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Happy Monday everyone! Has this time change messed up anyone else? I left the house thinking I was sooooo late -_-! I may have stayed up really late editing pictures and reading a book. I just couldn’t put the book down. I don’t think I have shared with you guys that besides nail polish, I love to read. I read pretty much anything and everything. Do you have a favorite book? Is there something you think I should read? Let me know! But you didn’t come here to talk books, lets talk my other obsession…polish! Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has once done it again! She has sent me 3 beautiful polishes from the December Beauty Box to swatch and review. And you guys, she did not let anyone down with these! This month there are 3 polishes, a mani melt, nailart, and candy! I love how it can purchase a subscription or go month to month. So the December Beauty Box is available the whole month of November. On December 1st the box will no longer be available. So you should definitely snag yours. Also don’t forget! Chelsea released 4 throwback polishes last week and they can only be pre-ordered until November 14th! You can find swatches and more information here. But lets move on to the swatches!

Santa Claws is filled with red microglitter in a red tinted base. This bad boy only took 2 coats to get this opaque! It of course tried a little textured but TC fixed that! I do recommend wearing a peel base if you wont be wearing for more that a few days. Though this one wasn’t as hard as some to take of, it wasn’t easy either!

claws5 79808fda-ac9a-4f67-89d2-4128a475a37a

The matte version is still sparkly. I like how squishy it looks!

claws3 d42a1b8c-1847-4b4b-8ee5-7890eec05bcd

Mistle-No is a thermal! Yup it is gorgeous! During Christmas there are always different shades of green so why not right?! Haha Chelsea makes great thermals. This was no difference. It does change fairly quickly so I wasn’t able to catch the transitions in my normal lighting and nail area. I had to use flash. I feel the pictures where I used flashed, aren’t as color accurate. But I do have one that is. This beauty took 2 coats and TC. When warm this polish is a beautiful light green and when cold it turns to this darker almost forest green! it also has beautiful scattered holo throughout! Below are the pictures with flash.

mistle5 mistle6

The first picture below also used flash but the picture after that is (I feel) more true to color and taken with my normal lights and what not.

mistle4 mistle1

Ice Cold is magic in a bottle! How do I even begin to describe such witchcraft! I will admit. I suck at effect toppers and toppers in general.I never really know what base I should use. Ice Cold is beautiful on its own as well.I am not a fan of my nail line so I always try to hide it! Ha. It took about 3-4 thin coats to acheive that with this polish. This is an iridescent shimmer white with flashes of blue. It’s such a  stunning polish!

ice3 ice4

The pictures I am about to post next will explain why I was so mind blown! I decided to use a black base. I applied 2 coats of black polish and only ONE coat of Ice cold over it. I also applied a glossy top coat.

ice11 ice8

I can’t believe its the same polish! It’s just amazing! Ugh I love them all but this one made my jaw drop! I added some snowflakes to it too!



I know I said it on my last post but I can’t figure out how Chelsea is able to produce not only funny catchy names and beautiful polish but have amazing CS as well. The formula on these 3 are like all her formulas. Perfect. They all distribute evenly and dry fairly quickly.  You can only get these polishes in the December Beauty Box, they will not be sold individually. You can purchase the box here. And don’t forget that they current;ly have a sale on their Good Bye section! Use the code “clearout” for 30% off in that section only. I also have a code for you guys. Its good on everything except the Beauty Box but those are already priced at an amazing price! Use the code “killakay10” for 10% off everything else! Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

Pretty & Polished Shop / InstagramFacebook Group

Well loves, I have to get back to work…so until we meet again!



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