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While I sit here at work, I am constantly thinking of things I need to do. I have had a pretty crazy/busy week but I am far from complaining. I love what I do and love all the different patients I get to see daily. Though I have been running around and drawing blood, I still could NOT wait to get back to the office and write this post. I am really excited about what I have to share with you today!!!!!! <- Do the exclamation marks show just how excited I am?? Haha Well I have a new to me indie on the blog today! I had the pleasure of working with Julie from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer. I have been dying to work with her so when I got an email for reviewing, I couldn’t contain myself! I have heard absolutely nothing but great things about her and her brand! Julie sent me 5 polishes total, 3 of them are from the Dad’s Mixtape – Side B Collection and the other two are one offs. One offs are ones that don’t necessarily fit in a collection, but let me tell you. These two one offs can do bad all by themselves! Lets shimmy on down to the pictures shall we.

Goin’ Way Down South medium jewel-toned green with blue to purple to pink shifting shimmers. And I definitely have to agree with that! I couldn’t capture the pink shimmer as much but it was definitely there in real life. Julie mentioned that she likes her formula a little on the thicker side but said she made this one a bit thinner so that the shimmers could shine through. That was definitely not an issue and honestly the formula was perfect for me. I only needed to coats to bring this opaque! It dried semi satin and glossy top coat really made those shimmers pop. The inspiration from this polish comes from Julie’s love of classic rock. Her father got her into which is why we can assume, the title of the collection is what it is. This particular polish was inspired by the song Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. I have a swatch video up on IG that you can see here. Make sure volume is up!

How about a brush shot and macro…..

And of course some matte action haha

A Soul For Sale Or Rent is described as black jelly packed with blue-purple iridescent microglitter, silver ultra-holo glitter, pink-purple-blue-gold UCC flakies, green-blue-purple UCC flakies, and platinum microflakies. It definetly has all that jam-packed in there. It was very hard to photograph because of all the reflection haha. Which is NOT a bad thing! For a jelly I was pretty darned surprised at how opaque it was with one coat. It applied smoothly and gave me no problems. It did dry a bit textured but that’s to be expected with all that in there! It also dried really fast too! There was no need for 2 coats of glossy TC, one did just fine. This one is inspired from the song Save Me by Queen. You can watch my live swatch video from IG here.


Now silly Ol’ me forgot to edit/take a macro drop of this awesomeness. I will update with one later. But here’s a brush shot!

I of course did NOT forget to mattify this glitter packed jelly!


Four Star Daydream is the last in this new collection and is described as a clear based glitter topper consisting of varying shapes and sizes of gold metallic and holographic glitters. This glitter topper is no joke! You don’t even need two coats. The coolest glitter in this mix I feel is the star glitters! Those are so neat! In my swatch video I did one coat over a white and black base, but I didn’t like how it looked so for swatching purposes, I did I 2 coats over no base! You can find the video here. What I loved is that there was no fishing needed, there was literally enough polish on the brush that you didn’t have to go dip back in the bottle for more. This one is inspired from the song Money by Pink Floyd! It sure as hell is blingy..haha

I did get a macro and brush shot but I didn’t really see the need for a matte top coat for this one.

Now that we are done with the Dad’s Mixtape Side B Collection…here’s a little more information. These polishes are currently available right now for pre-order. The pre-order will end on Feb. 7th at 11:59 EST. There is only one polish that is not available in min and that is Green’s Alexandrite With Me which is from the Green Color Box. The rest is available in full size and mini. The Dad’s Mixtape Side B Collection will be available as a set as well. The price for the set is $32.50 full size and $17 for minis plus any shipping of course. But let us move along to the 2 one off’s that I have to share.

My Precious is exactly that. Absolutely precious! It is described as a blue-leaning purple with red to gold to green shifting iridescent glitters in two sizes. This polish looks like it has fire inside of it! I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. I really like the formula. It was pretty opaque in 2 coats but I feel I did to thin of a first coat. It applied like buttah and dried pretty fast! This polish was offered during Cyber Monday 2015 as a door buster and it was in such high demand Julie thought it only fair to bring it back! And boy am i happy she did! I’m not even that big into purples and this one makes me drool. You can watch my live swatch video from IG here.

Look closely at this macro drop and brush shot. Those iridescent glitters look sooooo cool!

And of course, I absolutely LOVE this one with a matte top coat.


Green’s Alexandrite With Me is described as a deep green holographic with two types of green to purple shift, green-blue-purple UCC flakes, and aqua to green shifting flakes. This right here is my jam. I love anything and all things tealish! With this one I can definitely see what Julie was talking about with liking a thicker formula. It was only a bit thicker but the formula was honestly great. No running and it was gloopy! So for me it doesn’t seem thick. When I think thick, I think hard to apply and this was far from that. I do recommend on wearing a base coat or 2 because it does stain a bit but its a deep pigmented color. I was not surprised! I didn’t wear a base coat for this one and fell asleep so I am pretty sure its fine with one. That was my mistake haha. This one-off is from the Green Color Box and was very popular! I am so glad Julie brought this one back. It dries fast too! I have a live swatch video that you can watch here on IG.

And the macros! Ugh takes my breath away! You can see the shift!

Matte…do you seeeee those flakies!


Well my loves, there you have it. All five polishes that were sent to me for review. I have to say I am pleased with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer! Julie is an absolute doll to work with too! That always helps. Like I said you have until Feb.7th to pre-order these bad boys so make sure to like/follow BEGL on all social media so that you can stay up to date with new releases and restocks!! All links are below!! See you guys soon!

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