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Well hello again daaahlings! Can you believe I am already back with another post! Shocking i know! But I have been so busy with swatching and so much more to do so I am trying to stay on top of it! This time I have 4 beautiful throwback polishes from Pretty & Polished. Chelsea sent me these to swatch and review. It’s always a pleasure working with Chelsea. She is more than a maker I work with but I like to think of her as a friend too! So I enjoy getting the chance to talk about her polishes. I am telling you guys. She is a polish making beast and has some amazing polishes available now and coming out! I honestly do not know how she does it! For the month of November she is celebrating 5 years!! Woohoo!! So what better way than to bring back some of the oldies but goodies right? Of course these are revamped a bit and have better formulas but still, what a great idea! 5 years in the Indie World is a life time! At least that’s what I can tell! I don’t doubt that Chelsea will be around for 5+ more years!

Anyways enough gushing, let’s get down to the swatches!

Tart. I love it. End of story. One thing I never liked were crellies. When Chelsea sent me a few crellies to swatch I was blown away. The formula was perfect. Even though there was SO much glitter, they weren’t hard to use and there was no fishing! Same goes for this light purple, blue shimmery, multi colored glitter polish! I had absolutely NO issues. I love that I can just apply it like a normal creme. Lets face it. I am lazy. if I have to put in extra work for a polish, I am less likely to wear it again. Who agrees? Anyone? Okay maybe its just me. haha. This pretty little thing only took 2 coats and it dried slightly (very slightly) textured but come one it has glitter in it! And my shiny top coat took care of that!

tart7 tart1

*Sigh I honestly did not think I would like this polish! I mean it has red and yellow glitters in it with blue and pink. I couldnt comprehend how this would make a pretty polish! But it DOES!! **Mind Blown** Here is Tart with a matte TC.

tart13 tart8

And because the shimmer is so hard to see I am going to include the macro drop!


Mannequin Hands was a very interesting one. It instant made me think of the mannequins at clothing stores. Upon talking to Chelsea about this polish, she told me that was indeed her inspiration! The base is a really soft almost white pink and it has light pink and tan circle glitters through out. I did need 3 coats for this one, its light so therefore, I get a noticeable fill line. Big no-no for me. I think this is why I am not a big fan of jellies! Anyways, even though this one took 3 coats for me, it was still a great formula. Didnt really dried textured at all.

hands2 hands3

Even though I tend to lean towards darker colors and neons I really liked this one. It didn’t wash my skin out like I thought! What are your favorite colors? Least favorites? Well while you think about that here is Manneqin Hands with a matte TC.

hands5 hands6

And I can’t do one macro drop and leave this one out! So here is a macro drop because I am anal about being organized and fair. Yet I would be late to my own funeral. Smh Lmao


Valentino is the third polish and its a topper! This one was a fun one. It had various sizes and shapes of white, black, and silver glitters in a clear base. I don’t have much to say about this topper, besides it was surprisingly easy to remove and i love the different sizes of glitters. It made it look like it had more dimension if that makes sense. But let me explain whats going on in this picture..lmao On my pointer and middle are 2 coats of Valentino, on my ring finger I have 2 coats of Day Trippin’ (will be talked about next) and only 1 coat of Valentino. On my little pinky that like to betray me!, is 1 coat and then Valentino sponged on! I wanted to give you options!

valentino8 valentino2

I of course saw no need for a matte top coat so I will just share the macro drop for Valentino. =)


Day Trippin’ is the one I purposely saved for last. I honestly don’t know how much I will talk about her. I mean this polish is amazing. I have wanted a pink to purple or vice versa polish since like January. Without telling you  my pity story, just know I have been on a strict no buy for quite a while now, so I had to watch everyone wear polishes with this combination. There was just something so beautiful about this color combinations! But lets stop talking about thooooose and lets talk about Day Trippin’ it not only is a pink and purple thermal but has pink micro flakies in it. Eeeeeek! Chelsea knows how to step it up! So I did apply 3 very, very thin coats and TC. I am almost positive 2 thicker ones would do just fine! Did I mention that i did NOT know it was a thermal! Lmao When I was swatching it, I started to polish my nail and it was a weird pinkish color at first, I was expecting purple!. Lmao Once the second coat on it was the most perfect pink.. **swoon** Since I have hot hands all the time, the polish was pink instantly! So I had to dip my fingers and try to quickly in cold water wipe them off to get the purple. It was a challenge but I loved every minute of it. Thought I have more to say I will leave it at this. You NEED this polish.

day7 day9

Want some thermal action? Here you go! I aim to please <3

day10 day6

I can’t forget the macro drop! And how about some art? A little Subtle stamping.

day4 art1

Okay only 2 more! But these are important I swear! I didn’t mention above but….Day Trippin’ watermarbles y’all! Take a look for yourself!

art2 art3

Okay now that I am done gushing about Chelsea and her polishes. Lets talk about her amazing pricing! Each of these polishes will be sold individually for only $6.50!! That’s it! That is a steal! These babies will be available for pre-order on Nov 1st until the 14th. Shipping will start Nov. 15th. After the pre-order, they will not be available! So make sure to snag the ones you like! Chelsea also has a 12 piece Winter Collection releasing on the 14th but i will have a post on that in a week or so! As always, it’s been fun! Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

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