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Well my Easter turkey was another success! I found this recipe years ago, maybe like 3 or 4, and it calls for dry champagne! Ever since I found that recipe, my turkey always turns out nice golden brown and moist! I was so stressed about it because we had like 30 people go to my sister in laws house! We and pulled pork, turkey, ham, and then a lot of sides and desserts! It was great. When we went to hide the Easter eggs…..we found that there weren’t a lot of hiding places, she lives on 7 acres and only have the house built so far! Well we had 360 something eggs to hide. I started just tossing them all over the yard. Haha Kids had a blast so that’s all that matters. I always love getting together with family. But lets talk about this amazing collection that Lindsay released last Friday!

Lindsay sent me this to review and gave me a blogger discount. The Light & Bright Collection is made up of 6 earth shattering cremes that do it all! Stamp, watermarble, and gradients! And then there are the four toppers..ugh they each bring something to the table. Be ready for a picture filled post y’all!!

Imagine is described as a light neon yellow but I have to say, it is definitely the brightest out of the bunch. It tried to freak out my camera but my handy-dandy Note 5 took it like a champ! It also reminds me of a softball, you guys know i see enough of them haha. These cremes are seriously the best. I did 2 regular coats and it was completely opaque! No undies, nothing besides the peel off base I use! I couldn’t believe a yellow neon at that could be opaque on its own like that. The formula is leaning more towards a crelly, a little on the thicker side, but still very very smooth application. I was surprised to see that it didn’t dry matte but with a glossy finish! Available here!

Here is some nail art using Imagine as the base! I also use Persist (pink)! Yes it stamps!

Wish is described as a light neon green creme. I love this green so much. Im not even that big of a fan of creme. Its opaque in 2 coats and dried glossy! These are cremes so there really isn’t a whole lot to describe. When it comes to cremes and neons I guess what I worry most about is application, formula, doesn’t it need a undie, and does it watermarble and stamp? Lindsay hit it out of the park because these cremes watermarble, stamp, are UV reactive, opaque with no undies in 2 coats and just overall a great polish! I won’t be writing long descriptions on the rest of the cremes. But you can get this one here.

Nail Art using Wish as the base. I also stamped with Persist, Imagine, Dream, and Believe.

Dream is described as a  light neon blue creme. This one is light bright blue sky color and is perfect.  Opaque in 2 coats, no undies of course. Available here.

My favorite nail art that I have done in awhile! Unicorn and Rainbows Oh My! I used all other 5 cremes for the rainbow, Dream as the base, and I also used the topper Moonlight as well!

Believe is described as a  light neon purple creme. And guess what guess….this one did NOT make my skin look all wonky when I took pictures! That alone made me happy! OF course the great formula did too. Haha I tend to shy away from purples because they don’t photograph well on me because of my tan skin. This was opaque in 2 coats as well. You can find this perfect purple here.

Eeeek this nail art was done with a special person in mind! My bestie Jenalyn!! She is a gamer and loves NIght Owl Lacquer just as much as I do so i thought it was fitting to make a mani for her! I used Believe as the base and then the other 5 cremes to fill in the stamping, plus I used Moonlight again!

Persist is described as a  light neon pink creme. I LOVE PINK! This one is a fun double bubble kinda pink too! So damn creamy, I just can’t get over this formula. No worries guys, Jenalyn and I have requested all colors in this formula lmao I have a feeling we may be having more cremes from Lindsay in the future! They may be plain but they are not easy to make! And they are great for nail art! Amirite or what! You can buy this bubalicious pink here.

More Nail Art! Yes this collection inspired me tons! I used Persist and the base and the other colors to fill in the stamping,

Inspire is described as a neon coral creme. Just like pink i love me a good coral. This one is no different! I can see a mani with a teal in the future! Opaque in 2 coats. This one is the last of the cremes in the collection and I  think it wraps up the cremes well! Now I feel like an idiot because I did a beautiful mani with this polish but I completely forgot to take an actual picture of it! *Le Sigh* It happens sometimes but I wore that sucker for 3 days! Haha rare, I know! You can find this one here.

Now lets move on to these 4 amazing toppers! As I have said repeatedly before, I do not like glitter bombs or chunky glitters and these are perfect! All 4 are in a clear base and arent overbearing (not sure if that is the correct word to use but yeah), it doesn’t take away from any nail art but adds some sparkle/character! So moving on!

Moonlight is described as a  topper polish with a clear base full of silver galaxy holo glitters. AND ITS MY FAVORITE. Have you ever used Fairy Dust by China Glaze? This is very similar but honestly  I like this one better. I feel that the CG one sometimes hides to much of the nail art. This one is perfection! I only did one coat over my gradient base, which I used all the cremes for! You can find it here.

Sunshine is described as a  topper polish with a clear base full of gold galaxy holo glitters and it is Moonlights counterpart! It is exactly the same except gold! I forgot to mention that these 2 toppers applies flawlessly! I rarely use gold but I will be using this bad boy! I used it as a topper over Wish. One coat and done!It is available here.

It’s All Rainbows & Unicorns is described as a topper polish with a clear base packed full of various sizes of crystal rainbow shifting flakies. I love the shift in the flakies! I only did one coat over a polka dot mani and made it matte to show the flakies better! Again for the dots I used all 6 cremes! Very easy application and you can find it here.

Light Up The Shadows is described as a  topper polish with a clear base with various sizes of matte black & white glitter and opalescent glitters. This is a very unique one! I ended up having to do 2 coats because I forgot to record the first coat -_- I used this over a smoosh mani that I did using 3 of the cremes, Persist, Believe, and Dream. This is the last of the toppers and I think it is a great addition! You can find it here.

I also wanted to share a mani of how well they stamp! I almost forgot too! These were so easy to use!

Phew! That was a lot of pictures! But I absolutely enjoyed swatching this collection. Anytime I had any questions Lindsay was very quick to answer. Her customer service is amazing and I love how involved she is with her Facebook group. She also gave me a code for my readers & followers! KKNA10 gets you 10% off your order! If you are in her Facebook group she gives a little bit bigger discount on new releases most of the time..ijs you should join! This collection is available in 4 ways: all 10 which is $60, all the cremes (6 polishes) for $38, the toppers (4 polishes) for $26, OR individually for $7 each. I love her price point, because her polishes are so affordable. They are great quality and from such a sweet person. I can’t praise Lindsay enough. I may be a bit biased because she has become a dear friend but she is constantly putting out amazing polishes. I hope I have compelled you to buy a few! All social media information is below!

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