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It has already been such a crazy week! And it’s not even over! I am trying to figure out what to do for Daniel’s Halloween costume since he wants to be a baseball zombie BUT doesn’t want to use one of his jersey’s! Ugh this kid. Thankfully my mom is making Bella Boo’s. She wants to be the dark mad hatter! Oh my sweet twisted little girl. And in the midst of all this chaos, theres polish! I have been fortunate enough to have tons of swatch mail to come in….ALL AT ONCE! So i see a lot of post in the next week or two! But let’s talk about Lolita Lacquer! Mira is the owner and she is amazing! I have had nothing but a great experience working with her! Mira sent me 4 polishes (The Amy Collection & The Indie Shop LE) to swatch and review. I have been dying to share these with you guys and now I can!

Tears Dry On Their Own is a beautiful blue semi-jelly packed with blue and purple micro flakies. This polish is delicious. Mira’s formula was great I had no issues spreading it, something I usually have problems with when it comes to jellies! This did take 3 coats to get opaque but 2 thicker coats would have been fine. I love how deep this polish looks. This is definitely not your basic blue! I love that it has micro flakies, gives a polish a completely different look than micro glitters! If you haven’t guessed already this trio is a Amy Winehouse tribute collection!

tears2 tears-extra

You guys know I love to matte all things. I absolutely love how this turned out. Shoot who am I kidding. All 3 polishes in the trio are amazing glossy and/or matte!

tears5 tears6

I’m No Good is a green semi-jelly with dark green with green and gold micro flakies. This was opaque in 2 coats! Mira’s formula in the trio was pretty consistent, even though Tears Dry On Their Own needed an extra coat, it had the same great formula.  As I sit here writing this post I am listening to Amy Winehouse. I felt that it was fitting! I have listened to some of her stuff in the past but surprisingly not these 3 songs, which the polishes are named after. Do you have a favorite song by Amy Winehouse?
good2 good3

The matte top coat definitely soften this dark green. I love it. And because it is semi-jelly, you can see the flakies better when it is matte!

good5 good6

Valerie is a softer purple with gold micro flakies. It is also a semi-jelly base. This trio really meshes well together. Don’t you guys think. A Blue, a green, and a purple. I can’t wait to do some art with them! Would you guys like to see some art post too? Like a pictorial? Let me know!! Back to this beauty! I did 2 coats and top coat. I will say all 3 polishes dried pretty fast! Which surprised me because they do have a jellyish base!

valerie2 valerie3

Can’t forget about the mattes!

valerie5 valerie6

The last polish I have to share with you is Macaron. This polish is a Limited Edition Polish made special for the Indie Shop. But wait! What is great is that it can be sold afterwards. It’s not an Indie Shop Exclusive so any left over or over pour can be sold!! Woo hoo! So don’t fret if you aren’t going, this will be available afterwards! Macaron is perfect for the Paris themed Indie Shop! I swore Mira spelled it wrong BUT I did my research as I am sure she did too. You can spell it several ways and it is correct! Ha.Anyways Macaron is a light brown almost tannish polish with beautiful dark brown and a little bt of pink flakies. This is only 2 coats!

macaron4 macaron3

I love this one matte. It becomes a different polish and I think Mira did a great job making this polish along with the Amy Collection! I must matte all things!!!!! Gaaaah

picsart_10-24-02-33-31 4174ad9d-3c43-45d7-ae03-7e8a96386f4e

Well those are the four polishes that I had for you! What do you think? Will you be picking up a few? I am so excited that the Indie Shop will be only a state away in the spring! I hope to go! Any who, All four of these polishes will be available AT the Indie Shop! The Trio will be available afterwards once Mira gets back and situated again! As I said before so will The Indie Shop LE. But that will be based on how much is left if any! Mira also has Loquitas Bath & Body! I love her mani/pedi bombs, they smell and feel amazing! I will add links below!

Shop / Instagram-Lolita Lacquer / Instagram- Loquita Bath & Body /  Facebook Group



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