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Monday’s….why are they hated so much? Is it because you have had a great weekend and don’t want it to end? Or is there another reason? Well, for me it’s exactly that! I got to see my bestie and her minions. Back in July she moved almost 2 hours away. That may not seem far but we are both so very busy and that is far for us. So I was over the moon I got to see her! Natasha is a special lady. Always pushing me to do better! She is my right hand gal and it killed me when she told me she was moving. We went from 5 minutes away to 2 hours, and it sucks. Well we had an awesome time to say the least. We made homemade pizza and had a bonfire. Yes, we definitely made s’mores. I didn’t have one but the kids sure loved it. I already miss her but I know I will see her soon. And besides, Chelsea over at Pretty & Polished has done a heck of a job at keeping me busy and sane! She sent me the 12 piece Winter 2016 Collection to swatch & review. And let me tell you that there is something for everyone. I think this time I am going to start with some of my favorites.

S/N It is now Tuesday and it has taken me this long to post this! I still like how my intro started so I will be keeping it up..haha I have just been so busy at work that I didn’t have the time to finish it yesterday. But I hope you enjoy the read! <3

Yule Thank Me Later is one of the three multi-chromes. It is absolutely gorgeous. You guys know how I feel about teal/greenish blue colors. Just gorgeous. This one also has some flakies! This has a blue to green shift. The formula was smooth and very easy to apply. It only took two thin coats! I see lots of mermaid mani’s with this one. It’s the perfect color!

yule7 yule8

Matte definitely dulls the sparkles. But you are able to see the flakies better.

yule10 yule11

Brisky business is amazing. I think it has the strongest shift out of the three multi chromes. It shifts from a blue to purple and has color shifting flakies. I can’t get enough of this polish. It too had a great formula. It only took two very thin coats to make it opaque. Since this is a darker color, I purposely flooded my cuticle with polish to test how it cleaned up and if it stained. I am happy to report that it cleans up easily and does not stain! I have always been leery of using darker polishes because of clean up. But I am starting to believe it was user error..haha

brisky7 brisky8

You can still see the color shift with a matte top coat!!!

brisky9 brisky12

Sleighing It! is the last of the multi-chromes in this collection. But I have a feeling we will definitely being see more multi chromes in the future! Now this one has a red to orange shift and HOLO!!! Pictures really don’t do this one justice! And I wasn’t able to catch its shift that well. It is a subtle shift but it’s definitely there. Great formula and no pooling. None of the chromes dried textured. They did dry a little matte so glossy top coat was necessary. I did two thin coats for this one as well.

sleighing6 sleighing7

Matte shows how smooth this polish is.

sleighing9 sleighing11

Spike My Cider is a light brown almost gold holo! I really love this one and it can be used for fall and winter! Shoot who am I kidding! It can be used all year round. This had an amazing formula. Chelsea is pretty consistent with formula so I want surprised. I did two thin coats and top coat like always. I purposely didn’t focus the camera perfectly so that you can see the holo yumminess!

cider11 cider5

Even with a matte top coat, the holo sparkled through! You can tell from the pictures below but in real life you could see it!

cider10 cider7

 Throw Some Glitter On It! is a full coverage micro-glitter. It has tons of tiny glitters of different colors ranging from pink, purple, blue, orange, and scattered color shifting flakies! Man that’s a lot. i strongly recommend wearing a peel off base. Glitter Be Gone by Dainty Digits is my go to. I have a blog post dedicated to it with instructions as well. You can find it here. Back to this glitter bomb. It’s exactly that. It applies good. Make sure to let each coat dry completely. The results are better…haha I learned the hard way trying to rush! This is only two coats.

 glitter11 glitter5

So sparkly!

glitter10 glitter4

I Busted My Glass is a really fun glitter topper polish. It’s jammed packed with all different shapes and sizes! This one is very different topper than I have ever had. It truly is a holiday polish with all the shiny and sparkle glitter. Reminds me of those Christmas pics where the camera can’t focus so its blurry and sparkly. I did use a grey base for this polish. I wanted to be able to show case all the unique glitters. I did two coats over the base and a top coat of course.

glass5 glass6

Matte Top Coat

glass9 glass10

Thats Just Plum Dandy is a dark plum purple creme. I absolutely love Chelsea’s dusty cremes. I never thought I would like flecks in my polish but oh hell I love it. Though this is a darker color and you can’t see the dark flecks in it as well, they are definitely there. I did two very thin coats and top coat. I feel like you can definitely see them in the macro.

plum5 plum6

And this is where my matte TC decided to poop out -_- It was too late to go out and get another one. So I rolled with it!

plum9 plum10

I Need A Taupe-ical Vacation is a soft taupe/ light tan color. And boy is that name fitting. I may live in Florida but none the less I need some kind of vacation soon. lmao Bring on Thanksgiving! As I said I love the dusty cremes line. I want them all! And because this is a lighter color you can see the little flecks or speckles whichever you prefer to call it. I’m not sure of the actual name to be honest. Lmao This baby was opaque in two easy coats.

vacation10 vacation6

Ugh be still my heart. I love all dusty cremes matted! <3

vacation7 vacation8

Phew lets take a moment. 12 polishes is a lot of polishes to talk about. So far we have gone through the multi-chromes, the glitters, and the dusty cremes. All that is left are FOUR crellies! Chelsea definitely put in a lot of work for this collection! Have you guys noticed anything? There are no color changing thermals! I love that she did three chrome polishes. They are so gorgeous. Winter is a season so full of textured. So many different holidays to celebrate. There is something for everyone! But let’s get back to the polishes. I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do!

Rocks In My Snowballs looks exactly like that. A dirty snowball. Out of the four crellies, I have to say this is my least favorite. It had a good formula and the glitters laid flat. Just not my cup of tea. This is a white jelly base filled with white, black, and grey round glitters. I did two coats and a top coat. It didn’t dry to textured. At least not for me. One coat of top coat was enough.

rocks6  rocks8

This one also has some little flecks in it! Dirty Snowballs indeed! lmao

rocks5 rocks4

Blue Balls is a light blue jelly based polish filled with round blue glitters in different shades and sizes. This one is really pretty! Though the name has me bent over laughing every single time. Yea I am immature. I have always been told to take my mind out the gutter..eehh I think not. Life is so much more fun when you have a dirty mind. At least I think so. Any who, I did two coats a top coat. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the round glitters laid flat.

balls4 balls5

I am also happy that I didn’t have to fish for glitters! Every time I pulled the brush out it was covered in glitter! You guys, I am trying really hard not to throw some puns in there…Can you tell where I would have put them? Haha I think I like this one matte more than glossy too.

balls8 balls6

Shameless Sugarplum is a unique polish as well! It’s a light pink crelly packed with blue, pink, and purple glitters. And if that isn’t enough it has gold and pink shimmer in it too! I wasnt able to capture that shimmer as well as I wanted to but it is definitely there in real life. Great formula and again, no fishing poles required! Yay!! Chelsea really does make some amazing crellies and well polish in general. But I use to hate crellies so this has been huge for me. To find a maker who makes crellies I like and work properly! I did two coats and top coat.
sugarplum10 sugarplum12

This is another favorite of mine in matte. Though I think I really prefer crellies matte anyways.

sugarplum8 sugarplum7

Obligatory Christmas Polish is just that. A white crelly based polish with gold, green, and red micro glitters. It looks like Christmas poured into a bottle. This was pretty opaque on one coat but I am still learning how to apply crellies properly so I had to do two. May have tried to apply second coat to soon. But c’mon it was looking so gorgeous and I grew impatient. i wanted it on my nails asap!

christmas10 christmas4

I made sure to save this one for last. I love everything about Christmas. Not the gifts but the time I share with my family. The kids waking up so excited. OH I love the decorating too. It’s just a fun and loving time of the year. Though I strongly believe that you should be that way all year round. Life gets busy but the holidays always remind you of family and loved ones.

christmas7 christmas12

Well that wraps up the Winter 2016 Collection by Pretty & Polished. This collection is currently available on their website. They will be having some black friday fun as well. The full collection is $90 which also qualifies for free domestic shipping! I think everyone should get the whole collection, but I know not everyone will love every polish. Dont forget that you can always use my code killakay10 for 10% off your entire order excluding Beauty Boxes. As always, it’s a pleasure working with Chelsea! Links are below.

Make sure to follow Pretty and Polished (links below) and add them on Snapchat (pnpllc) for behind the scenes fun!

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