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Today has got to be the BEST day I have had in a very long time. I love that I can start off with that. It’s not that I have been having particularly bad days, but I have been having 12 hour work days and that drain me! Especially since we have baseball and softballs games/practices almost every damn night! Between all that madness, I was able to swatch this awesome collection for Jill! She sent me the Oh, The Places You’ll Go collection to review and ugh, cremes are definetly a weakness for me! I will say that I struggled witht these. Not because of the formula but because I just couldnt get my lightinh right! Jills cremes ALWAYS apply like butter so yeah its not them, its me. Lmao While swatching I wanted to capture their true colors, and I think I did pretty damn good if I say so myself.

This set has already been released on Feb. 24th. It consist of 4 pastel neon cremes and…Jills first ever toppers! There is a blue/green one and a pink/red/purple one! You will see pictures in a few! I promise! A matte top coat also released and oh my is it great! Jill said that it may take up to 7 minutes to dry completely but no…just no. It did not take that long for me! I have already used the whole of the one she sent me to review and purchased 4 more! and due to Jill’s wicked fast shipping, I have already got them! But lets mozey on along and get to some swatches!!

Let’s start of with Today Is Your Day…because well today was MY day haha! This is a true sunshine yellow. Formula was smooth and leveled out good. I will say definetly wear a base coat for this one. It is highly pigmented and did stain my nails a little. But hey thats ok, they are yellow from all the painting anyways! I did 2 coats and TC (hkgirl, of course). I also used Glisten & Glows new Matte Top Coat.

I used the other 3 cremes to stamp over Today Is Your Day! They stamped perfectly!

Next is Great Balancing Act… this creme is a beautiful orange mimosa color. All 4 cremes have the same consistent formula and level out nicely. This one did not stain, at least not for me. And for full disclosure, I do not wear a base coat while swatching. Most of the time I will use a liquid latex so that it peels right off but that is defintely not a base coat of any sorts.

Again I used the other 3 cremes and did a stamped gradient! These were definitely fun to work with!

Now on to the pink! Your Mountain Is Waiting is a bubblegum pink! And I love it! I did 2 smooth coats and TC.

And you guys have already seen that the cremes stamp but they can also watermarble! I also topped this mani with Fun To Be Done, one of the shimmer effect topper!

Last of the cremes is 98 and 3/4 Percent Guranteed. This a light periwinkle purple! Same great formula as the other! Purple never looks good against my skin tone but I still liked this one! 2 Coats and TC.

This polish paired with black is just yummy! I used Little Black Dress from Glisten & Glow as well! I did do a little stamping with  Bang Ups and Hang Ups. Yes it does stamp but its not as crisp.

Now on to the shimmahs as Jill likes to call them…haha

Fun To Be Done is a clear based topper with pink/purple/red shifting shimmer in it. I was blown away by this one. It only took ONE coat to get the effect! I used Little Black Dress in this mani as well as the base. Its such and easy black polish to clean up!

I used wedding Gown White, also from Glisten & Glow to stamp these flowers and ugh I love them!

Last in the collection is Bang Ups and Hang Ups. This one has a blue/green shifting shimmer in it. This is a really fun one. I like how Jill made 4 cremes to match the cover of the Book by Dr. Seuss and then incorporated the remaining colors into the shifting effect toppers! Genius!


I am really digging this geometric stamping!

This 6 piece collection in serveral ways. You can buy just the cremes, the summers as a duo, or all six and get a FREE matte top coat! They are all being sold individually as well! If you do ahppen to stop by Jills store make sure to pic up some of her HK Girl Top Coat. It’s all I use and I love it! Haha

Keeps your eyes peeled because Jill does have a 7 year anniversary duo releasing on March 20th and I will say this. You will need them but you also need this cute fun and springy Dr. Seuss inspired collection as well! As always, make sure to follow Glisten & Glow on Instagram and like on Facebook. Jill is always doing live videos on both! Links are below with all the important links!

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

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