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Wednesday’s have turned into my busiest day of the week. I have had to change my office hours due to the amount of time I am on the road! I don’t mind at all really. It breaks up mu week and makes it fly by! today is no exception either, I was hoping to be able to kick back and relax but ha who was I kidding! Today though, i have some beautiful polishes to share with you and that makes me happy! I know that last post was long but oh so worth it! Sasha over at Jior Couture has sent me her Birthday/Anniversary Duo! And oh my they are AHMAZING! Lets jump right into swatches shall we!

13! est 2004 is described as a deep purple holo crelly with multi-chrome flakes. In celebration of Ari’s 13th birthday! Who is the co-owner over a Jior!! So Happy Birthday! You now have a teenager on your hands!! This polish blew me away! Sacha has amazing formula and this one was opaque in 2 coats. I feel if I did a thicker first coat it could be a one coater! The holo in this is strong and is amazing! I also like how this polish looks matter! You can really see the flakies a little more! The flakies make my heart happy!






The 7th is described as a medium red/berry holo crelly with multi-chrome flakes. In Celebration of Jior’s 7th year anniversary. The flakies in this one are smaller than the ones in the purple polish. This is such a deep sexy red. It was opaque in 2 coats. Sacha really knows how to make holos! What I also loved about this polish, was that I didn’t get any stains. I purposely let it flood my cuticle and I had no issues with clean up!







This duo is available now and you can get it here. It released earlier this morning! Sacha is always a pleasure to work with and I know she has another collection in the works! So make sure to stay connected and join her Facebook fan group! Jior Couture has been selling polishes for 7 long years but actually started 9 years ago! After all those years and Sasha is still busting out with amazing polishes! I hope you have many more years of success Sacha! <3  If you don’t have any of her polishes, I think this is the perfect duo to start with!  All social media links are below.

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  1. Sacha says:

    Thank you so much a great post!
    You hit it with these pics! The macros are 😍😍.

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