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Have you ever mentally thought you did something….and then it turns out that you in fact did not do that something? Well loves that is what happened with my post! I swear i feel like I wrote it up and even set a scheduled time for it to post! But it has obviously not been typed up or I wouldn’t currently be here doing it! I feel like shit for letting this post slip by! And for that I am sorry! <3 I hope you can forgive me!  Today I have the Lou It Yourself Holiday Trio to share! And it is fantastic!!Did you know she is a natural purple……hahahha at least that’s what I was told! Lou is such a pleasure to work with and just so kind and caring! She did an amazing job on this trio and its gorgeous! How about you take a look and let me know what you think..so without further ado..on to the swatches!

Jingle McKringleberry is a gorgeous red with dark green and gold flakies and has a dash of holo in it. I really like dark flakies in polish. It gives it such a  cool and unique look. Lou hit this out the park. It is the perfect red! The formula was perfect to. And this red does not stain cuticles..woohoo! Trust me, I flooded my cuticles just to test it out for you guys! Came right off. This is 2 thin coats and a top coat. You can get this here.

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Ugh I just love those dark green flakies oh so freaking much!

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Hot Crocolate is the perfect green for winter!!! Lou seriously comes up with some awesome names! I especially love this one because when I am cold, the first thing I go for is Hot Chocolate! I don’t drink coffee…at all…ever! Haha The formula of this polish is jaw dropping. But I am sure most of you guys already knew that. Her formula in general is great! And can you see that holo! Perfection in a bottle!  This is 2 thin coats and top coat. You can get this green beauty here.

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I also used Lou’s matte top coat for all the matte swatches! You can find that here.


A Serious Case Of Tinsellitis is a must have silver! Not only is it sparkly and pretty it has shards of holo. Ugh just yummy! I can see myself using this trio alot…especially this one because it is the perfect silver for nail art! Formula is like the other two polishes, glides on like buttah! I did 2 thin coats and top coat. You can find this festive sparkly silver here.

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I still like it matte! <3

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So as I stated before there is still plenty of time to get this awesome trio in Lou’s shop! You can find the complete trio here! There are so many pretties currently available! It was a pleasure working with Lou, she is seriously a kind and thoughtful problem. It is easy to talk to her! And I love her “natural” purple hair..haha Make sure you are following Lou on all social media outlets for sales, restocks, and releases and join their Facebook group fan page! Links are Below:

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Thank you for coming back and reading. It means the world to me! I will eventually get back into the groove of things! I was thinking of doing some post on nail art. I currently can’t make videos but what do you guys think of a pictorial?? Let me know! I would love to hear what you guys want to see more of..I aim to please. Haha Bye for now!



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  1. ~T says:

    Just got the tinsilitis and i agree doth you!!! Very awesome read. And yep, its happened more times than I care to remember. Until next the next nail adventure….

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