Spent a day in the hospital because of my back last week and just needed rest! I have been so very busy though with swatching! The brand I have to share with you today is a new to me brand! And though they have been on Etsy for a while, they are new to Instagram. Issa is the creator of Starlight Polish and also makes jewelry! She is an absolute doll! My biggest thing when swatching for a maker is communication. Issa was on top of that. I had questions, I always do!! And she answered me very fast! Issa was so nice to send me a total of 8 mini polishes free of charge for my honest review, 4 polishes and 4 toppers. Before I go into detail, lets see the swatches!

Shadow Emerald is just uuugggh..It is a blackened teal/green color that is just drool worthy! You guys should totally know by now that love I have for teal polish. Because this one is darkened it gives it such a sexy dark twist. I am in lurve! Great formula too! First coat is kind of sheer and then BAM! You put on a second coat and this beast is created. I really love polishes that do that! I don’t know why but I do. You can find this lovely blackened teal/green here.

6a2506b6-d075-405d-9931-e03dc812fd9f 2274569e-aba8-4a8c-86e2-612ced3a284b

To me it looks like a completely different polish when matte! Still beautiful too! You can’t see the shimmer as much but that’s what matte does. Takes away all the pretty shiny things!

4fd10b54-d138-45c0-98b5-f35ca97beab0 f839140d-ddc9-43a6-b5b9-613cfafd2125

Hot Chocolate is beautiful! Like I said on IG, I don’t drink coffee so I usually will drink hot chocolate so I can look like an adult! But….I think the marshmallows and whip creme give it away. Haha. We rarely have cold days here so yes…I will drink Hot chocolate in the middle of summer too! Anyways about the polish! It is a brown copper color and is just yummy! It has a shimmer satin finish. It also has a great formula and only took 2 coats to be opaque! You can buy this beauty here.

b6fe8ef4-ba67-4597-a6fb-160e9f3c4221 bdb5e6de-becb-4878-9818-8ad4faec507b

When matte Hot Chocolate definitely looks more brown. All that copper shimmer goodness gone BUT you can still see it. Does that make sense? Haha

ec67df93-042d-4a2d-a38e-4220f30db377 4a1fa930-3862-4cc8-84fa-56c23385b955

Obsidian is a tricky one! It’s a black almost reeeeally dark navy blue with a subtle blue shimmer. Boy is that sucker hard to capture! But if you look closely I did capture it in the glossy macro. While swatching I purposely flooded a cuticle to see how easy clean up would be and I had absolutely no problems! We all know darker colors can be a nightmare! Took 2 coats but I feel 1 thick coat would have been good too. You can get Obsidian here.

4d7c13d7-dee6-42d0-8eb5-a239ba24bf51 1ae50887-2448-4735-a407-c6e4bd63b372

Now I am not exactly sure what happen when I put the matte top coat. I messed with a cotton ball or something but please note that this polish does not have lumps or anything like that at all. Completely user error. Haha

6a7ba712-6c60-4daa-b1d3-e75c06c95cff ae451dd7-8602-499f-9364-b7b15610e351

Cocoa Crystal is a must have! Along with all of other Issa’s polishes! Do you see all that holo yumminess? I know that my light set up can really dull holos so I wasn’t expecting what I saw on my nail in real life to appear in photos! Well this super holo still showed! Even though it doesn’t show as holo as it really is! Such a beautiful brown holo, that’s for sure. This is 2 coats and top coat and man I love it! You can get this perfectly formulated holo right here.

c2660c2c-a8d6-4d0b-b894-2212b74c2139 picsart_10-18-06-16-13

The matte version is a lighter brown and still such a fun fun fun polish! Before I move on to the toppers let me tell you something about these four polishes…They all stamp. I mean perfectly! They also all spread in water so you know what that means! They probably watermarble. I haven’t had a chance to use them for a watermarble but stay tuned on my IG @killakays_nailadventure for when I do!

bbeae3b3-3a66-4156-b662-d6cab7e8f984 a599d58f-e939-47d8-88c1-21c4befcb55b

Now on to the toppers!

Farore is such a beautiful topper. I love how Issa’s toppers are subtle but gorgeous! Sun shots would have definitely have shown these better, but I am a late night swatcher once the kids are asleep. Every now and then my nails see sunlight but its rare. Anyways Farore is an iridescent topper, shifting from green to gold. I only did one coat and my whole nail was covered. I feel the lights and camera hide some of the sparkle but trust me its there in real life! ( Look It’s Coral by Vapid Lacquer was used for base). There was no need to matte these toppers either. You can find this topper here.

b217d2bb-553e-4a83-9473-c42f8984bffb cbbd7675-78f0-41a1-9df8-97b2e82dd228

Moonlight is exactly how Issa described it! Like twinkling stars. Issa told me that she loves Moonlight over Obsidian so I had to do it for her, but of course! Obsidian with its slight blue shimmer was a perfect back drop for Moonlight which is a silver glitter topper! It really looks like a night sky! You guys think I should do galaxy nails with this combo or a starry winter night? Hmmmm the ideas are limitless! I only needed 1 coat! You can also get a glimpse of Obsidian’s blue shimmer in the macro!You can find this star making polish here.

img_20161020_000549 img_20161020_000953

Phoenix is amazing. Its a very shifting duo chrome topper! It shifts from gold to green and even red! Over this teal aqua base you can see more of the gold shift in it. I should have chosen a darker color but really love how this came out! (I used I See You Baby, Shakin That Cash by Lou It Yourself for the base) Like I said before she sent me 8 polishes from various collections and I am so please with how the formulas on all 8 were consistently smooth. I tend to not like toppers in reality because most of the time they are to thick for my liking. But these 4 toppers are amazing! You can find Phoenix here.

121fd3af-db35-4018-a569-ba909bd18f05 31bafda7-c669-4a7c-a426-155fb3ea4e22

Last up of the toppers is Sunlight. This one was the hardest to capture in pictures. No idea why. In one of the pictures this gold topper appeared like it wasn’t over the whole nail! But in the macro you can see its on the entire nail! I did do 2 coats of this one! Ugh I love the simplicity of her toppers! Not overly chunky! it just adds enough sparkle and effect to a cream polish! ( I used Special Brownies from In The Name Of Polish for the base) This applied smoothly, like all other 7! And is available now in Issa’s shop here.

27e0607d-8ad1-44d2-bd60-ecaa2559cbd8 37c0b336-16f4-4648-8be7-84699dd5b4f5

Let’s recap! Issa sent me 4 polishes and 4 toppers that all have great formulas! All polishes were 2 coaters and the toppers were all great in 1 but I did 2 with Sunlight. Issa is such a pleasure to work with and ihope we can work together again in the future! I love that her prices are very reasonable too!! As stated before her customer service is top notch. I didn’t mention before but she sent a note with the polishes and she knew I was in a part of FL that was suppose to get hit by Hurricane Matthew and she was so kind, sweet and patient. Issa you are such an awesome person! Thank you for caring <3 But the hurricane weakened before coming my way and we were fine so yay! Anyways all of these are available in Issa’s shop. Per usual, links are below =)

Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Stay tuned..I will be posting again really soon!



Disclaimer: I always use HK Girl from Glisten & Glow for shiny pictures and Supa Dupa Matte from In The Name Of Polish for all matte pictures.

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