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Juggling adult life has never been easy for me. I can multi-task sure but to actually have to be in 2 or 3 places at a time, has been nothing but a struggle. Well today…is that day. I am of course working my ass off when I get a call. Bella has a 6:30 game tonight about a 30 min drive away, okay fine no problem. I will get her there by 5:45 like they want…Ha if only that were all. But no just wait there is more! Daniel has his first 50/70 baseball game tonight. At this point I am side eyeing my phone, and scrambling around trying to figure out how the hell am I going to get him to his game by 5:30…..which is almost an hour away! Yeah at this point I want to cry. Well do not fear because grandma Nana saves the day! Divide and conquer baby. Did I mention I am working late tonight? So Oscar will take Daniel and my mom will take Bella, all while I am sitting at work! But problem solved and I am a happy mama.

Life has obviously been super crazy lately and I havent had the time to use a few polishes that were sent to me as a gift from a dear sweet friend. I have a few CbL’s but not many at all, and this said friend felt the need to fix that. CbL Addicts Blue Me Away were one of the polishes she sent me and just wow. I can’t say it enough! Wowza!

CbL Addicts Blue Me away was originally made back in Feb 2014 as a group custom. At that time, I had no idea what indie polish was. I have since fell down that rabbit hole and am what most would call an Indie Snob. No shame whatsoever either. I knew Leah Ann’s formula was good but wow, for a polish that is 3 years old, it applied like it was made yesterday. I can NOT believe that it was opaque in one coat. Do you guys hear me, ONE COAT. She has her formula down, that’s for sure. I also purposely flooded one of my cuticles, because well blue, it stains. It did no such thing! It came right up. To say I was impressed is an understatement. But here let me show you what I am talking about.


Isn’t this polish just gawgeous! A deep rich blue but it still seems bright to me. Of course I took a macro or two. Haha

And because I am me and can’t leave well enough alone…I stamped over it. *gasp* I know, I know. It is just oh so beautiful on its own! I used a Lina Nail Art Supplies plate : You’re a Damasque! 01, I also used Fancy Gloss: Snow Queen, and my favorite Big Blue Stamper that I got from AliExpress! Ugh I just got 2 new ones yesterday and they pick up the image perfectly straight out the packaging!

And of course a macro so you can see the details better!

I have a confession to make and I am not sure how y’all are going to take it…..I just realized that this is my first ever post that is nOT a press sample!! Well I am hoping to keep post more frequent, i have been working on my time management skills…so far so good.

Anyways, I know this polish is no longer available in Leah Ann’s shop but even though it’s an oldie, it’s a goodie. I am sure you could find one in a destash, even though I have no idea why someone would want to give this yummy rich polish up! One coater you guys, one damn coat. Smh, yes I am still stuck on that! Haha Even if you can’t find this one, I still strongly suggest you check out Leah Ann’s shop, she has plenty of other pretties that I am sure you i will love. Well i think that about does it, i will share all links below:

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