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Mondays…..I think most people hate them and I am one of them. But I have to say, today went by fast. So fast that I didn’t have time to make this bog post. So no I sit at home, after a nice hot shower, sprawled out on my bed. Did I mention that my puppy just loves to sit right on my back -_- I can’t move or anything. Yes Bambii owns me and everyone and everything in this house. I was so skeptical about a new doggy, but we needed her just as much if not more than she needed us. Usually on those Mondays that aren’t so good, I come home to her running laps around the house because she is so happy to see me. I love those Mondays too just because of that. Haha How did this post become about my puppy….oh that’s right because she is the boss and wanted to be mentioned! Haha

Life and its new adventures have kept me pretty busy lately so I will jump right on in and tell you why you must buy Lindsay’s contribution to July’s Polish Pick Up. It’s a beauty (like everything Lindsay does, ijs). This months theme was Cocktails & Mocktails, and Lindsay chose a drink called Dragon Blood. You can thank thetipsybartender for this recipe! Haha There is about 5 hours left to go snag one of these and well once the clock strikes midnight tonight, well you wont be able to get it! So make sure to go check out The Polish Pickup Shop now!!! Now on to the swatches:

Here is the inspiration picture:

Dragon Blood is described as a yellowy neon green base with bright green sparks and ultra chrome chameleon flakes that shift red/copper/gold/green. I love everything about this polish. Great formula and a little somethin’ somethin’ in every stroke. Lindsay does flakies well and I love her choice of flakies in this one. Looks great in this base. I did one thin coat and then a thicker one and it was pretty opaque. So I would say 3 think coats or 2 semi thick coats and you should be ready to rock n roll! You can find it here!







A little nail art

Now like I said there is only about 5 hours left so hurry over and pick up this beauty! If you do miss it, don’t worry Lindsay has tons of other great polishes in her shop. And you can use my code kkna10 for 10% off but only in her shop! I love Lindsay to pieces and can;t wait to see what else she comes up with. I know I will lurve it! So like me, go make to follow and join her on social media, links are below!

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