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Man oh man! As much as I love Halloween, I seriously hate the walking. Haha Took the kids trick or treating last night and they made out pretty good! Though…they were no smarties! My favorite thing to steal from them! In the neighborhood that we went to, a bunch of teens set the street up like it was a purge. It was freaky and they did a great job! But i am happy to say i am glad its over. Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am so excited because new holiday and season means…NEW POLISH! Today i have the 2016 Fall Collection from Night Out Lacquer. Lindsey has been doing an amazing job! This is her 3rd collection and I believe it is her best. She knocked out the park with the Witchcraft and Wizardry Collection, but this collection….she stepped it up to a whole new level! I am so excited to see what she has next! Lindsay gave me a blogger discount on their polishes for my honest review! Now..lets get down to polish!

Harvest Moon is a pale gold shimmer and packed with gold micro flakies! This one was the ONLY one that was a little on the thinner side. But that is to be expected of such a  light pale color. It took 3 coats to get it as opaque I like. I really love the names Lindsay chose for this collection. She is great at it! I can not name a polish to save my life..lmao

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I think this is the one that changes the least out of the 5 polishes when matted. I swear they are all different pics! lmao

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Autumn Nights is a dark navy blue with copper flecks in it. This is one of my favorites! This deep dark blue is perfect for fall and even winter! Though the description says copper fleks I swear there are purple ones in there too!. This one does remind me of always from the Witchcraft & Wizardry collection but upon further comparisons….no they are different! Always has teal in it and is more purple! Autumn Nights only needed 2 coats to get this opaque! Ugh her formula is amazing you guys!

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Ugh this one is just goooorgeous with a matte top coat! I left this one on when I swatched the collection! You can totally see the copper more!

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Be Thankful is a reddish copper polish with copper flecks. I did 2 coats and top coat for this one. I truly feel this is the perfect color polish for thanksgiving! And that name just seals the deal. We shouldnt only be thankful on a holiday but all year around, everyday! What are you thankful for? Do you and your family have a family tradition for Thanksgiving? I love hearing these things! Now back to the polish! The formula was so smooth and it applied like a dream! I didn’t get the chance to test these but I am wondering if they watermarble!? Hmmm I will have to get back to you guys with an answer!

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I ran out of my favorite matte top coat =(So I had to run out and get one fast! All my walmart had at the time was the Revlon one. I think I like. I definitely like how easy it is to apply. So let me know what you think!

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Sunshine On Falling Leaves is a shimmerey olive-green with gold holo micro glitters and  gold holo shreds. This is a really pretty green. im not a big fan of greens but this one is beautiful. It really does remind me og olives! Which I loooooove so much! I did 2 coats and top coat.

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and then there was Matte…lol

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The last one in this collection is Autumn Winds. This polish is so unique I wanted to save it for last. I have never seen anything like it. Autumn Winds is a dark grey polish full of copper shimmer! This bad boy was a one coater and applied perfectly. No pooling! I love everything about this polish.

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Matte top coat definitely takes away that beautiful copper shimmer.

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Like I said, Lindsay knocked this collection out the park. She names each polish perfectly and made some beautiful polishes too! All had great formula and I hardly had any clean up. These beauties will be avaiable Nov. 4th at 10pm MST. These will be sold as a collection or individually! So make sure you are following all of her social media accounts to get all the updates. Definitely make sure to join her FB Group as well! All links are below!

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