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So happy it is Fri-Yay! This week has been….interesting to say the least. My office has never been so busy! I guess it makes sense since all the northerners are coming down. And it always gets busier when they do. The way I think about though is that it’s job security. I absolutely love my job and I know no many people can say that. What is better than running a blood draw station and being the only employee in it..Ha in my eyes..absolutely nothing. Well I take that back. There is something that gets me really excited. And that’s working along side 11 other bloggers and Allison from Le Polish to create the 12 Days of Polish project. Allison had this brilliant idea where she got 12 boggers together and we each work individually worked with her on making a polish. Each of us gave her a picture and said what we envisioned. Here is my inspiration picture:


This image is from like 2 or 3 years ago. I love our Christmas tree. It’s a time when we stop everything to put it up and decorate it. I love it. Now things have changed a bit…Where my little village ( it has grown by A LOT) is, is where my nail area is now. Ha Oscar THINKS I am going to move it for Christmas. Silly man. We will have to compromise some how! Anyways, Allison took this picture and ran with it. I didnt have many requirements, but I wanted flakies! She nailed it on her first prototype! And now I present you Sunshiney Wonderland:

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This is a nude base with green flakies, spring green shimmer, and red micro glitters! I live in Florida. Our winters…..are sunshiney! Haha I wasnt sure about these colors at first and then I put it on and fell in love! I really love it matte too!

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I think Allison did great making this polish. It has a great formula and was pretty darn opaque in one thin coat! Imagine if I had used one regular coat! But alas, I did two thin coats and top coat. This polish definielty reminds me of Christmas in Florida. Haha It has been cold the past week but my greass in my yard is as green as the flakies in the polish! And I am pretty sure my cold is nothing compared to some! I hope you love this polish as much as I do!

Please don;’t forget to check out the other 11 bloggers and their polish creations! There is a link at the bottom to help you find their post. Just so you know we all have our own day to post so there are still some blog post that arent active yet!

Everything will be avaiable November 25th at midnight! Each polish will be sold for $10 and only in full size. Make sure to follow and like Le Polish on Facebook and Instagram. She also has Twitter and Pinterest! Links below:

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I am almost ce4rtain I will talk to you guys again before Thanksgiving so for now I am out <3




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