Nailed It Nail Polish – Falloween Collection S&R

Hey there loves! It’s Friday!! Yay! Anyone have plans for this weekend? I will be kid free Saturday night after my son’s baseball game! Now THAT is awesome. Want to know how I will spend that free time?? No? Yes? I will tell you anyways! I will be swatching and doing nail art and catching up on collages and what not. This week kind of just flew by in a blur! But today on the blog I have these 5 gorgeous polishes from Tia at Nailed It Nail Polish! Tia gave me a blogger discount. So I am not 100% sure if that still counts as a press sample..hmm I need to find out. Anyways I have the Falloween Collection and man let me say that I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome these were! Lets move on to the polishes!

Witch Appeal is a really fun polish and probably my favorite out of the 5. This is a multi chrome polish that shifts from a pink to purple. This formula was amazing! These are my first Nailed It Nail Polishes and I now realize I have been missing out! This is probably the only one that was a little on the thinner side but I expected that. It took 3 thin coats and TC. This polish blows me away! And it is available now! You can find it here.

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This multi chrome is seriously magical with a glossy top coat BUT I was not expecting to see the shift with a matte top coat. At least not like this!

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Fright Night is the most perfect dark blue for fall! I love how Tia mashed Halloween and Fall together for this collection. They are all seriously gorgeous! This polish has a very subtle blue shift and blue flakies plus some scattered holo. Great formula and I did purposely flood one of my cuticles and i had no issues with staining. It cleaned right up. Now you tell me if you can tell from the picture. I only really needed 1 good coat but I opted for 2 thin coats. It is very rich in pigment but not to thick at all! You can buy this one here.

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I love how you can really see the blue flakies in the matte version.

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Ghouls & Goblins may be a part of a fall collection but have you ever seen a green more perfect for Christmas? Ugh its divine! This is a forest green polish with tons of sparkle! It also has some scattered holo as well. This formula was very much like Fright Night. I like that its opaque in one coat but not to thick to do 2 coats. makes me oh so happy! I have really been diggin’ greens lately. I like the depth I get with this polish. You can find it here.

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I think this is my least favorite with a matte top coat. I think because it’s so beautiful and lively with a glossy top coat.

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Hocus Pocus is the best movie EVER. Oh wait we are talking about the polish not the movie….haha my bad. I think this gold/brown color polish is a perfect representation of the movie though! It kind of is an in between color of a lighter brown and gold and it shifts to a more golden color in the sun. Its packed with copper and gold flakies and of course some scattered holo. Another delicious formula too! I did 2 thin coats and TC. You can buy it here.

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Haha even when matted it’s a mix between gold and brown!

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Supernatural is a gorgeous color! It’s a deep maroon color with some pink sparks and scattered holo. This polish is gorgeous for any time of the year! I did 2 thin coats and TC. I really thought this was more of a red polish in the bottle and then the magic happened upon application. Mind Blown. Its got a perfect formula too. You can buy it here.

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This one definitely gets lighter and lose some depth with a matte top coat.

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Well there you have it! The Falloween 2016 Collection by Tia at Nailed It Nail Polish. This collection is available individually or as a set, you can find the set here. The set is only $36 plus shipping! That’s a great price for 5 amazing polishes! Tia was a pleasure to work with as well. She was very patient and understanding! I can not wait to work with her again. Though these are Fall colors and winter colors are starting to come out. I strongly suggest you snag these beauties! I will be wearing them often I am sure! Make sure to follow and like all of Tia’s social media pages so you can stay updated on new releases etc. As always the links are below and thanks for reading!

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  1. Tia says:

    Thank you for such wonderful feedback. I’m absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed these polishes. You have such amazing swatches and I can’t wait to work with you again!!

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