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Look at that! Two post in one day! Who would have thunk it! I honestly have no choice because I am so back logged. It happens. I have to say though, today i am extremely more excited than I have been in a few weeks! Today my daughter is trying out for softball! I have no doubt that she will make a team, especially because some of the coaches last season were like vultures last season! Who wouldn’t want a lefty first baseman pitcher…haha Anyways lets talk about Tia from Nailed It Nail Polish. She is constantly making good product! Not only am I absolutely head over heels in love with her Bye Girl Barrier, but I love her whipped body butter! It’s amazing for between swatches and just in general! But let us talk about this newest collection that she sent me to review! Dear sweet baby jesus it is just amazing! So the Conversation Hearts Collection consist of 4 holographic polishes. So let’s get this party started! Trust me, you need them all!!


Me & You is silver holo with hints of gold. It is truly a cool polish. And boy did it apply perfectly. Took about 2 coats to be completely opaque and it did dry a bit textured, but very little. Nothing some glossy top coat couldn’t fix! Dried fairly quickly as well! I honestly wasn’t expecting this polish to be as smooth applying as it was, so I was really pleased with that. This polish is available in the shop now for $8.50


Matte yumminess


XOXO is this red leaning dark pink holo. This is such a fun and unique polish! It was completely opaque in 2 coats and dried semi textured. One coat of glossy top coat so it’s not a really thirsty polish! Yay. lmao. Great formula and no staining at all! I did wear a base coat of course. While I am swatching though I have been using Bye Girl Barrier for easy and quick removal! Haha I already bought 2 extra bottles! This polish available in the shop for $8.50




Let’s Kiss is a soft delicate pink holo. I think its my favorite of the four but don’t mark my words. All four are pretty fantastic. Formula is pretty consistent in all four too. I feel with a thicker first coat that a second coat wouldn’t even be necessary. They are pretty pigmented polishes so coverage is amazing. But for the sake of being a creature of habit. I did two coats for each polish. And then a top coat and then of course a matte top coat. This one really makes me think of those conversation heart candies! And XOXO makes me think of the writing on them! Let’s Kiss is available with the other 3 in Tia’s shop for $8.50

This one is definitely my favorite matte!

Be Mine is a purple holo. I feel its more of a darker lilac color. Like it’s not dark purple but it’s not light purple, it is somewhere in between. haha I did do live swatch videos of each polish and that is posted on IG so make sure to check that out, if you are wondering how they apply. This is available in the shop for $8.50


Matte all things!


Well that wraps the swatching up! But I have some great news! The first 10 collection sets sold will get a FREE full size bottle of Bye Girl Barrier! How awesome is that. Trust me, once you try it. You will be back for more! But that’s not all! For my followers Tia has given me a discount code! If you use killakay15 you get 15% off your order! This collection is available now in the shop and it is only $30!!! plus the free gift! That is a steal! Even more so if you use the code! All links to shop and social media are below! Make sure to follow!

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